we are total opposite of each other will ever fall in love ( RAGLAK ) first episode


Hi guys I am sriya here with the first episode of my ff. Hope u guys like it too. Thanks for your encouraging comments but I want everyone to comment anyways thanks a lot for comments and sindhura di a request I want u to start ALL ALONE Ragini season 2 it is one of the best ff in ragsan ffs hope u accept my request and I am glad that you are commenting on my ff.

Episode 1
Scene 1
We see a girl coming down stairs in a white top and blue jeans with light make up she looks stunning she is our beautiful Ragini. she goes to her mom and wishes her. They both have bf and Ragini leaves for office.

Scene 2
Here we see a boy was playing basketball all girls were cheering for him. The match over’s and the boy wins he goes to the girls and starts flirting with them. He was our handsome dashing laksh. He leaves for his home. There he dashes with a boy lucky where were u don’t u want to go to office today and did u flirt with girls tell the truth. lucky says oh bhai I am sorry now only I was coming after playing basketball I swear bhai I didn’t flirt with girls he was sweating while saying this the boy says lucky u will never change u did flirt with girls that’s why u are sweating while saying this lucky says how u always catch my lies bhai anyways now I have no time for listening your lectures so I am going to get ready and will come for office. His bro sanky nods his head and says he will never change and leaves for office.

Scene 3
Ragini reaches to her office as soon as she reaches all stop talking and start doing there work but one boy did not know so he was busy in talking with other people Ragini sees him and asks him to stand up he does so she says what u are doing what u think it is your house or a pub that you are talking freely it is a place to work I think u will not understand like this now u are fired from this job just get lost out of my sight. Everyone feels sad for him but they can’t do anything. Ragini goes to her cabin and finishes all the works and meetings and leaves from there.

Scene 4
Here laksh was coming back from office. There he sees Ragini on the road and gets mesmerised seeing her he gets down from the car and goes to Ragini and asks her what is your name Ragini says listen I am not interested in talking with u so just get lost lucky was stubborn so he was not listening to her he starts flirting with her Ragini gets fed up of him and talks rudely with him and leaves from there. Laksh says till now I liked her but because of her rude behaviour I am no more liking her I hate the girls who are rude and arrogant she is one of them saying this he leaves his in car both leave in opposite directions.

Precap: – raglak second meet.

So guys how was the first episode as I said they are total opposite off each other so how will they fall in love I am leaving this to u guys now u have to guess. Love u all guys bye take care and sindhura di tell me whether you accepted my request or not. Don’t forget to drop your comments.

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  1. Varsha

    Dear it was suprb n waitin fr d nxt prt

    1. Sriya

      ty varsha dear for the comment next part in afternoon i will post glad u loved it love u too dear xx

  2. Sindhura

    Episode was nice but sorry dear may i knew your request once again please

    1. Anaita

      She is asking u to restart your fanfic “All Alone Ragini”.
      Please even I was a fan of that ff..

      1. Sindhura

        I will think about dear because i am very bad about thinking season2
        I will try to think about that plot

    2. Sriya

      ty sindhura di for the comment glad u loved it love u loads di xx

    3. di even I am fan of ur ff….plzszzz season2

    1. Sriya

      ty masthi for the comment glad u loved it love u loads dear xx

  3. Amazing dr.. Omg ragini is so rude n lucky Hahaha he is a big flirt

    1. Sriya

      ty ruhani glad u loved it ya ragini is rude and lucky is as usual big flirt glad u loved it love u loads dear xx

    1. Sriya

      ty lovely for the comment love u loads dear xx

  4. Anaita

    Loved it… Please continue ☺

    1. Sriya

      ty Anaita for the comment I read your ff it was fanatbulous one dear keep writing stay blessed dear will surely continue dear love u loads xx

    1. Sriya

      ty akshata for the comment glad u loved it love u loads xx

  5. nice superb let’s wait their next meeting next part soon

    1. Sriya

      ty for the comment will try to update soon glad u loved it love u loads xx

  6. Superb

    1. Sriya

      ty sanchami for the comment glad u loved it love u loads xx

  7. Megha123

    Awsm part plzz continue

    1. Sriya

      ty for the comment Meha123 will surely continue glad u loved it love u loads xx

  8. Yashal

    Very nice ?

    1. Sriya

      ty yashal for the comment glad u loved it love u loads xx

  9. Fantasticcccc…loved it..??

    1. Sriya

      ty fairy for the comment glad u loved it love u loads xx

  10. Zuha Fatima

    Sweet and lovely! Loves it…Poles apart Raglak??Nice Concept!!
    Keep it up!
    By the way I also write a FF based on RRAGLAK plz do read when free..and here is the link for u;
    Hope you read it☺

    1. Sriya

      hi zuha i am reading your ff before you did tell me it is amazing do post next part asap glad u loved it dear love u loads keep writing stay blessed soon i will post this ff next part xx

  11. Superb dear

    1. Sriya

      ty Ammu for the comment glad u loved it love u loads xx

  12. Great start Sriya. I love stories about how opposites attract so I am really excited to read the way you will portray this ?. Oh and I loved stern and strict Ragini, it’s not everyday we get to see this. Anyways it’s gonna be interesting to see how RagLak’s relationship develops from hate to love. Can’t wait to read more ?❤️?

  13. love rags

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