Together……At Last – OS


Hey lovely ppl…..Kruti here with a Super Long Os


Ab coming to the Os
1. The os is verrrrrrrrrrrryyyyyyyyyy looooooong…….read it with patience and a bowl of popcorn in ur hands
2.Characters Kunj nd Twinkle are played only by SIDHANT GUPTA and JASMIN BHASIN
3.Story mein Kunj ka character is a bit Jhalla cool dude guy kind of

So chalo lets begin with d superrrrrr loooooong OS


The rain fell as silently as the pain in a mother’s eye when an ambulance made a stop infront of a hospital in Chandigarh
A man on a strecher is rushed into d hospital by a young lady of about 25 and another man who is mostly in his mid 30’s
He is taken into d OT while d girl goes towards d waiting lounge nd sobs silently
The another man approaches her and asks

M- mam isnt he the world renound industrialist KUNJ SARNA
M- mam who r u nd how r u related to him
G- Actually… nd I.. r friends
M- ohh…I understand……(forwarding his hand)Myself Ravi Joshi I am a press reporter
G- (shaking her hand with his) Twinkle…..Twinkle taneja……(still sobbing)thank u for all ur help…..if u wouldnt have come there at that tym god knows what bad might have happened
R- dont worry mam nothing will happen to him……i must take a leave now as I have to report this news

Saying this he leaves from there

On d other hand d doctors r discussing abt how to treat Kunj as he is d world renownd business tycoon they would have to take very good care of him as this would create a good reputation for d hospital….when this discussion is on d go a nurse informs them abt d unavailability of blood of Kunj’s blood group
And after 2minutes another nurse informs them that they found a blood donor for Kunj

In d operation theater

Kunj is lying on d bed unconsious with severe injuries nd there is blood transfer taking place from Twinkle to Kunj
Twinkle who is lying beside Kunj eyes him lovingly
After a few minutes she closes her eyes nd enters into flashback


A cool breezy atmosphere
A bus is running down d national high way from Amritsar to Delhi
A girl sitting on d window seat of d bus is sensing smooth wind on her face……she is twinkle
She is in deep thoughts

Twinkle’s POV———
God though I am an Orphan u never made me feel so. I always had a dream of becoming a doctor and serving d poor nd my dream has almost turned into reality.I have been selected from my college for d Indian Economy Forum so I am going to delhi.Its a new place new people hope everything goes well

POV ends———-


Twinkle reaches her destination i.e Global University in Delhi.It was d place where d Indian economy forum would b held this year
She makes her way towards d help desk nd finds out abt all d necessary details
the forum was to start from d following day
The university had an award cermony for d merit students of their institute
Twinkle was guided towards d auditorium to attend d function

In d auditorium
The function is at its best the students r being awarded for their excellent grades by d education minister who was d cheif guest for d day
And now it was time for d Top 3 students
The host announces d names of d third rank holder nd d second rank holder
The crowd has been enthusiastic all way down d program nd has been appricating d achievers

It was the moment when d Host anounces d First rank holder as KUNJ SARNA

the claps almost came to a halt only d guest nd 10 out of d 1000 students present there were clapping nd those 10students weren’t d ones from d college

The guest was confussed and asked the principle
G- y aren’t people clapping for d student who got first rank
P- Sir that student is completely insane
G- then y dont u expel him from d college
P-sir though he is a mental guy he is very brilliant he has the talent of 100people within him……he is a very talented ra*c*l
G- so where is this talented brilliant mental guy???

Suddenly d enterance door made of glass breaks and a man rolls down d carpet towards d stage
Another tall handsome hunk follows him…..So he is none other than Our KUNJ

He makes his way towards d stage in a very bold stylish manner once he reaches d stage nd is in front of the cheif guest he says

K- (with a mixed expression of attitude and naughtyness) Principle sir might have told u a lot about me that I am mental, crack,insane…and so on……..He must have even told u that I am brilliant talented blah blah blah……Let me tell u something
I am a blueprint made by lord brahma with a lot of precision……(he turns towards d crowd nd in a loud voice) I dont get along with girls…..and more than this I dont get along with guys who trap girls……this is d reason y I thrashed him(pointing towards d guy on d floor)
G- Pls take ur award son
He takes d award and walks out of d auditorium in full style


At Twinkle’s Hostel
Twinkle has found a friend Chinki who is a student of d same institute
She enquires with her about Kunj. And in return chinki told her that he is a complete phsyco nd hates love she tells her abt a incident when a girl proposed him nd in return he told the girl that he would break her head if she even think of love
Twinkle was just thinking about him she thinks that he is an interesting character


