Hi guys, I AM STUTI. I am new here. I thought to write something….. so here it is….

As you all know that 2016 is going to end…… so here is the list of top 10 TV stars who really made their identity in 2016. This 2016 really proved to be a lucky year for them. Here is the list.

1. NAMIK PAUL: This actor was earlier seen on Zee TV’s QUBOOL HAI, but he came to recognised as a more prominent face through Sony’s EK DUJE KE VASTE this year. As Shravan, the abroad return lawyer on the show, he earned a lot of love and adulation from the fans. His chemistry with co-actor Nikita Dutta was also much praised.

2. ERICA FERNANDES: The actress is quite popular in South Indian film industry. However, she was a quite new face for the target audience of GECs. She turned out to be on the best discovery of the year in the role of Dr Sonakshi Bose in KUCH RANG PYAR KE AISE BHI. She got best actress award at ATVA 2016.

3. SHIVANI SURVE: Many might not be aware that actress SHIVANI SURVE played the role of lead male protagonist’s sister in STAR PLUS’ Navya back in 2012. However, she got huge recognition this year through the role of Vividha in JANA NA DIL SE DOOR. Her chemistry with his co star VIKRAM SINGH CHAUHAN is most praised by the viewers.

4. VIKRAM SINGH CHAUHAN: The million dollar boy actor became a GEC star this year with JANA NA DIL SE DOOR. As Atharv, VIKRAM SINGH CHAUHAN delivered stupendous performance. With the various shades of Atharv, from being the strong and righteous character to the child like Atharv, Vikram surely deserves a round of applauds.

5. RIDHIMA PANDIT: The actress played the role of a robot for the first time on Indian television and what an amazing delivery of dialogue we got to see! Right from her expressions to her gestures on screen, everything was beyond perfect. Ridhima Pandit with Life OK’s BAHU HAMARAI RAJANI KANT touched her height of popularity this year.

6. TRIDHA CHOUDHARY: The actress debuted on television this year. A well known face among the Bengali regional audience, the actress was earlier seen on acclaimed Bengali films like MISHOR RAHASHYA. In 2016, she played the role of Swadheenta a in Star Plus’ Dahleez opposite Harshad Arora. As a confident lawyer, she was loved by the audience in the role.

7. EISHA SINGH: She is the rani of TV. Eisha Singh took the role of female protagonist in Zee TV’s EK THA RAJA EK THI RANI after Drashti Dhami left the show. The show picked up its ratings also after the leap in the show. The actress as Rani gained more popularity than her previous show ISHQ KA RANG SAFED on Colors which used to air at a much early evening slot.

8. SARTAJ GILL: Originally the Begusarai actor received much praises for the role in the &TV’s show. However, as raja of EK THA RAJA EK THI RANI after the leap, he received much appreciation. With a show at the prime time slot on a channel like Zee TV with reach to a larger set of viewers, Sartaj Gill is a much recognised face now.

9. KUNAL JAI SINGH: The actor was a known face among the youth audience since his show THE BUDDY PROJECT on Channel V . However, his first daily soap on a highly popular GEC is ISHQBAAZ on Star Plus. As Omkara of Ishqbaaz, the actor is now a much recognised face among the mass audience. He is famous and is much loved for his hairstyle and his acting in the show is much appreciated.

10. SURBHI CHANDNA: If you had been a viewer of QUBOOL HAI on Zee TV, then you must know her as Haya and if you did not watch QUBOOL HAI, then you should know her as ANIKA of ISHQBAAZ. As the main female protagonist in the show, Surbhi’s portrayal of Anika is much praised. She has become an inspiration and role model for young girls. And the conviction with which Surbhi plays Anika is praiseworthy. The actress surely became a star this year while being Anika of Ishqbaaz.


Please do let me know that in your sight, which actor/actress has really become the shining star this year from top 10 picks.


