Tonight i can live the saddest moment of my life (yeh dil bas tujhe hi doondhe har pal….) Chapter 1

Hey guys iam back …hope you will enjoy this one

Man: I don’t know why you said you loved me not love me…I don’t know why you are ignoring me….oh my goodness … what’s happening with me?why are you testing me like this ?what was my fault? Why you brought her into my life when you want us to be apart?jab juda Karna hi tha,tho pas Laya hi kyu?( When you wanted​ us to be seperated then why you brought us so close?)

Ahan: I can understand what is in your mind Kabir but you have to control your feelings for the sake of your blood

Kabir: do you think that Iam not trying….?

Ahan: Kabir you have to flush out her memories from your mind…just forget that whole things that she done to you…if you will keep reminding it then you are gonna hurt yourself ..

Kabir: love is short but forgetting is long…’s easy to forgive but forgetting is hard….

Ahan: wait wait please for God sake don’t be like this bro…. get over it..just move on man…I know it’s hard for you but you have no other option

Kabir: without her iam like frail corpse….only pounding of my head & heartbeats left in my body which shows that Iam still breathing( alive)

Ahan: tomorrow she is going to be someone’s​ wife ….she will be bride but you won’t be her groom

Kabir: queer,she used to write my name on her hands,now there will be name on her hands but of someone else….she used to get dressed up for me, tomorrow onwards she will dress up for someone else​

Ahan:Calm down yar…jab tak tum yeha rahonge tum uski yadon se bahar nehi aapaonge….uski yad tujhe andhar hi andhar thadpayenga…isliye tujhe yeha se todi der keliye bahar rehna chahiye

Kabir: tu Kya jantha Hai Mera pyar ko… jagah badalne se mera pyar uskeliye kam nehi hojayenga…( What you know about my love…changes in place won’t degrade my love for her )

Ahan: Kabir pls…you have to step out from here as as it’s possible …what I want is to see you comfortable and fine…please allow me atleast to care you …I can’t see you like this…I want my Kabir back

Kabir: I don’t know whether I will be able to remove her from me as she is a part of my soul….

Ahan: Kabir I have booked flight for London….flight will take off after 2 hours so you we have to hurry up….

Kabir: am I such a burden ,that all of you is just trying to get rid of me?

Ahan: it hurts …how dare you to say that you are a burden ….arre burden to mei hu tereliye

Kabir: apn babhi ka khayal rakna


Kabir: chahe wo Mera rahe ya Na rahe par wo thera babhi tho rahenga na

Ahan: uppar wale ka Kel bhi tho dekho jise tumne pyar Kiya use tere Bhai Ki naseeb mei likhliya

Kahan leaves for airport and after an hour they reached there ….Kabir waved goodbye to ahan.

On the other hand in Kapoor mansion

Sanchi: Kabir i loved you ,love you and will love you forever…. your place in my heart is fixed like a northern pole star….in sky there might be millions of stars but there is only one moon and you are moon to me…but I realised that moon can’t be mine…you can’t be mine…I don’t deserve you…our love is as like the love of lotus to sun and sun to lotus…it’s pure and clear…Let me call Kabir

She tries kabirs phone but it didn’t got connected and so she then tries ahaan…ahan picks her call

Ahan: hello?now what ? Anything more to hurt him huh?I considered you as my own sister and look what you did you hurted the person whom I love and care the most

Sanchi: I know Iam responsible for all this but believe I was helpless

Ahan:may be you are right on your side but what you done to Kabir is not right

Sanchi: please let me talk to Kabir it’s urgent…pls try to understand me ….please do me this last favor…i won’t ask you anything else but thsi please

Ahan: Kabir is leaving India after an hour…for london

Sanchi felt her world upside down….she couldn’t feel her feets on the floor

Precap: veer is sitting in mandap waiting for sanchi

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  1. Miss-Golgappa

    Iam sorry guys for such a bad FF….Iam sorry if its not up to your expectations….I promise you that next episode will be better than this

  2. Nyc,,epsd nd plz dn’t separte kanchi..

  3. Ashnita456

    How dare you say it’s bad sweetie it’s amazing mindblowing outstanding awesome superb fantastic. Love you sweetie

  4. Niyaaa

    Hey sana don’t say like this yaar … i really like ur os sweety infact maine glti se ashi ko is os ka nxt part likhne ko bol diya???baad me yaad aaya ye tera os tha?? don’t dare to say it boring loved it sweety ur all ff os Fs r always mindblowing… post nxt asap.. m eagerly waitting for nxt part.. lovv u bye tc???

  5. Riyarocks

    oye Sana…….thappad padjayegi agar isse boora kaha toh…….teri toh bohut himmat badh gayi hai aaj kal…jaa katti, nehi baat karti tujhse……chal chod, jaane deti hoon, but haan, aage se kabhi aisa mat bolna, samjhi na……& yaar, epi mindblowing tha……& precap…..haha………I just hope, veer mandap par wait karta rahe & dulhan bhaag gayi waali situation aa jaaye………luv u Shona………bye……………

  6. A big walli Katti dear. ? u make me cry in office. What a ♥ broken and senti updates. Don’t separate love birds. I hope sanchi will listen to her heart and run away from marriage and settle down with kabir in London.

  7. Its not boring…. Its amazing and unique to

  8. This episode is superb emotional yaar…….. amazing episode yaar…….. please yaar kanchi ko mila do ……..I love it so so much…….

  9. How can you say it was bad? It was awesome and superb… Infact I loved your writing…

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