The forum had started it was all about youngsters giving ideas about how to develop d nation
Kunj was also a part of d forum not by d will of d college authorites but just bcoz he was d topper he was selected
The forum is on a swing all d students are giving out their ideas
The next student who had to give d presentation was Kunj
The host is calling out his name again nd again but there is no responce bcoz Kunj is in deep sleep……bored of all d leactures he preferred taking a nap
No student was even trying to wake him up…..Twinkle who saw him sleeping asked chinki to wake him up
but chinki was reluctant she told let him suffer
Finally twinkle makes her way to Kunj and tries to wake him up…..after trying for sufficiently enough long time she succeded in waking him
Kunj realised and went toward d stage and gave his idea

K- Hello everyone I am Kunj sarna…..I am a student of “Vanijya Shastra” I mean commerce….I heard many people saying that there must be industrialisation in d country for its development but there is no revenue…..but I say we have a lot of revenue
A member from d bench of Judges asks
J- how???
K- what is d population of our country
J- 1.2billion
K- exactly…..if somehow we manage to collect 1rupee from each person in this country we have a huge investment ready
J- but how can we collect it from each single person
K- for that……..(thinks for a while)select me for d next round then I will tell u
He walks down d stage leaving d judges boggled

The Same Day
At Night

Kunj is sleeping d only thing running in his mind is Twinkle trying to wake him up he suddenly gets up with a jerk nd stands infront of d mirror and thinks

K- what a girl she is…..she woke me up from my sleep first nd now also she isn’t allowing me to sleep……urrrgghhhhh…….I will tell a thank u to her tmrw nd end d matter here itself

on the other hand Twinkle thinks about Kunj and say “I will speak to him tmrw at anycost”

Kunj is standing in d college field nd is thinking
K- just to tell a thank u y should I search for that girl I dont know anything about her…..y should I search for her….Idea cancel

He turns around to leave when suddenly Twinkle comes in front of Him
K- Hii…..thank u for waking me up yesterday
T-its okay
T-(thinks) arrgghhhh……what should i talk to him
After a few seconds of silence
T- (forwarding her hand) I am Twinkle, a medical student
K-(folding his hands in praying position) Namaste
T-(feels a bit awkward)Namaste
T- can we have a coffee
K- no no no no I cant drink coffee
T- its okay
K-(thinks for a while nd speaks) Coffee produces heat in our body………(in an excited tone) Can we have sugarcane juice

They go to a sugarcane juice stall
T-so tell me something abt urself
K- why???
T- vo I heard abt ur project yesterday….I felt ur an interesting character ……sooo was a little curious to know about u
K- what was d name of ur college
T- Amritsar Medical College…..but why????
K- oh…that means ur from amritsar…..u have come far away from amritsar and u feel that my personality is interesting whereas each nd everyperson in my college right from d principle to d peons everyone hates my character…….accha leave all this can I call U doctor
K- so Doctor u find my personality as interesting that means ur also an interesting personality
T- oh…thanks
K- on this note have another glass of Juice
T- no thanks…this is enough
K-(to d vendor) how much did it cost
V- 20rupees sir
K-(to twinkle) pay him 20rupees any how it was ur treat
Vaise if we would have gone to d coffee shop it would have cost u 200 ya 300 but here it just cost u 20rupees isnt that cool
Saying this he walks away…..Twinkle follows him

T- Kunj dont u find any girl with whom u could fall in love with
K- who said u so
T- no one I was just asking
K- so let me make it clear people who dont like me and r jealous of me spread such rumours…….I have problem with girls…..but I dont have any problem witb love
T- why so???
K- I never found any girl who can love a guy honestly even if she loves him she becomes so possesive that she harasses him day and night
K- Love makes a guy spend a lot of money.And then comes a time when d guy is completely penniless…..If love is a success then there is a problem nd if it it a failure then it is a problem.
If d love is a success then d guy spend all d money in gifts mobile bills dresses petrol etc
if love is a failure then d guy dpend his money on brandy wiskey cigarette drugs etc…….so in both d ways its d loss of guys
T- but i think ur thinking in a wrong way…..shahjahan created tajmahal for mumtaz just bcoz he loved him
K- ohh i see….u know its not d fault of shahjahan…its just that if he had kingdoms in d neighbourhood with whom he could wage war then he wouldnt have even got time to bath…..creating tajmahal would b a far away thought
Doctor madam…..finding true love isn’t an easy task now a days
T- but all girls aren’t d same…..some r different
K- thats true some girls r different…..there r 2 types of girls some of them r like pure milk and some of them are pure poison……but i think ur like pure milk….u r something different from others
T- why so???
K- bcoz U gave d money for d cane juice without questioning even once thats y…..take this(gives her 20rupees)
T- arrey thats alright
K- no u have to take it….warna its gonna b a shame on all d boys
T- waise dint u ever love someone????
K-(with a questioned look on his face) Love…..that to me…..impossible

