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Together Yet Separated
“Sanskaar” said Ragini.. “Today, we completed 5 years… Time passed so fast.. it’s not easy to believe. When will you understand what happened that day.. when you hear me. When..? Today we completed 5 years of separation” saying this our Ragini Sanskaar Maheshwari keeps her marriage photograph inside her bag… and goes out
“Hatred! That’s only what you can expect from me Ragini. You gave me the deepest wound anybody could give! I can’t never love you again” angrily said Sanskaar closing his fist…
Story revolves around the lives of a stubborn Sanskaar and helpless Ragini along with their sacrificing siblings, Swara and Laksh. Ragini Sanskaar got married after dating each other for about 3 years.. but within few months, problems started to come in between them.. something happened and Sanskaar gave his relation with Ragini… and left her.. and on the other side we have Swara Laksh, their doting siblings

Next day
Raging takes groceries from a shop and leaves.. Sanskaar lands there making her happy but gets saddened at the next moment. She approaches him but once again like before Sanskaar blasts out on her
Sanskaar: You? Here? My day is wasting?
Ragini: Even I’m not happy seeing you and this attitude of yours.. called you because of the relation we have
Sanskaar: Relation? Are you mad? Or you have forgotten everything?
Ragini: do you think I’ll forget? What ever happened.. leave it… you asked about Relation? Right? So Mr. Maheshwari, let me remind you that because of your mistake Swara Laksh did this.. because of your stupidity, Laksh had to marry Swara five years ago
Boom! Yeah SwaLak got married because of Sanskaar!!
Scene shifts
Laksh room
Laksh wakes up. Swara is still asleep.. it’s 8 and Laksh thinks of waking her..
Laksh: Swara..
She doesn’t respond. He forwards his hand to wake her hand but she wakes then. Immediately he takes his hand back.
Swara: Sorry.. I’ll freshen up in two minutes
Laksh: Okay
She rushes in. Laksh waits for her.. She comes out in her dress with wet hair and sits on the chair to get ready. Laksh sees her and then goes in. Swara gets ready and they both go down.
Ap: Where’s Sanskaar?
Laksh: Maa he is out for some work. Will come soon.
They have their good.. while leaving Swara calls Laksh
Swara: Laksh, my friend’s reception is today. Can you please come early today?
Laksh: Yes. I’ll try
Swara smiles widely: Thank You
He too gives a bright smile and holds her hand. She feels awkward
Laksh: Be ready
She nods..
AP: Swara, your papa medicines are in his room get them please
Swara: Yes Mom. (Goes up)
She enters the room and sits on the bed for a minute. She again gets serious and thinks: When will this stop, God? When?
Cries and takes the medicine.. leaves
Sanskaar: So? They did that because you betrayed me?
She gets aback and doesn’t say anything. Just leaves..

