Top 15 Spoilers — 28th September 2015


Kumkum Bhagya:

Pragya takes a disguise and tries to hide a secret. Pragya lands in the hotel to lay a trap for Aaliya. She comes to expose Aaliya infront of Abhi. Purab and Pragya try to expose both Aaliya and Tani. Bulbul gets disguise of a Punjabi sardar. Purab and Bulbul meet there and have a big fight, which Pragya has to solve first before proceeding towards her plan.

Thapki Pyaar Ki:

Thapki buys some vegs in the market. Some men tease her. Thapki beats the men and Bihaan comes there. While the men continue to pass comments. Bihaan turns a savior for Thapki when he sees few goons teasing her. Bihaan does not express his goodness by acting rude to her. Suman plans everything to get Bihaan and Thapki closer.

Maharana Pratap:

Maharana Pratap has left the palace with his mother, and two wives Ajabde and Phool Kanwal. He is glad to see the bonding between them. After Pratap is tagged the Maharana of the villagers, the historic Haldi Ghati battle will be shown in the next track.

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TR’s Quick Reads – One minute spoilers

Dushyant gets another bride for Somendra; Sarojini to add more twists

Simar’s new fight with Indravati begins in Sasural Simar Ka…

Gopi to fulfill Kokila’s duties and ‘end Gaura’s evil’…

Akshara gets Rashmi and Sameer married.. alongwith Gayu’s happiness

Ragini to lay twisty love-marriage trap for Swara and Sanskaar…

Mihir lands in lockup to save Mihika; Shagun defends Mihir

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  1. Y no ky2s2 spoilers?? Anyway…we’ll enjoy it more widout d spoilers:D

  2. i want shagun to get out of the show .

  3. Still no change in mera agne mein ….. same shanti drama

  4. I knew it Sharad will marry Bhavna some how.
    Badtameez dil has not ended so where is Badtameez dil spoiler.
    I am eagerly waiting for up coming episodes of Phir bhi na maane Badtameez dil.

  5. IKRS Spoiler is damm good…
    Wanna see much more Vidhanni scenes…
    And you are right Plumpyyy…
    Even without spoiler KYY always rocks…

  6. Badameez dill in hotstar only so sad
    put mere agne mein in hotstar tht one hr slot is waste or mke 30min and telecast again badameez dil

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