After a few seconds Kunj’s phone beeps
K- Ooo…I have been selected for d nxt round
T- congrats

After sometime even Twinkle’s phone beeps
T- Ohh great even I am selected
K- is it so
T- wont u congratulate me
K- now I am not in a mood…..I will tell it someother day
T- okay(she puts her hair behind her ears)
K- (irritated face)arrghhhhh
T- kya hua
K- nxt time when u come infront of me dont play with ur hair like this
T- but y??
K- I am not in a mood to say that also i will tell it some other day
Vaise Y am I talking to u soo much……(a bit irritated) I have changed I have changed
Saying this he walk away
T- hey listen…..listen atleast tell a bye
K-(walking away) I am not in a mood to say that also I will tell it someother day

At night
Kunj tells about Twinkle to Manohar……Manohar says he has fallen in Love……but Kunj is reluctant on agreeing to it
On the other hand Twinkle tells Chinki about all her talks with Kunj
C- U spoke with that psyco for such a long time……I think u should get a mental checkup done for urself
T- come on chinki….he is a nice guy its just that he is a bit straightforward…..this is what u guys fell is crazy about him
C- dont u think u have fallen for him
T-ummmmm……..I dont think so
C- its good that u dont think so…..comeon lets sleep

The second round of the forum had started before its begining the best idea in d previous round had to b awarded……and it was Awarded to Twinkle

After attending that day’s forum Twinkle was searching for Kunj all around d campus…..Finally she spots him
K-vo that day i didnot have mood to tell na so I am saying it now
K-congrats…….I dint have d mood to say this also that day so I said it now
T-thanks……but I think u deserve this award ur idea was unique
K-How is this possible…. our thinkings are very much alike even I thought I would get d award but some fool gave it to u
T-if i was d judge I would have surely given it to u……take this(giving d award to him) u deserve this more than me
K- arre no no I cant take this
T-pls take it

Her hair are flying due to air….Kunj gets mesmerised with her beauty….he is lost in her deep brown eyes…..lost in admiring her beauty he forwards his hands and takes d award

Just then Chinki arrives to call Twinkle .Twinkle replies she will b back in 5min she again turns back to Kunj nd puts her hair behind her ear

K- ahemm….
T- sorry u told me not to do that….but its a childhood habit it wont go so easily
K- aaaa…arag…àaa forget it forget it(he turns around)
T- listen…..can I get ur phone number
K-(turns around with a questioned look) for what???
T- vo we both have been selected for d second round of d forum soo….if we have something to discuss
K- I am a commerce student….Ur a medical student….what would we both want to discuss with eachother
T – its ok no problem
K- bye
T- bye see u
Both of them turn in opposite directions to leave when suddenly Kunj almost screams
K- take it take it….(twinkle turns around) if not about project we can atleast talk to eachother like Good morning,good night, had coffee etc etc
T- sure…tell me
K- 900******6……give me a missed call
He goes a bit close to twinkle’s face
K- first time I am giving my number to a girl
T- even I am asking for a guys number for d first time
K-aaggaa…that’s okay….ur something special very different from others…bye
T- bye ……see u
Twinkle turns and leaves while Kunj stares at Twinkle and d award nd he has a big smile on his face

(So guys let me tell u Kunj nd Manohar ki bonding is somewhat like Sonam nd Kiran kher’s bonding in khoobsurat)
Kunj is sitting on d stairs resting his head on d rayling of d starirs nd making some wierd sounds
Manohar comes there nd asks
M- y r u singing so badly
K- Pappaaa….I am not singing I am crying
M- ohh ur crying but Y???
K- (crying dramatically)even I am becoming like d other senseless guys….Even I have fallen in love pappa…(he again keeps his head back on d rayling nd cries…sorry creates wierd sounds)
M-ohh god !!!!!its a bad omen to cry like this at midnight….You should be happy if u have fallen in love just like d other guys
K- (with a dramatic smile) is it???
M- absolutely
K-(full on dramatic nd a bit childish kind of) pappa….she is very much different from other girls…loving a guy in morning nd another in d evening she doesnt do that….U know if she has asked for a guys number till today its only form me
M- thats good
K-(with a bit of dramatic tears…holding d award)pappa….She sacrificed this for our love….she proved that d award is sweet but sacrifices is eternal
M- so what have u thought of doing now??

