we are total opposite of each other will ever fall in love ( RAGLAK ) second episode


Hi guys sriya here back with my ff. Hope you guys like it too. Thanks a lot guys for your encouraging comments it means a lot to me. Guys before I start the episode I am giving you promo on my new raglak ff.
We see a boy giving love bites to a girl and undresses her and makes out love with her there another girl comes and says how dare u you betrayed me laksh u played with my feelings is this was your love for me I am leaving you forever laksh maheshwari from now u and I are not anymore lovers your just a bl**** womanizer I think u never loved me u only lusted for me laksh maheshwari and gives him a tight slap and leaves from there crying.
So guys do you want me to continue this one or not I will decide by your comments and who you do think is the girl whom laksh betrayed.
So here we go with second episode.

Episode 2
Precap: – raglak second meet

Here laksh was thinking about Ragini rude behaviour but thinking about her beauty a unknown smile appears on his face. Here Ragini was thinking about laksh flirty behaviour and unknowingly a smile appears on his face they both were lost thinking about each other and they were about to hit their cars with each other suddenly realisation hits them and they both break at same time and Raglak cars get scratch. They both get down from the cars and were shocked to see each other. Ragini starts fighting listen MR whoever you are cant u see and drive if u don’t no how to drive then you can come with your driver see because of u my car has got a scratch oh no today by seeing your face my whole day has gone bad laksh says oh miss you were lost your own world cant u see an drive brainless creature and they start fighting with each other. There was traffic jam because of their fighting. The police came there and said hey u two people because of there is high traffic jam why u two people are fighting like a husband and wife. Raglak says together wtf. Laksh says me husband of this brainless creature never. Ragini says me wife of this b***** flirt never laksh says how dare u and they starts fighting again police shouts and says shut up u both and leave from here with your cars and fight in your house otherwise I will get u both arrested there u can fight with each other. They both leave angrily in their cars in opposite directions.

Screen freezes on raglak angry face.

Precap: – raglak to sign contract. Raglak companies to become business partners.

So guys how was the third episode hope u guys like it too and tell me if u want to start my raglak ff or not I have given promo of that before starting episode whether I should start the ff or not will be decided by your comments. Love you guys bye take care don’t forget to drop your comments.

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  1. Varsha

    Ya dear, continue i am ok with it but the end should be ekk dham perfect?

  2. nice, raglak pair is always rocks

  3. Megha123

    Aww …..New story’s promo is awsm plzz do continue it & today’s epi was really awsm waiting for nxt part eagerly

  4. SPP

    Continue DEAR

  5. ya plzz continue don’t stop and raglak fight is amazing

  6. Loved the update Sriya. RagLak’s fight was really funny and yes they did sound like a married couple ??. Can’t wait for the next part xx

  7. Anaita

    Superb… The fighting scene was superb… ? Shocking promo

    1. Sriya

      anaita dear ty for the comment but promo was for my new ff did u want me to continue or not love u loads and love your ff and two shot also keep smiling always waiting your ff next part and u are Raglakian dear??

      1. Anaita

        Yeah sure… Do what you like is gud for ur ff… I’ll support it… ? Thanks alot dear i am glad that u r liking both ☺.. Well I am a Ragini fan and yaa u can consider me both Raglakian and Ragsanian… ? Well u r a swasan fan! As far as your dp suggest… ? Stay blessed!!

      2. Sriya

        yes dear i am swasanian but u know i like swara more than ragini and tejaswi more than helly

      3. Sriya

        yes dear i am swasanian but u know i like ragini more than swara and tejaswi more than helly

  8. Nice plz continue

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