Ragini reaches her home and calls Swara
Swara: Hi Ragini
Ragini: Swara, please come to meet me. Please
Swara: Ya ya coming
Leaves and reaches her home. Ragini cries and says everything.. Ragini: When will he understand that I lied because Rohan had evil intentions. Because he wanted to harm our families.. when will he?
Swara: calm down. Everything will be fine one day
Gets a call. Swara: Ya Laksh.. just 30 mins.. ill be ready
Ragini: You both are going somewhere?
Swara: Ya.. Aisha’s reception is in the evening. So..
Ragini: go go.
Turns to leave.. Ragini: What about Laksh and you
Swara: Means?
Ragini: your relation.. with Laksh
Swara: We both are fine!
Ragini: till when will you lie?
Swara: Ragini, we both are happy since the day we got married.. don’t worry about me.. Take Care
Laksh Swara reach at the venue. Swara is shocked to see the venue and says: Laksh, this hotel?
“Swara, you still want to go inside after knowing what happened 5 years back”
“no no i can’t. It changed my life. I mean Ragini’s life. I won’t. Let’s go back”
He drives but her frnd spots her and takes her in. Swara Laksh gets flashes of something.. swara gets emotional after walking. Laksh tries comforting her but can’t…
Swara’s POV
After 5 years why has destiny brought us here? That night everything turned up side down. Sanskaar left Ragini. Baba Maa were humiliated and Laksh, he ….
Laksh POV
This hotel is not less than our grave. That one night which still seems like a nightmare, never turns out to be a dream.. everyday seeing Sanskaar alone and lonely kills me. And brings my memory here. Why can’t I stop thinking about this place. I had to marry Swara that day or else,
Ragini Sanskaar got married.. soon enters a person named Rohan.. a person who seemed to be good to everyone but actually had the most evil intentions. He came to grab the property.. Ragini being sharp and clever enough to see through comes to know about this.. she decides to confront but doesn’t gets a chance. Later she sees him entering a hotel (the same hotel) and goes behind him. She hides in the room and tries seeing what’s happening.
But Rohan catches her red handed and his real face comes in front of her. She faces him bravely but he outsmarts her by taking a few pictures of them in a hugging manner, through hidden cameras. Ragini doesn’t sees this and falls in his trap. He keeps blackmailing her by saying that if she tells anyone about him then he will destroy the entire family…
Being a caring daughter in law she fears about them and starts telling lies to her family.. but Rohan didn’t stop so early. He sends those photos to Sanskaar, as a proof of their broken relation. Sanskaar doesn’t believes but Then, Rohan says that she’ll come to meet him the next day too. And he can confirm it with Ragini just to see what she says. Rohan asks Ragini to meet him at that hotel. Helpless Ragini has no option other than agreeing to him.
Sanskaar asks him that day. Ragini lies and says that she is going to meet her friend. He is broken and follows her to that hotel. Rohan plan is successful and he hugs Ragini the moment she comes. Sanskaar sees this and is angry… Rohan takes her up in the room.
Ragini asks him why did he hug her.. he says your ruin is near… Sanskaar enters the room along with Swara and Laksh. Swara had seen Sanskaar in that hotel and followed him. Sanskaar called Laksh and asked to come at that hotel because he was sure that Ragini won’t betray him..
All are shocked to Ragini there and she stares Rohan. Sanskaar shouts on her and breaks all ties with her without even listening to her. Ragini breaks down in that room and curses herself for having not told Sanskaar about this.
Media comes in and accuses Ragini for cheating his husband. Rohan does this to defame them. People start talking about Swara’s character too as they both were from the same family..
This continues for days and Laksh somehow is unable to bear this. One fine day when Swara is with Ragini in a temple, few ladies come and call Ragini character less. Swara stands for her and they start abusing her also. Unable to tolerate all this Swara runs from there but Laksh brings her back in that temple and marries her for her respect..
.fb ends
Laksh POV
Or else they would have tortured these sisters till their death. It’s five years and I haven’t talked to Swara even once. We both are faking a good relation in front of everyone so that no further talks are made. Swara is my responsibility till my last breath and I can’t leave her. I have promised Ragini. I can’t and I won’t
Swara and Laksh both live a lifeless life.. just keeping their families happy by behaving like a couple. In reality they both have no feelings for each other.
They walk in nd Swara falls down as she fails to notice a wire in her way. She doesn’t stand and her friend asks her to go home. Laksh takes her in arms and leaves.
Next Day
Ragini and swara meet and Ragini expresses her loneliness to her. She says Swara, I dont want Sanskaar to marry me again. I just want him to know about our innocence.. even if he doesn’t accept me, its okay but at least he must know that I never betrayed him. Atleast he knows why I did that.. he knows what intentions Rohan had. That’s it.. he must know that Rohan came just for property that’s it..
Sanskaar hears this and gets furious. Swara knew that Ragini would talk about this only hence she called Sanskaar before hand and made him hear all this…
Ragini cries and hugs her.. swara sees her phone the call is still on. She smiles and gets assured that he heard every thing..
Swara says: no more Ragini. Just wait for two days or more. I assure that you will get your happiness back..
Ragini: how?
Swara shows the phone. Ragini is shocked and says: this?
Swara: dont worry.. He has heard everything
Ragini: Swara why did you…. ?
Sanskaar throws the phone in anger and gets up… He realizes his mistake and leaves from there to meet Ragini.
Swara: I had no option. You are innocent and I had to do this..
Ragini: But..
Laksh is in his office thinking about Swara and his relation. He remembers the time when they got married and since how are they leaving… He gets disturbed and leaves..
Sanskaar reaches her home and they clear all their misunderstandings… Swara gets happy as her sister gets all her happiness back.. Sanskaar proposes Ragini once again for marriage…
That night, Swara and Laksh have dinner when Swara says: Laksh, Ragini is coming back..
He nods and waits for her to say.. She doesn’t… He stares at her and suddenly these words remind him something which causes him to drop his food. She understands and says: Two more days.
She leaves. Laksh is in deep thoughts.. Swara runs and reaches the terrace. She sees the terrace and cries. Down, Laksh too remembers the terrace and both remember the same incident..
Two years back..
Laksh was madly in love with Swara… they lived together but were like strangers. Yet Laksh fell for this cutie but didn’t express. He knew what their relation and respected the boundaries they had. Swara was unaware.
One day, Laksh decided to express his love for her and hence planned a surprise on the terrace.. He decorated the entire terrace like a fairyland with beautiful flowers and her pictures and proposed her.
Swara was amazed as she never saw her husband in Laksh. She felt as if it was her duty and hence did everything which an wife does..
Swara: Laksh, why did you do this? How could you even think about this.. you and me? Together.. no..the way I’m your responsibility, it’s my duty to be with you.. you married me because of what Sanskaar did, and I’m with you because Ragini is not here.. I’m just making for her absence.. this house, you, your parents is not permanent in my life. They are until Ragini comes. The day Ragini will come, I’ll go..
Another fb is shown where Laksh marries Swara and at their place Swara refuses to go with Laksh but Ragini talks to her and says that it’s good for her to go..
She explains that what Laksh did is something that no one can do..
Now, it’s your duty to be with him day and night and be her wife with full heart. Swara, you have to take care of everyone there.. be it Laksh or Maa.. it’s your duty now..
Swara: till when will I do this?
Ragini: Till I come there…
Fb ends