On d other hand Twinkle tell chinki All about kunj even chinki asks her what has she planned to do
T- I am thinking of proposing him
C-twinkle r u seriously in love with him
T- U know how genuine he is….previously he never used to talk to any girl but he talks to me….he is sooooo cute…..I feel so good when I am with him

K- I am thinking of confessing my feelings…..but i am scared that my reputation in college will get spoilt
M-In love there must not b anything like reputation nd all…..even if u dont propose her I have a feeling that she is going to propose u
K-thats great….if she proposes me then I can save my reputation by saying that I wasn’t d one who went behind her but she is d one who came behind me
Manohar leaves him thinking nothing can happen to this fellow

T-tomorrow only I will go nd confess
C- no no no no no….arrey wait for sometime nd let he himself propose u then ur confidence will also increase…otherwise u will have a fear that he may reject u
T- Okay… I will wait for him to propose me

K- (to himself)Falling in love is wrong……Confessing ur feelings is wrong……everything in love is wrong…..but still I wanna do something wrong
I love u twinkle

T- I love u Kunj

For d nxt few days both of them r trying to hide their feelings from eachother…..they r always thinking about eachother imagining wachother everywhere…..their friendship…no no love was growing deeper nd deeper with each passing day…they used to have long phone conversations….some walks with eachother in parks…..nd whenever twinkle used to tuck her hair behind her ears Kunj used to have a very unusual feeling
One day they both go to have Coffee…they have a sip of coffee…..Kunj gets a call he turns around md talks on d call nd meanwhile twinkle exchanges their coffee cups…Kunj sits back….before they could have a sip Twinkle’s phone falls down she bends to pick it when Kunj again exchanges d mugs…..Later they both drink the coffee thinking it to b d exchanged ones

After a few days d best presentation award for d second round was given to Kunj….after d ceremony Twinkle was walking back to d hostel
K- Hey doctor….Hiii
K- actually I thought that this time also u would get this award….because ur presentation was very good….so take this
T- arrey no its ur award u should keep it
K- No u have to take it…..saying this he forcefully puts the award into her bag
T- thanks…..she tucks her hair behind her ears
K- aarrrgghhh…..
T- sorry sorry…..i keep forgetting it
T- but y have u forbiden me from tucking my hair
K- vo….I am not in a mood to tell now I will tell it some other day…bye (he turns to leave)
T- hey Kunj
K- haan
T- Ur a very nice guy
K- is it….this one is something new for me….nd y do u think that I am a nice guy
T-.I am not in a mood to tell now I will tell it some other day….byee!!!
She leaves…..while Kunj blushes keeping his hands on his face
K- pappa I just cant wait anymore I will confess my feelings for her tomorrow only
Twinkle also thinks d same
Next day
Twinkle and Kunj both r exited to confess their feelings they get ready and leave for d college

Twinkle arrives to d college early…..She was in d ground near d enterence gate when one of d seniors Yuvraj comes to her nd appreciates her for her presentation their talks continue after sometime their talks become friendly nd they start laughing with eachother and enjoying their company…..Kunj arrives just then….He feels jealous..he doesnt go in front of them he stands at a far of distance……After sometime Yuvraj takes a leave from twinkle nd moves away Kunj catch holds of him nd beats him nd warns him to stay away from twinkle

After sometime
Twinkle is still waiting for Kunj nd is thinking y dint he turn up
Chinki comes to her nd tells her about Kunj beating Yuvraj….Twinkle gets into thoughts

On d other hand Kunj is thinking
” Every person going to d airport is not compulsaryly a passenger of a flight….if that guy was talking to her that doesnt mean he was flirting with her……ok just forget it I havent prepared anything for d final round of d forum let me do some useful work”
As he starts his presentation he recieves a call nd all he heard from the other side was

He rushes to d hospital….he enquires at d reception nd goes to Twinkle’s ward
The ward door was open nd he finds Yuvraj helping Twinkle sit nd both of them laughing

He throngs in d ward angryly nd starts beating Yuvraj ……Twinkle is trying to seperate them…..finally she pushes Kunj slaps him nd screams
T- what’s wrong with u Kunj
Kunj is shocked
K- U slapped me…..for him???whats wrong with me….I wasn’t like this
T- what I did was correct…..y were u beating him….what was his mistake….he was just helping me sit… r acting like a savage….y r u behaving like a monster….You should b ashamed
K- (screams) STOP IT!!!!…..I shouldn’t be ashamed u should b coz ur behaving like a betrayer…..I thought u weren’t like other girls but ur as same as the others…….(with teary eyes)I knew many things about girls all their goods and bads but I still went crazy for u I wanted to say something to u
After a few seconds of silence
K- but I wont say them….chhaattaaakkkkk(Kunj slaps twinkle nd leaves from their teary eyed)
Twinkle breaks down