  1. Manasvi


    |Registered Member

    Hii Shistuti..
    Btw your star list is good..
    But there are many more..
    1. Varun Kapoor:
    He gained fandom by playing the role of Sanskar Maheshwari.. A sweet caring husband.. He is a cute, handsome and hot actor.. His love for his wife Swara Sanskar Maheshwari is quite appreciated by his fans..
    2. Helly Shah
    She is also one of the popular actress of our industry right now.. She is playing the role of Swara Sanskar Maheshwari in Swaragini..
    Well Tejaswi Prakash Wayangankar and Namish Taneja are also in my list..

  2. Anu

    Kunal jaisingh had not done great acting.. infact other than leenesh surbhi chandna and the older gen in ishqbaaz both nakul n kunal cant b in top 10.. it should b leenesh mattoo instead..

    And instead of sartaj gill who cant act it should be mohsin khan who has improved greatly in acting.. we all know he came frm direction to acting but yeah the amount of hard work he has put in is commendable..

    And in place of tridha u could have included aryan pandit or chirag for their role in d same serial..

    Looks like the article writer has forgotten to differentiate between good acting and glamour/online teenager following

    • Naha

      I agree with you leenesh matto must be included in voting list he is an amazing actor i really like his acting funny he na

  3. Anu

    And yeah.. instead of namik paul a wooden face.. who cant act u could have mentioned shivangi joshi who has improved tremendously..
    Enough said and told.. looks like u have really not watched their shows enough to write this down..

    • lakshana

      if u r a hater just say it straight………. ๐Ÿ˜ฌ…….. dont say that he cannot act……. infact i don wanna compare someone with anyone ……… everyone have a unique style of delivering tbe dialogues nd Namik has delivered them really well…….check out his acting skills in EDKV episodes……. im saying this not as a namik fan but a fan of great actors………..DON’T TAKE THIS WRONG… U SAID UR POINT OF VIEW ND I HAVE SAID MINE…….

  4. RANdomfANCreationz


    |Registered Member

    My vote among the girls goes for Eisha Singh and Ridhima Pandit and among the guys goes for Namik Paul and Kunal Jaisingh . But if I have to choose two among these four it would be quite difficult one for me. But at the end I think Riddima is the one of best new star as it is not at all an easy job to express the emotions that of a robot and and among
    And Namik is the another best new star because his expressions r jaw dropping first half of the show i didn’t really like him but the second half of the show became big fan of Namik and he just stole the show with his amazing acting and expressions and also looks. I didn’t even notice him in qubool hai but after watching EDKV i was like why I didn’t notice him. Eisha and Kunal are good too. Loved their Dhaani and Omkara character respectively

  5. Varshini


    |Registered Member

    i have never seen surbhi as haya but she is doing a great job as anika , she is an awesome actress . i have never known tridha too , but when i started watching dehleez i just loved her as swadheenta , both these actress portray their roles very well . and another actress who i have always liked is riddhima pandit , she gives a feel that she is a real robot . so my vote goes for riddhima and surbhi

  6. vini

    My vote for Erica I love her actions….shaheer and Erica chemistry is mind blowing……both of them super

  7. sweety

    vatsal Seth as aarav in rishto ka saudagar baazigar.and ishita dutta as arundhati in rishto ka saudagar vote goes to both of them.plz mention
    both of them in ur list.

  8. saima

    vatsal Seth as aarav in rishto ka saudagar baazigar.and ishita dutta as arundhati in rishto ka saudagar vote goes to both of them.plz mention
    both of them in ur list.

