The Top Five Swasan ff writers – Analysis


Salaam and namastey friends. I’m an ardent fan of Swasan. I follow many fan fictions but I continue reading only a few you know because its not possible to read all. This is a list if writers who stole my heart with their beautiful writing. This is my analysis but I also want to know your opinion.


Sree Harini. She has written so many fan fictions and we all love them. She is writing currently Acceptance and Limitless love. Both are amazing and superb. All the characters are brilliantly described and somehow she always manages to make me cry when the scene is emotional or laugh if its a light hearted episode.


Anu. She has written two fan fictions already. Fix you and Destiny were my favourite. While Fiz you has ended Destiny is still going on.. But she’s back with another one. Fixing Broken souls. Just the introduction is out but she has already stole my heart. Fixing Broken souls again looks interesting and I wish her luck for that.


Anjali. She’s a brilliant writer. No words for the plot. Mr. Maheshwari and I is superb fan fiction. And the best part of that ff is Mr. Sanskar. Her story writing skills are superb and she is undoubtedly the third best writer here.


Alahna. Like Anjali described Sanskar in a perfect way here Swara is a strong girl. This only shows Girls On Top. I love this ff Realisation Exoneration Acceptance. You are an awesome writer and I daily wait for your updates.


Shared by two people. Mandy and Namrata.

Mandy writes A modern tale of love and its awesome and hilarious. Somehow she manages to keep the suspense and hooks us to the plot easily.

Namrata’s ff D3 is unique as she has made this bases on dance. There are no harsh twists yet the story is interesting. I love Laksh on her ff and Sanskar is adorable too.

Among all these writers Anu, Anjali and Namrata post daily. Daily means everyday. And I really thank all these wonderful writers to bring so brilliant ideas and posting it on telly updates. Ur all like my sisters. This is my opinion but I also want your opinions. And no offence.

Credit to: Swasan fan

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  1. I too lyk all those….bt for me the bst ff are acceptance…mr maheshwari and i….dr swara and mr mahesheari….thu meri mannat. Swasan the way u r.. swasan u r mine ..

  2. The one who wrote I’m yours….I think saha…I don’t know exactly… But I’m yours is all time favorite ff…

  3. It’s Saba… I’m yours ff writer…

  4. True love is also nyc

  5. Thank you soo much… So much apprecistion. I dont know what to say.. Thanks so much swasan fan!!

  6. Dnt mind but agar sirf writing skill k base pe judge kiya jaye to is page kuch aise ff hai jinki story padhne k baad sirf aur sirf wow niklta hai…..just a perfect stories……jo yaha mention kiye hai usse bhi bahot khubsoorat stories hai………
    Swasan fan fiction season 1 and 2 by vini ros
    You are the one and some1 somewhere by Rsr
    Sanjog se bani sangini by kirti
    Rishtey and time forever by megha………
    Kashis ka his feeling wala episode marvellous…………….

    Agar sirf pair ki wajah se stories judge hoti hai to i m happy k inke ff is list me nahi hai bcoz yeh ff kisi wajah se tarif k nahi balki sach me tarif k hakdar hai………..

    1. Most imp thing i m not swasan or ragsan……i love to read…..pairs does not affect me……
      Sorry agar humri wajah se koi hurt huaa hai to…….

  7. Ohhhh my god! !!! U seriously said it right. ..dey r indeed one of d best ff writers…besides that there are others too whom I personally love like sam of Dr swara n Mr maheshwari leads to swasan. ..
    Meher of kuchh iss tarah!!!
    Sha for falling for u ,dolly for meri ashiqui n bushra for swasan. .u r mine!
    ….I m mostly a silent reader but comments regularly on namrata (hey dear if u r reading it I lovveeee uuu u! !!! Dear)…sree harini Di ‘s update. ..
    And all d 5 above mentioned writers I m like serious wala crazy about their stories! !!!!
    I seriously thank them for writing such beautiful stories n bringing a smile on our face!! 🙂
    This analysis is a treat to d writers!!!!Who are soo talented n amazingly creative!!!♥♥♥
    Other than that each n every writer is superb n fantastic coz seriously guys it’s really difficult to write n that to episode wise…Each n every day think of new ideas!!! Phewwww!!!!..salute to d ff writers 🙂 🙂

    1. aww…As usual Mitti dear.. your comment is different only… 😉 i love so much dear… thanks for your appreciation…

  8. I m not saying that yeh khubsoorat ff nahi hai….dis stories are superb…..

  9. And yes neha also who have written true love never dies and from darkness to light, they both are superbs.

  10. Ok ppl please don’t get me wrong but I think this ranking system is like on spreee….
    I just want to tell that
    Writing takes lotsss of Guts n efforts
    It’s not that easy you know…… To imagine stuff then pen it down in a proper way n all
    I agree these writers who are mentioned are extremely talented I love their work
    But there are n number of ppl or writers out there who take so much of pain n write….n make us happy..
    So why can’t we just go comment on their page or work n make them happy

    Why rank them??? It’s an art rite just enjoy it….. Appreciation is nyc getting praised feels great
    But also look at the other side wer ppl still write n I just feel it’s not fare ….

    No hard feeling guys
    Ik ur giving ur opinion just as I’m giving mine here
    I totally understand ur point of view
    Ik I ve no write to say like this I’m sorry for that guys
    It’s just that I couldn’t control myself
    Sorry if it meant wrong to any of u but i did not mean to hurt anyone
    Again I’m just saying no hard feelings guys….
    Have a great week ahead…

    1. I completely agree to with u….

  11. How can you forget Deepa Sharma? Best friends and why does it still effects are one of d best ffs on swaragini. The way she portrays characters are just out of d world. She is on workshop currently but she will soon continue writing her ffs.

  12. Thank u so much dear 🙂 i m really glad you read & liked my story..nd u consider it in your top 5 list… thank u for your appreciation..Thank u so much to everyone who read & like D3 story… 🙂

  13. Well I’m getting ready for school so don’t mind. But I’m really happy that u liked my stories. But acc to me
    Sree Vini Sindhuja Saba are all the best writers a way above me. I’m just learning but still thanks a lot for the appreciation and I hope u like the current ff Fixing Broken Souls too ♥

  14. I think this is not right. Saba’s swasan path of hate to love and i’m yours, Vini’s swasan season 2, sethooty’s bcz i loved her, The Way You Are and Bushara’s you are mine is in top 5. Bcz this ffs are awesome and heart touching. Ur selections are good. But in my opinion saba, vini,sethootyand bushara….. Is increadible

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