Hi ? guys this is Shivika and this is my first try on one shot.
This is based on high voltage ⚡ drama going on in Ishqbaaz I am writing a one shot on Shivaay’s marriage ? . It’s just for the fun purpose with no serious content in it.
Guys do not forget to drop your views on this SIYAPAA!!! of Shivaay and Anika’s wedding.
So the OS begins from the time when Anika is forced to come to the marriage alter by Shivaay. But Anika didn’t ran away and neither did Shivaay tortured to kill Sahil but he forced her.

Shivaay and Anika are sitting in the mandap,
Pandit: Make each other wear the varmala (garlands).
Shivaay stands up and makes Anika stand.
Shivaay is about to put garland


Every one turns in the direction from where the sound came.
Camera zooms on the person.
A girl is seen in weeding outfit with her veil on.
Pinky: O my Mata who’s you.
Girl: I am Tia.
Shivaay is dumbstruck and so are the rest.
Pinky: What then who’s she?
Anika is silent.
Pinky moves towards her and is about to take the veil off.


Every one looks in opposite direction and they all see a girl in wedding attire with her veil on.
Every one gets confused ?.
Dadi: Who are you now.
Girl2: I am Tia.
Every one: What the wuck.
Now even Anika gets hell confused ?.
Rudra: If she is Tia then who are these two.
Rudy says Pointing at the other two.
Now everyone is moving their gaze like pendulum and seeing all the three girls suspiciously.
Dadi: Billu yeh Saab kya Ho raha hai?
(Billu what is this happening ?)
Shivaay: Dadi I don’t know ?.
Rudra: Bhaiya aapki raas lila aabhi tak nahi khaatam hui ha.
ShivOm: Shut up Rudra.
Om:Shivaay you only went to bring Tia.
Shivaay: Yes Om but…….


Third voice is heard from the other side now all turn towards that sound. Another girl is seen in weeding dress with her veil on.
Tej: Now who are you?
Girl3: I am
All in chorus: TIA. Right.
Girl3 nods her head in agreement.
Rudra: Pehla ek lady baba ko jhail na mushkil tha aur ab chaar chaar.
(First it was difficult to handle one lady baba and now four-four.)
Dadi: Billu aur koi Tia aani baaki reha gayi hai ya aaj Saar Ki Saar Tia aagayi hai.
(Billu have all the Tia’s come or any Tia is left to come.)
Shivaay gives a scared ? look to all.
Girl 1 coming towards the mandap
G1: Shivaay baby, I am your Tia whom are you getting married ? too.
Rudra: Oh so she is Tia.
G2: Hye! Shut up idiot. Baby who is she. You know na that all my followers have been waiting for our marriage and now who is this cheat.
Rudra: Oh so she is Tia.
Om hits him on his head.
Om: How can both be Tia duffer.
Rudra does logic sign and says: Point.
G3: No Shivaay baby you know na how much universe wanted us to get married.
OmRu shocked: Yeh bhi.
Shivaay is silent as he isn’t able to understand that what is happening with him.
All the three girls hold Shivaay.
G1: Shivaay baby what happened tell them all that I am your Tia.
G2: Hye you shut up! Shivaay baby is only mine.
G3: You two witches stop it Shivaay baby is all mine.
Saying this they begin to pull a highly confused ? Shivaay towards them.
The scene is like they are playing tug of war with Shivaay.