Laksh is shocked and Swara is in tears.. he says that his love is pure but Swara refuses and warns him not to do this again or else she will leave that house..
Laksh is broken and decides to be her husband till Ragini comes..
Next Day Ragini comes to know about this and asks Laksh to be with Swara throughout.. She says that Swara has gone though a lot after that incident and hence to keep her alright Laksh has to be with her always.
Laksh promises her and says that he will never tell her about his feelings again and will be her protector….
Fb ends. Present…
Both cry… One because of the past incidents and other because of the rejected love…
Next day, Ragini Sanskaar meet and revive their olden days.. They go for shopping and their love blossoms again..
Ragini Sanskaar were separated for five years but not their love. They were together because of their love but what about Swara and Laksh.. these innocent souls were in a relation in which they never wanted to be.. a relation by pressure, by duty.. Swara was victimized the most. She had to face all the tantrums from the world because of one misunderstanding.. and faking love for a day or two is acceptable but she did that for five years. What kind of patience she must be having..? Living like two strangers for so long May be wasn’t acceptable to her yet she did.. She kept on convincing herself that it’s her duty… plus the responsibilities given by Ragini to her was also important.. She she had to do it… no matter and yes she did it
Ragini Sanskaar get married and Laksh prepares himself to say good bye to his love….
Next day
Ragini is in the kitchen when Swara walks in and tells about her decision. Once again Ragini tries convincing her but this time Swara is stubborn. Before leaving she meets Laksh. He is in his room hugging Swara s picture trying not to cry but emotions can’t be hidden..
Swara: Laksh,
Swara: I know you are …
Laksh: It’s okay swara. Go. Who am I to keep you here. You did your duty for 5 years and I…. sorry. Just one thing before you leave. I found someone very special in you. Thanks for being my friend all these years. Just be yourself. Never change. Be like this
Swara: You won’t even see me before I go
Laksh: If I do then I won’t be able to forget you. People go but memories stay and they hurt more than people.
Her eyes are moist but she leaves. Laksh closes his fist tightly and controls himself. Swara runs and leaves.
RagSan see a broken Laksh and promise that Swara will come in her life soon. They plan a party where Swara is also invited. Its just like their reception party. Swara Laksh try avoiding each other but people still assume them to be a couple and push them on the dance floor.
Unwillingly they dance and so do RagSan. They are lost into each other and RagSan enjoy seeing them.
Ragini: Mission part 1 successful
Sanskaar winks. Music stops and SwaLak get apart.
Swara goes from there as she couldn’t bear it anymore. Laksh tries speaking to her but she rejects all his calls.

