Tose Naina Jabse Mile…Part 5 RiKara SS (ShivIka, RuMya in supporting roles)

Tose Naina Jabse Mile…Since My Eyes met Yours …Part 5 Marriage proposal
Shivay Anika were observing Omkara and Gauri….their romantic dance and passionate eye locks.
Shivay:Anika..are you seeing what I am seeing?
Anika:Om and Gauri?

Shivay:Exactly.Somehow I feel there is something in Om’s eyes for Gauri.
Anika:Even I feel like that Shivay.
Shivay:Then that is wonderful.Gauri is suitable for Om.
Anika:Yes.They look like a made for each other couple.

Shivay and Anika told this to the Oberois.
Rudra:Wow Om and Gauri.Cool.
Soumya:If so Gauri will be a permanent member here.It will be so nice if Gauri stays with us forever as a family member.

Kalyani dadi:If this is true we will be blessed to get a daughter in law like Gauri.

Jhanvi:I will be the luckiest mother in law in this world if Gauri becomes my daughter in law.Om won’t get a better girl.Gauri is so lovable.
Tej lost his control:Stop it.Are you all out of senses?
Shakti:What happened Tej?
Tej:How can you all think of getting Om married to a girl like Gauri about whom we don’t know anything?
Jhanvi:Tej…Gauri is a nice girl and we know her background.
Tej:We know about her background only through her.What if whatever she told about her background was a lie?Is there any proof that whatever Gauri said is true?

Kalyani:I don’t think we need any proof to believe Gauri.
Pinky:Oh mummiji…don’t trust that girl blindly.

Kalyani stared at Pinky:Pinky..can you please keep silent?
Pinky kept quiet.
Tej:I am not able to trust Gauri like you all without a solid proof.
Kalyani:Tej..I think you are over reacting.Whatever you and Pinky say we all want Gauri for Om.
Jhanvi:Please don’t object Tej if Om really likes Gauri.I don’t want Om’s heart to break because of your decision.
Tej:Ok.But before that I have to enquire about Gauri’s background and make sure that Om will be safe with her.
Tej walked off.
Rudra:Dad is impossible.
Jhanvi:Ya..very stubborn and adamant.

Tej appointed a private detective named Abhishek to find out about Gauri.
Tej:Make sure that I get everything about Gauri in detail.
Abhishek:Sure Sir.

Kalyani and others called Om.
Om:Dadi…did you call me?
Kalyani:Yes.We wanted to talk to you an important matter…about your marriage.
Om:I told you dadi that I am not interested in marriage.
Rudra:Hey are elder to me.Only if you get married Soumya and I can get married.If you don’t get married now Soumya and I will have to wait a lot to get married.
Soumya smiled:Yes long haired bhaiyya.

Rudra and others laughed.
Om:If you guys want to get married get married.Don’t wait for me.Leave me.

Soumya made funny faces:So sweet..

Om turned back to walk away.
Kalyani:What if the girl we chose for you to get married is Gauri?
Om turned back and looked at Kalyani in surprise:What?
Jhanvi:Will you be willing to marry Gauri?
Om became happy,but he did’nt show it.
Shivay:Did’t you all hear what Om said?He is not interested I getting married.So don’t force him.I won’t tolerate my brother getting hurt.
Anika felt like laughing.

Rudra:Yes.If Om wants to go for pilgrimage we should not force him.
Om was getting frustrated with their irritating jokes without understanding that they were pulling his legs..
Om:Please let me speak.
Everyone looked at him seriously suppressing their smile.
Om:If everyone wishes that I should marry Gauri I am willing to marry her.
Suddenly all of them burst into laughter.
Om was confused.
Kalyani:We knew that you like Gauri very much.That’s why we decided to get you married to Gauri.

Om was surprised.
Shivay:What did you think? That we can’t understand that you are hiding Gauri in your heart with lots of love?
Anika:Your eyes were full of love whenever you looked at Gauri.
Om was shy.
Om:But I don’t know if Gauri loves me or not.
Shivay:Simple,Then you propose her.
Om:But I…
Anika:Don’t be nervous.I am sure that she won’t be able to reject you.
Jhanvi:Who can reject my lovely son?

Rudra:It’s easy my bhai.Very easy to conquer a girl’s heart.
Soumya stared at him.He pulled her cheeks cutely making her smile.
Om was tensed.

Anika made Gauri wear a beautiful white saree and jewellery.Soumya combed her hair and kept it loose.
Gauri:I can’t understand why you both are doing this to me.
Soumya:Sorry.We can’t reveal anything to you.Just wait and watch.
Anika:Ya.A surprise is waiting for you.

Gauri was curious to know about it:Surprise!
They all smiled.
They led Gauri to the garden and left.Gauri was fascinated by the beautifully decorated lawn.
She was surprised to see Om there.
Gauri:Omkaraji….this decoration…?
Om:I did it.
Gauri was surprised:You did it?But why?
Om looked at her deeply:For you.
She was surprised:For me?
Om:Yes.Because I want to do the most beautiful things for you even if it’s small.Because you are the most beautiful person with the most beautiful heart in my life.
She smiled.

Om:And I want this beautiful heart to be mine.

Gauri was stunned.

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