Top Week Spoilers – 19th October 2015


Mere Angne Mein:

Shanti is a miser person. She has kept a bhajan Kirtan at home as per her plannings. She has called everyone to have bhajans. The ladies of bhajan mandli has sung so well that Shanti has become glad. Shanti wanted everything in her home to get fine. But when the time came to give them money, Shanti has scolded them and sent them out. She gives a lecture to bhajan mandli, recalling how they disrespect her always. Shanti was well entertained by them. Shanti is now eyeing Riya’s salary. Riya was giving money to Shanti, but Sarla has stopped her. Sarla did not let Shanti win the condition.

Kumkum Bhagya:

Abhi and Pragya are having Dandiya function at home. They don’t leave any chance to fight. Now they are fighting while playing Dandiya. They are attacking each other with dandiya and showing tashan without thinking they can get hurt by the sticks. Abhi gives attitude looks to Pragya and she also looks angry. Dadi felt everything will be fine between them by Navratri, but the couple still have annoyance between them. The reason is Tanu, who has made Abhi and Pragya enemies.

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  1. Plz abhi n pragya together soon. I waiting for the tanu truth come out epi. Dadi ur rokz.

  2. why always sathiya’s spoiler will be negative…..I think there will be no good happening in sathiya. while all the other daily soaps are aiming to show that good wins at least during navrathri, sathiya is the only serial showing again that bad will win again and again…..why can’t they show vidya getting inspired and Shakti from ambe maa and end the deeds of her enemies and bring meera back……

    1. I suggest people should all stop watching non sense. When TRP is low, they’ll end the stupid show. There is nothing in the show. It’s bringing more evilness and hatred and a lot of negativity.

  3. This is becoming too boring…..they are really dragging this story. …it’s becoming like a cheap comedy production

  4. Ekta ji, please show something new. We’re bored of the elastic rubber that u’re using. Enough dragging the stories and irritating the viewers. There would be no story in the whole episode. Like in Kumkum Bhagya, though the storyline was going good, the things are not proceeding. Same old drama each day. YHM has gone beyond any expectations. Many would have stopped watching 🙂

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