hey! Isha Jain here 🙂
from here my OS starts
Hey guys m Isha
I wrote an one shot
M not a writer or professional so please if u find mistakes please do inform hope u guys will like it please do comment as its just one shot u need to comment just once n I think it won’t take much time J
(Note: All characters are same)
M having just a change which is as follows:
Abhimanyu n Manik are good friends’ n share a brotherly bond.
N guys I’ll use short names such as Abhi n nandu
Hope u won’t have any prob. J

So here I go
In Mumbai
Abhi and Manik were jogging it was daily routine of abhi but today manik also joined him as wanted to share something with abhi but suddenly Abhi said-
Abhi: Manik be ready
Manik: for what?
Abhi: for getting wet
Manik (in confused tone): what!!
And before Manik could ask further there came water splashing over both of them n abhi started laughing Manik was too numb to react suddenly he heard a very soft voice of a girl n she was our Nandini
Nandini (to herself): ayiappa not again nooooo but I did it again I am soo mad every time I splash water on abhi why why ayiappa why I always get so engrossed in music that I every time make this mistake but this time I splashed water on two people Abhi n someone else but who is he jo bhi hai he is damn hot wait shut up what r u thinking first apologise as usual
When Nandini was busy in talking to her ayiappa Manik was just admiring her
Manik (to himself): god she is that girl only whom I saw at flower shop yaar she is just way to beautiful uff this girl is making me go crazy I don’t even know her name but just look at her she is looking damn s*xy in shorts oh god what m I thinking help mee god
Both of them were looking at each other n lost in their own world but they came out when abhi clicked his fingers infront of them
Abhi: hey where are guys lost??
Nandu: ha… voh nowhere and yes m sorry Abhi and u too (looking at manik)
Manik: It’s okay
Abhi: nandini it’s okay yaar it’s my daily routine so m used to it
Nandu: was it in sarcastic way?
Abhi: no no right Manik??
Manik: yaa (in his thoughts: so her name is nandini such a beautiful name just like her)
Abhi: (again clicking his fingers) where are u lost are u fine?
Manik: oh yeah Abhi m fine lets go….
Abhi: yeah! (Finds something fishy) bye sissy J (yeah he considered her as his sis)
Nandu: okay byeJ (thinks: so his name is manik ooo)
Abhi and manik left.
While walking manik tells abhi that he saw nandini before also and tells the whole incident
Manik was with Fab5 and they were going in his car towards their favourite Spot just then he saw nandini at a flower shop n was mesmerised to see her n didn’t even care about road and drove in pole infront no one got hurt but they were giving manik dead glares but manik didn’t care and turned backwards to see nandini but till that time she went….L] Abhi: (stopping there) r u serious I would have killed u if mukti got hurt m telling u
Manik: oh come on she is fine in fact everyone I fine
Abhi: oh thank god she is fine
Manik gives him a like seriously look. And they went to their homes.
Next day making some excuse manik again went with abhi for jogging same happened again nandu splashed water and apologised to them.
This continued for several days and everyday nandu used to splash water and manik and abhi used to get wet but all this manik used to enjoy and realised his love for her and abhi helped him to realise. So manik decided to confess his love to her as fast as possible.
One day like every day they both were jogging and were ready for water but nandini was not there both were shocked but they ignored this and went home.
Manik was whole day thinking about nandini.

It was third day and there were no clues of nandini so they decided to go in her house so they went near the door but it was locked. And they were about to leave when they saw a pink note abhi read it aloud to manik:
Manik and abhi both were sad. From that day manik stopped jogging with abhi and was broken because he was not able to confess his love to nandini Fab5 knew about nandini so they thought of finding her but they had anything of her neither her phone number nor any photo.
Manik started living in dark. He used to miss Nandini a lot and painted her lots of pictures and pasted it in his room and he never let anyone enter his room even Fab5. Slowly slowly Fab5 became a famous band and become very popular. Every song of manik he used to dedicate o nandini he never took her name but still he used to say “DEDICATED TO MY LOVE”.
Years went like this only……
One day as usual abhi was jogging but instead of jolly mood he was not happy but suddenly something happened he was shocked as well as happy n what not coz he was wet again he turned and saw nandu holding a pipe this time she was not watering plants but watering abhi. Abhi didn’t knew how to express his happiness he just jumped on nandu n hugged her tight.
Abhi: (still hugging her) nanduuuuuu where were u these many years? How r u? I missed u soo much. Didn’t u miss me? U didn’t even call me neither u gave me ur number. How can u do this u didn’t even met before going. U know how much I was willing to see u sissy how can u do this? Now speak up!
Nandu: oh god abhi first u stop then only I can speak naa (ending the long hug) I was in US with mom and dad coz mom was not well. But she is fine now so I came back. And I missed u soo much. I can’t call u coz I didn’t had ur number. I went very fast so was not able to inform u. Aacha how is manik?
Abhi: oh god I toh just forgot manik please meet him as soon as possible.
Nandu: (hesitatingly) ahh… voh… abhi I need ur help.
Abhi: haan tell na sissy
Nandu: actually I want to…. umm.. voh
Abhi: say na nandu
Nandu: actuallyiwanttotellmyfeelingstomanik (in one breath)
Abhi: what?? I didn’t understand say slowly
Nandu: voh I love manik and I want to tell this to manik
Abhi: seriously nandu oh god m so happy (he took her in arms and twirled her)
Nandu: oh abhi put me down Aacha do as I say just bring him tomorrow morning for jogging please please please ……
Abhi: haan bas itta hi I will surely bring him J
Nandu: okay thank u bye! J
Abhi: bye!

Next morning
After very manofying sessions manik agreed.
As they were passing in front of nandu’s house manik was on verge of crying seing her house n garden remembering all masti just then phushhh….
He was wet n and damn shocked just then nandini came towards him n he was happy, shocked and what not seeing her but nandu came forward and hugged him within no time manik’s hand travelled to her waist and he took her in his tight embrace. Abhi smiled and left giving some time to love birds. After few minutes they broke the hug both had tears in their eyes. Just then nandu bent on her knees and gave manik a rose told “MANIK I WANT TO SPEND MY WHOLE LIFE MY EACH N EVERY SECOND WITH U TILL MY LAST BREATHE I WANT TO FEEL U I LOVE U MANIK AND I WILL LOVE U HUMESHA” manik was on cloud 9 he accepted the rose and said “I LOVE U TOO NANDINI HUMESHA J” he again hug her this time they had tears of happiness in their eyes. They broke the hug and then they saw Fab5 and Abhimanyu and they all started hooting and clapping for them ( except manik and nandu) nandu blushed and manik and nandu joined their heads standing in between and fab5 and Abhimanyu were standing around them making a circle. Then all of them shouted “MANAN” together.
The end
I know guys it was damn much long but I hope u guys will like it. J
Please do comment
thanks a lot thank u very much

Credit to: Isha

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    1. Thank s a lot
      I’ll surely try writing more
      N J is nothing actually it was smiley but got converted into J

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    it was such a cute luv story….

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      I’ll surely try more ?

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      I’ll surely try more

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  11. Thanks a lot guys this encourages mee n I’ll definitely try writing more but problem is I am not able to update idk y but telly updates shows error n this one was updated by Sindhu thanks a lot to her please read her ff also its also very wonderfully written like other ffs ?

  12. Awesome, marvellous, lovely story. …very very cute n heart touching. …love you loads

    1. Thank u Roma
      Luv u too

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