All together: Aab konsi Tia aagayi.
All look towards entrance where few armed men have come.
Boss: Stop it this wedding can’t happen.
All beat their heads with their palm.
Pinky: Oh my Mata, chup kar ba kanjara disda nahi tanu Aaga kaidi shaadi hondi payi hai aitha.
(Oh my mata Shut up you idiot are you blind or what can you see any marriage happening here.)
Boss gets scared ?: Sorry bharjai ji.
(Sorry sister-in-law.)
Pinky gets more angry ?: Bharjai laagan nu Mai tera vada veer nal vayaahi hoi Han.
(You idiot have I been married to your elder brother that I am your sister-in-law.)
Dadi: Baas kar Pinky, we have more problems here.
Rudra: How will we come to know that who is lady baba now.
Pinky: You all’s remove’s your ghunghaat’s .
Tia’s mom: Pinky ji but pandit ji said that we shouldn’t remove the veil.
Pinky: Oh lo idhaar mera bata Ki wedding’s Ki Oh my Mata hoi padi hai aur aapko shagun abshagun Ki paadhi hai.
Tia’s mom stops.
Pinky: Come on you all remove your ghunghat.
Rudra: Ghunghat ka picha kya hai.
Om: Shut up Rudra.
All in slow motion remove their ghunghat.
Boss: Are madam ji hum gunda hai aap huma for granted mat lo.
Pinky: Aabhey chup bai. Ek lagaongi kaan Kai nicha ka tera Kanpur ka tanpura ban Jaya Ga.
Boss shuts his mouth when one of his worker says
W: Boss why are you quite.
Boss: Chup kar ja Varna yeh hum sab ki baand Baja baarat nikal dagi.
Worker silences himself.
Pinky: Oh hello passenger train tumhara dheemi gaati ka samachaaron ka liya yahan par time nahi hai jaldi jaldi aapna ghunghaat nikalo.
G1 removes her veil and Shivaay gets shocked seeing Tia.
Shivaay: You what the hell are you doing here.
Rudra: Bhaiya aap ka screw hil toh nahi Gaya, hum Saab Tia ko dhoondh raha hai aur aap Tia ko deekh kar hairan Ho raha Ho.
Dadi: Majra kya hai Billu.
Shivaay: Dadi ek minute. Tia tum kahan thi.
Tia hesitantly: Vo Shivaay baby.
Shivaay gets highly irritated: Baby baby baby tumhara dimaag kharab Ho Gaya hai Tia Mai itna bhaad Ho Gaya Hon aur tuma abhi bhi baby lagta Hon.
Tia: Vo Shivaay actually I got kidnapped.
Shivaay: Aur Vo log tumaha dholi Mai bitha kar wapaas chodna aaya tha.
Tia: WO baby.
Shivaay angrily: Phir baby, ek baar aur baby bola na toh Mai tumhara achaar bana dunga. Itna saaja dhaaja kar kidnappers nai tumha wapaas bhaija hai jhoot mat bolo Tia.
Tia puts her head down.
Om: But who are the rest.
G2 removes her veil and is reviled to be Richa.
Shivaay: Tum tumna toh shaadi karna Sa mana kar Diya tha na.
Richa hesitantly: Vo mi.. mind change.
Shivaay: Lo toh tumhara pass dimaag hai. Itni jaldi toh koi kaapda change nahi Karta jitni jaaldi tumna mind change kar liya. Chalo who is next.
G3 opens the veil and she is Shivaay’s PA cum friend Ria.
Shivaay: Ria you.
Ria: Actually when you told me that Tia ran away and you asked me for help I refused but then I remembered about the loan I had taken from you and thought that you may waive it off after my this favour.
Shivaay is hell angry ? hearing this.
Jhanvi: Now who is this girl with you.
Anika finally removes her veil and all together.
Pinky: Anika what are you doing here.
Dadi: Shivaay did you know that Anika is sitting with you.
Shivaay nods in yes.
Anika: Dadi he only forced me to get married to him.
Shivaay: Oh stop it Anika.
Anika now bursts her frustration out.
Anika: Chup kar jaiya baagad billa, aapka dimaag toh vacation par Gaya Hua hai jab dekho tab mujh par aap chilata rehta Ho. Aap na maira bhai ko kidnap kar liya tanki aap mujhse shaadi kar sakai. Yeh saach hai na.
Shivaay nods: Han toh kya tum vaisa mujhse shaadi karti.
Boss gets angry ? hearing their useless argument.
Boss: Will you stop it.
Anika looks at him angrily and takes an earthen pot kept at side and hits it on his head.
Anika: Aagar tuna aapni bakwaas baand nahi Ki na toh aaj Mai tujhe mar kar aur phir iss baagad billa ka katal karkar khud phansi par chaad jaungi. Aab chup Ho ja phaltu Mai dimaag Ki dhaai karna par tura Hua hai.
Boss: Ek kaam karo aap pehla mujhe maar hi daalo.
She holds the sword that Shivaay was holding (actually in Punjabi weddings the groom usually holds a sword in his hand.)
and points that to the goon and scares him
Anika: Mujhe lightly mat laina Varna Mai saach Mai tumha maar doongi.
Boss gets scared ?.
Anika now turns towards Shivaay with that sword and
Anika: Aapka kya paach dhila hai aapko koi bhi baat samahj nahi aati kya. Aapko ek bhi baar mujh par wishwaas nahi hota Mai Jo khati hoon aapka Khali dhaaba ka upaar Sa hokar nikal jata hai na. Itni aachi aankhan hai aapki magar unka istamal toh aap kabhi nahi karuga na.
Rudra: Khali dhaaba !
Shivaay: Yaahan par meri jaan pa aayi hoyi hai aur issa aapna doubts clear karna Ki paadi hai.
Anika: Chup!
Shivaay shuts his mouth being scared ?.
Anika: Khali dhaaba inka dimaag hai. Saara din baas Shivaay Singh Oberoi, Shivaay Singh Oberoi Karta rahata hai aur kuch toh aata hi nahi hai iss baagad billa ko. Ek simple se baat nahi saamajh pata ka Mai inn Sa pyaar karti hoon vaisa kehna ko toh yeh boohat bhada business man hai.
Shivaay gets shocked by her sudden confession and so is the case with Anika she looses all her strength and automatically drops her hand down.
Dadi and OmRu are really happy with her confession.
Shivaay comes near Anika and cups her face.
Shivaay: Do you seriously love me.
Anika nods in no.
Shivaay: Ok then I will marry Tia.
Anika holds him and nods no.
Anika: But you don’t love me na.
Shivaay after gaining alot of strength: I love ❤ only you Anika.
Shivaay hugs Anika.
Boss: Now it’s enough I had lot of nonsense of you guys.
Finally his tube light get on
And then he shots a bullet in the air.
They both part the hug and look at each other.
Anika: Phel gaya raita aab kya karain.
Shivaay: Pata nahi.
Om: Shivaay vaisa toh huma har situation ko face karna chahiya, par pichaa chopper ready hai.
Rudra: O yahan itni bhaadi problem hai aur aapko chopper Ki paadi hai.
Soumya: Duffer Singh Oberoi baada Baal waala Bhaiya ka matlab hai Ki in doono ko bhaag jaana chahiya.
Rudra: Ohhh.
Shivaay: Paar aap Saab.
Om: Hum saab tera saath chaalta hai na.
Shivaay holds Anika’s hand.
Shivaay: Come on let’s go guy’s.
Shivaay begins to run with Anika and the entire Oberoi family follows and at the back is Tia and her mom and then the goons.

