Top 6 scenes from 5 shows that wowed and enthralled us…..!

Hi everyone….. I am back with my another article/poll.

When these scenes provided wholesome entertainment and stood out from the lot……. Running a daily soap is certainly one of the most challenging thing to do. To have a viewer engaged to your show for a constant period and be able to deliver good content everyday is in no way an easy task. The year of 2016 witnessed many shows going off-air and coming on-air , but several shows managed to survive amidst all the competition . As we are calling this year”the year of revolution” several top shows delivered top scenes that stole the thunder. After an analytical review and a lot of brain storming , i list down the top 6 scenes from top 5 shows that stood out from the lot this year.

1. THE BRIDE SWAP IN ISHQBAAZ….. The formula of bride-swapping in indian tv shows is a done-and-dusted concept , which several shows have repeatedly adopted . However, the one that happened in IB changed the lives of shivaay(NAKUL MEHTA) and anika(SURBHI CHANDNA) forever. It was the first time that we saw the chirpy anika become the quiet one which continues currently! This scene was certainly the one that changed the way we see Ishqbaaz and ofcourse increased the trp of Ishqbaaz.

2. THE PROPOSAL IN BEYHADH…….. Barely three months old , beyhadh has already given us some jaw-dropping scenes and moments which we will cherish forever. However, the most awaited one was where Maya (JENNIFER WINGET) would propose Arjun (KUSHAL TANDON). However, a cilched proposal is just not Maya’s style , is it? Proposing in mid-air in a hot-air ballon with the smartness that Arjun does not have the chance to run away was absolute brilliance.

3. THE REVELATION IN SHAKTI ….. ASTITVA KE EHSAS KII Another shocker of the year : who would have thought that the concept of ‘ kinnars ‘ would make commercial tv viewing and become a success ! The scene was one of the top ones as it was not just a random confession period where Nimmi (REENA KAPOOR) confessed to Saumya (RUBINA DILAIK) that Saumya is a kinnar . The sheer angst, anxiety, curiousness and frustration that the character of Saumya goes through finally getting the biggest shock of her life and backed by Rubina’s powerhouse performance was absolutely thrilling and ya made this daily soap a no 1 serial by increasing its TRP.

4. THE PRE-LEAP DRAMA IN YEH HAI MOHABBATEIN…. Even before we introduced to Ruhaan/Ruhi (ADITI BHATIA) , grown up Adi (ABHISEKH VERMA) post the leap , there was intense and high-voltage drama before the leap in YHM. Being a commercial potboiler , the show managed to aptly put things in place , where Nidhi(PAVITRA PUNIA) abducting the baby , Ishita(DIVYANKA TRIPATHI) heartbreakingly forced to choose btw Ruhi and Pihu (RUHANIKA DHAWAN) and Raman(KARAN PATEL) blaming Ishita for Ruhi’s death were portrayed. This convoluted saga had the perfect stage set for a leap with some decent acting performances.

5. THE DRUNKEN DRAMA AND ENGAGEMENT BREAK IN KUCH RANG PYAR KE AISE BHI…… This scene may probably make it to the top spot of the top scenes this year. This maha-episode was eagerly awaited and the stage was set. After going through extreme heartbreak Dev (SHAHEER SHEIKH) chose to go to Sonakshi(ERICA FERNANDES) ‘s engagement with Ritvik(JAY SONI). The episode literally had all the elements of edge-of-the-seat entertainment. Dev’s drunken drama and the emotions a broken heart goes through , Sonakshi’s ‘I-still-love-you’ moment , peeking at Dev being with Ritvik , Ritvik ‘s maturity of handling such a situation and finally Sonakshi leaving the engagement at the 11th hour to rush to a fallen Dev , not only did the episode present us extreme entertainment but was backwith some impeccable acting performances.

6. THE MAURITIUS TRACK AND THE UNDER WATER ENGAGEMENT IN BEYHADH The creators of Beyhadh are giving superb scenes continuously. So again just we saw how Maya (JENNIFER WINGET) proposed Arjun (KUSHAL TANDON) under water. What an unexpected scene we got to see!!! Right from the expressions of Saanjh (ANARI) to the clarity of scene , everything was beyond perfect. Scenes of Mauritius are much praised by viewers. Whether it is a sea -shore scene or it is of any famous place of Mauritius’ scene , every scene is giving the real feel of Mauritius. (it was the scene of 2017 but as because Mauritius track started from 30th of December , how could i exclude this best scene.)

***** While
these were hand-picked and probably for best of best , there were several other fantastic scenes in several shows which could not make the cut.

Which one is your favourite?? If it is the one from the given list then plz vote 4 ur favourite. Here is the poll….. 1. Ishqbaaz 2. Beyhadh 3. Shakti 4. Ye hai mohabbatein 5. Kuch rang pyar ke aise bhi and if it is some another then plz leave it in ur comments below.

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  1. Esther

    First Beyhadh

    6.—–> It was Arjun who proposed Maya (Under water)

    Beyhadh always shocks their viewers with such mind blowing ideas,,,,those proposal scenes ,,both Arjun to Maya and Maya to Arjun were superbbbbbb!!!!!!!one under water and other in the sky

    Second Ishqbaaz
    N yupp,,,,as Shivika union was a much awaited twist in Ishqbaaz,,,that one was also superb
    I hv seen many bride swapping twists but this one was little diff,,,,,both Anika and Shivaaye’s image and character changed after that,,,,,Shivaaye got a grey shade and Anika became quiet,,,,,now evrythng is back to normal but at that tym it was abig change

  2. DevAkshi engagement break scene was ???❤❤❤???✨????????…… Dev’s state was amazing…

  3. Ishqbaaz is always d BEST…..

  4. Beyhadd is totally different unexpected surprising amazing

  5. JanviSingh

    1Ishqbaaz ???

  6. Tvfan1

    I loved kaira in Yrkkh

  7. Ishqbaaz no 1

  8. beyhadh , the scene was just mindblowing . then krpkab , it was one of the best scenes of krpkab , it was awesome and too emotional .

  9. IB stands no:1,bcoz rude shivaay changed to luvly shivaay

  10. NABANITA626


  11. Thereis no doubt in it that the answer is krpkab and Shaheer’s acting was superb, mindblowing and marvellous in it . Besudes this the scene when Sonakshi ran to pick up the drunk and fallen Dev brought tears in my eyes.

    1. Indeed! That scene was pure bliss!

    2. Sneha1

      seriously… Shaheer & Erica acting is just superb…

  12. mujhe beyhadh se beyhadh pyar hogaya
    just love the show

  13. Ngkrishnakumari

    Of course our show krpkab because our devakshi is the best jodi ever in the indian television

    1. Yessssss!

  14. 1. Krpkab and Ishqbaaz
    3. Yhm

  15. Priya12

    Of course krpkab ……devakshi rockz…

  16. No doubt, it is the scene from KRPKAB when Dev comes to Sonakshi’s and Rithwik’s engagement! His acting was stupendous! The finest actor the television industry has gotten, he is!

  17. krpkab , ishqbaaz

  18. beyhadddddddhh for sure..both scenes awesome 🙂

  19. Sneha1

    there is no doubt that it is KRPKAB… shaheer sheikh just nailed the scene with his outstanding performance,…. so true… so deep…
    I just love DEVAKSHI from the core of my heart.

  20. Love Maya…beyhadh ?

  21. Ishqbaaaaaaaaz

  22. Khushilovesroumya

    I am going with rudra and soumya’s wedding it was my favorite

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