  9. SilentReader

    wow!! Navya was my fav show,,,n I never know Vividha was a part of Navya,,,,,she changed a lot,,,,From this list,,,,,,Atharv,Omkara,Swadheenta,Karthik,Naira are my fav and yup ,,,,Rudra (Leneesh mattoo) is my fav and he z the one who surprised me wid his acting,,,he was earlier a part of the show Suhani si ek ladki from starplus,,,,he played the role of lead male protagonist’s brthr,,,from SSEL to IB,,,leneesh changed a lot ……

    for best acting Jennifer Winget as Maya from Beyhadh (Sony) is first in my list

  10. Maryam Zahir

    I loved Surbhi Chandna as Haya . She was amazing and I still love her. As Annika she is fabulous and her Action is conagious. The most deserving one. She should be given an Award. Most inspiring and prettiest Girl ever

  11. AnShIta


    |Registered Member

    Erica Fernandes it is!๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜ Although Nikita Dutta had been amazing too, I’d out her second on list๐Ÿ˜Š

  12. stutii

    Hey stuti do u know I m Stuti too nice list I voteed fr surbhi and by the way nice to meet u dear we both r Stuti ha ha …..

  13. Fareena Norman

    Where’s shaheer you forgot him he got so much popularity by his acting skills and after all Erica is best

  14. SurbhiCFangirl

    My Vote For Surbhi Chandna…She Is ever best nd ya inspration for all girls…No words for her amazing role…

  15. Shistuti



    i know that many actor / actress are missing here….but what could i do??? I could only writen and include only 10 persons in this poll ……. I know other stars also became real stars this year……sorry guys if i hurt u by including others in this poll…….

  16. Shistuti



    *and by including ur favourites in this…..n ya this is only 4 those who were not recognised in 2015 n became famous star in 2016….for swaragini, it used 2 come from 2015….thats why i didnt include helly , varun , tejaswari

  17. Chashmish

    Obviously my vote goes for riddhima pandit…I believe its easy to make audience cry but its not easy to make audience laugh.Riddhima pandit is doing her part incredibly well..I think riddhima has nailed her character as rajni the robot…Not to forget to mention the variety shades of character she played..she copied aishwarya as maid to the perfect T…then she played the negative role of rajni the killer cat with utmost perfection…then she copied surili…which was done remarkbly well..I know its not easy to change the body language,facial expression,voice modulation that fits each and every character..despite she is a newcomer but she has put a herself into a level with all the other actors and she has etched her name as a versatile actress in the telly industry

  18. Varsha94


    |Registered Member

    As this is for 2016.. And Shivani was well known as Nimisha for me.. She did good acting in Navya too.. So I’m not including her.. And yeah I too think Leenesh s better than Kunal in Ishqbaaz..but I knew Leenesh from Suhani si ek ladki.. Still his talent came out in Ishqbaaz.. I have never seen Qubool hai.. So Surbhi was new to me in Ishqbaaz.. She did some fab acting..
    My personal favrt. Is Erica.. I guess she has some brilliant acting skills.. Be it from few tracks of the show.. She made ppl fall crazy for her.. The accident sequence,jealousy sequence,Break up sequence,and many more to go.. Her expressions says it all..and yeah she won AVTA 2016.. for best actor female.. Happy for that.. Coz many award shows r totally biased..
    other two whom I hav heard are best is Riddhima ND Vikram..
    My vote goes to Erica Fernandes n Surbhi Chandana..๐Ÿ˜

  19. Anjali

    My vote goes to Ridhima pandit aka Rajni ๐Ÿ˜. Love u Ridhima u r an amazing actress. U have done your role perfectlyโ™ฅ๏ธ

  20. Ngkrishnakumari


    |Registered Member

    My vote is Erica fernadesh for her talent superb acting & outstanding performance she got award fr atva 2016
    Love u erica from the crore of my heart

  21. NABANITA626


    |Registered Member

    Ishqbuzz and krpkav rocks………….
    Speacially glad for my favourite annika,sorry omru and sona ,swadheenta you are also my favourite but annika akka survi chandran is most…..
    No comparison…….
    It is the correct judgement of viewers….

  22. Tia Padhye

    Riddhima Pandit is flawless as rajni….and surbhi as anika is a real inspiration…love these two๐Ÿ˜Ž

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