Total siyapaa hai tera pyar
Chadeya khutapa, hum mar gaye yaar
Total siyapa hai tera pyar
Chadeya khutapa, hum mar gaye yaar
Pinky: Shivaay yeh kya Ho raha hai.
OmRu: Kiska.
Anika: Hamari shaadi ka.
All together: Phir toh yeh TOTAL SIYAPAA HUA NA.
Oberoi’s reach the other end and three choppers were there. Shivaay and Anika and OmRu sit in the first chopper while others in the rest and the fly away………

Haan.. do sau litre aansu
Teen sau kilo gham
God ji bata do jaayein kahaan pe hum
Zyada takleef hai
Thodi si relief hai
Aaj kal duniya mein bolo kaun theek hai
Upar se tere mummy, papa, bhai, aapa…

Total siyapaa hai tera pyar
Chadeya khutapa, hum mar gaye yaar
Total siyapaa hai tera pyar
Chadeya khutapa, hum mar gaye yaar

Hoye.. Siyapa, siyappa, siyapa
Siyapaa, siyapaa, siyapaa..
Siyapaa, siyapaa, siyapaa..
Thanks for reading and drop your comments guys.
And to all the readers of
I’ll post it’s next part tomorrow.
Keep smiling ? and stay happy ?
Signing off

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  25. it was realllllly funny…. nyc siyappa…..

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