Next Day…
There’s a news of bomb blast near a market… Sanskaar calls Swara and says that Laksh Ragini both were present there.. Swara is shocked and goes there with him.
A scene is shown where there s blood all around with dead bodies of people around. Swara and Sanskaar try finding their partner but aren’t able to recognize any..
Sanskaar sees Ragini lying near a tree all with blood and distraught… They both run to her when Ragini points at one direction where Laksh is lying.. Swara sees him and shouts his name. She runs and takes him in her lap..
Swara: Laksh you..
Laksh: See Swara you went from my life and what happened
Swara: Don’t say like this. I won’t let anything happen to you..
Laksh: no Swara. I guess my time is over.. May be you were a necessity in my life.. and I think this is it.. I won’t live anymore..
Swara: Shut up Laksh. I said I won’t let anything happen to you
Laksh: Just one thing Swara.. I Love You. And I’ll keep loving you until I die.. (laughs) see how stupid I am.. even after being on the death bed I’m expecting this.. Swara…. I love you…
Swara: Please don’t say this.. pls… (cries)
Laksh: Why are u crying… I’m leaving as your friend not husb…..
His hand falls …. closes his eyes…
Ragini: Sanskaar, take care of yourself
Sanskaar: You can’t leave me Ragini.. pls… cries holding her..
Swara: Because even I love you… (cries… keeps her head on his abdomen)
Ragini Sanskaar get alert and smile..
Ragini: Part 2 also successful..
They both look at each other and turn towards SwaLak…. Swara keeps on saying that she loves him and cries badly… suddenly Laksh opens his eyes and says: I love you too Swara..
She realises what happened and gets up.. Laksh smiles at her says: I love you too
She is surprised and Laksh gets up.. RagSan come there and surprise her further.. They smile and fb starts
Previous Night
Ragini: Laksh, Swara is yours and she loves youu… I know that.. I can see in her eyes.. She is doing this because of the condition she kept 2 years ago.. but don’t worry.. everything will be fine
Laksh: How Ragini?
Ragini: Tomorrow, she will admit that she loves you..
Laksh: How?
Sanskaar comes and tells about the fake bomb blast and death plan.. Laksh agrees and they get ready for it..
Fb ends

She happily hugs him and later hits them crying…
Laksh: Now toh agree?
Swara: I love you I love you… ❤❤❤
All are happy and return home…
Finally, SwaLak also get married with their consent and both the couples live together..
The end

Okay so I know this was a super fast story with respect to my earlier one.. (THE SOUL SISTERS)..
Comment below and do tell how was this…
SwaLak RagSan ❤
Next OS will be on SwaSan RagLak only if you guys appreciate and support me..

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