we are together (swaragini) chapter-1


Hey guys i am “nobody knows me”
And i am here to make a new ff
Last ff on which i am still wprking is
Swaragini (dilwale)
So lts start our ff
And pls commet and give me suggestion on the couples too

so guys this ff is based on the time when ragini was till even and she was giving drugs to swara
She loved laksh very intesly and wanted him badly so she wants swara to fall in everyone eyes including laksh so that he could break his allience with swara and start to hate her and then ragini could love and make him to him by consoling him so you know the story line so now lets get started

Ragini store room

Ragini opens the room of store room she has tears in her eyes , she comes inside and sits there the tears were overcoming her eyes
ragini (herself) – maa aaj ham kya ban gye hai jo ladki hamari behen hai step behen hi sahi meri well wisher hai usko hamne drugs diya aaj pehli baar hame bura lag raha hai , ham kese ban gaye hamne kabhi drugs dekha nahi hai or kabhi dekhna bhi chaha magar hamne voh chiz apni well wisher go dedi
ragini weeps her eyes -magar iska effect pada laksh pe , voh voh gussa tha swara se voh tha usse believe hua ki swara drugs leti hai mei mei ek kadam aage bad gayi apne maksad mei
RAagini stands up- Hame iss koshish ko khali nahi dekhna chahte , hame laksh chahiye ham laksh se pyaar karte hai aur karenge hamesha
Ragini stumbles and fall on the ground-chahe hame kitni baar girna pade ham karenge
her eyes were still full of tears she goes from ther weeps her tears again and eneter her room where swara was also shifted
Swara-haan laksh mughe pta hai
ragini looks at swara with sour eyes as she look at her talking to laksh
swara-haan haan i love you too
swara-dekho ragini bhi aa gyi
swara-mei speaker pe dalti hu
By mistake laksh voice came on speaker-yaar romance mei tiinka kaha se aa gyi voh
ragini looks up straight at swara swara sees to ragini ragini says-its ok ham baad mei aaenge
swara-ragini ruko
laksh voice on speaker-phone ko speaker se hatao mughe sirf tums baat karni hai
As she left the the room she ran to the store room again
she enters and locks the door from inside and then she cries all night
ragini (herself)-ragini laksh tughse nafrat karta hai voh kabhi hamare nahi ho paenge magar hame puri koshish karni hogi even yeh sab hua phir bhi unhe uss par itna trust kyu hai kyu hai
she folds her head in laps and cries and night she sleeps while the tears were still on her face
she wakes up in the morning and see she is in store room she remember the last time
she hears noises of dadi maa – arre laado kathe gayi tu (oh laado where are you ?)
she opens the store room and stumble with laksh who was standing infront of the store room door he falls aas the door opens
ragini – oh aap yaha i am sorry
she gives the hand the hand to pick him up and make him stand
as she was pulling him she falls on top of him , her hairs falls on laksh face as they share an eyelock
suddenly dadi maa comes from nowhere and she was shock to see them in that position
dadi-RAGINI (shouts )
raglak sees her and stand up and even laksh to stand
dadi came near them and slap ragini
raglak is shocked
dadi-kyu re chori apne tu laksh ki saali hai aur yeh sab chee (how dare you you are suppose to be laksh sister in law and this all awful )
laksh-essa nahi hai dadi maa ragini meri help kar rahi thi aur …
dadi-yeh yeh esse gir ke ke madad kar rahi thi ? (by falling on you like this what wa she trying to help ?)
ragini is crying while laksh told everything that happened but he didn’t tell about the eyelock
as the truth comes out dadi looks ragini guilti fully -maare ko maaf karde chori (i am really sorry )
ragini cryingly – nahi dadi maa aapko jarurt nahi hai , aapko nahi pta tha
agar koi bhi hota toh yeh jarut karta
dadi left from there
laksh-i am szorry too meri vajah se ………
as laksh was saying ragini put a finger on his lips
ragini-aapki galti nahi hai bilkul nahi hai
laksh murmur
ragini confused-huh ?
laksh points at the finger kept on the mouth , ragini looks at it and say sorry
laksh-dosti mei no sorry and no thankyou
aur tum toh meri best friend ho
saying this he left
ragini-kya ham aapki best friend ke elava kucch bhi nahi hai

PRECAP-some raglak and swasan and swalak and ragsan cute moments and evils plans floating in minds

Credit to: no body knows me

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  1. please can’t see ragini in negative, change her role

    1. nobody knows me

      thanks a lot lovely , i will make sure

  2. Nice episode. Its interesting to read Ragini’s battle between her mind and heart. I do feel bad for Ragini. Oh and please make it RagLak and SwaSan xx

    1. nobody knows me

      thats very true but the next epi has big twist where she needs to choose

  3. PinkChocolate

    Hey dear?It was amazing? She might have turned evil, but the way you portrayed, what she actually undergoes at each point of time is truly amazing. I loved it?

    1. nobody knows me

      thanks alot 🙂

  4. Plz make ragini positive… Superb start

    1. nobody knows me

      of course she is a lead thanks alot

  5. Nice

    1. nobody knows me


  6. Yashasvi ( yashu)

    yrrrrr please make ragini positive…. BTW nice

    1. nobody knows me

      of course dear

  7. Anaita

    Supeeb… plzz continue… ?

    1. nobody knows me

      thanks alot i will

  8. Nobody knows me

    Thanks for such good comments I am greatful OK i see there is more comments for raglak so I will make one

    1. Anaita

      Your wish…. but plz make Ragini positive asap…

      1. nobody knows me

        sure anaita
        your wish is granted ?

  9. Make it ragsan please………it is so sweet.

    1. nobody knows me

      i am so sorry bella its a raglak but i will make sure it has many sweet moments of ragsan
      i promise
      thanks for comment

  10. ok one thing for sure is raglak ff.even if ragini is negative it doesn’t seem to be. u portrayed her character in a different way.waiting for next episode.nice episode

    1. Nobody knows me

      Thank you 🙂

  11. Megha123

    PlPlzz make ragini positive na can’t see her in negative character

    1. nobody knows me

      sure dear

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