She decides to go back to amritsar….Kunj is trying to forget her by getting involved into his presentation for d forum…..Kunj wins d best presentation award in d Forum he starts working in a MNC….twinkle is concentrating on her studies nd carrer…..both r not able to forget about each other…..After a few months Kunj moves to london and starts his own business…..he gains a lot of money and fame within 2years he is a renownd business tycoon…..but still they both r not able to forget about eachother……Kunj is living with a guilt feeling about what he did….how possesive he became…..It has been 2yrs but they never tried to contact eachother

One day Twinkle recieves a call from Chinki. She invites Twinkle to her marriage in Chandigard which was to b held in d nxt month

After a few days Kunj goes for a meeting but then he gets to know that the meeting was postponed that is when he realised d date to b 28th June….he remembers it to b twinkle’s b’day he thinks of wishing her but then drops d idea
After thinking for a long time he gather’s courage nd calls her
T- hello(guys twinkle is in d balcony nd its raining heavily outside)
T- who’s this
K- Kunj
Twinkle is numb for a minute she has tears in her eyes later
T- who Kunj???
K- Kunj
K- Many Many happy returns of d day…. Twinkle
T- thank u
K- How r u doctor???
T- Hmmm(she sits on a chair nearby)
K-I was scared that u will leave me…I feared loosing u….it was all my possesiveness…that y I raised my hand on u
both of them r teary eyed After a pause for a minute
K- I love u twinkle
Twinkle breaks down on hearing to this as she was waiting for 2yrs to listen to these words but still she was hurt
K- I love u twinkle….After raising my hand on u I havent slept peacefully till today…..I really love u Twinkle ….I just cant live without u……I tried a lot but I just couldn’t…..I love u twinkle I just can’t live without u…..he doesnt get any response as twinkle is crying her heart out
K- hello…hello
T-(composses herself)Kunj….I dont have any feelings for u ……everything ended 2yrs ago
I am getting engaged pls dont call me again
She hangs up d call nd breaks down

————-flashback ends————

Twinkle is sitting beside d unconsious Kunj

T – I love u Kunj….I love u I will never let u go away from me

The news of Kunj being attacked has spread like a flu after all he was a business tycoon the news stated that he was attacked by some goons when he was returning back from Chandigard after attending one of his friends marriage nd now he had been admitted in d biggest hospital of Chandigard
Manohar nd Usha watch this news nd rush to Chandigarh

In d Hospital
Twinkle feels a bit giddy nd weak so d doctors advice her to rest as she was reluctant d doctors gave her an injection of mild anesthisia nd put her to sleep
Kunj gains consious after sometime nd starts searching for twinkle like mads then d doctors took him to twinkle but twinkle was asleep
Kunj asked d doctors to leave him alone for somewhile
He sits beside Twinkle nd enters into flashback

After talking to twinkle on phone…Kunj decides to return back to India after 2long yrs

Once he came back….Usha emotionally blackmailed him to forget Twinkle nd move on in life…..reluctantly Kunj agreed to his mother after a lot of emotional drama

After a few days Kunj had to attend a friend’s wedding in chandigard he decides to go by road from delhi to chandigard all alone

On his way he finds some goons teasing some girl he goes to d goons nd beats them black nd blue
He continues his Journey after a while it started raining heavily…..some old ladies stop his car nd ask him to drop them to a nearby village as they were no buses due to bus strike
He agrees to them 2 old ladies sit in d back seat of d car while a young lady sits on d front seat beside him
He is shocked to see her as she was Twinkle only
Twinkle is also shocked to see him…..they share a cute eyelock
The old lady breaks their eye lock by saying him to drive …The lady tells Kunj to drop them to some village nd that twinkle was going to chandigard

After a while the ladies get down in a village Twinkle also gets down but the lady forcefully sends her with Kunj aaying that she can go with him as she thinks that he is a good man nd as there was a bus strike she cant find any bus
Reluctantly Twinkle sits in d car
All d way both of them are silent
K-(thinks) I think she wont talk to me…I will listen to d radio
He switches d radio on….Aankhon mein teri aajab si aajab si aadayen hain(om shanti om) plays
T- pls switch off d radio
K- no I wont….I cant go silently all d way
T-(a bit louder) pls switch it off
He switches it off
K-(thinks) pathetic!!!!A man’s heart and a dog’s tail are similar. They always remain twisted no matter how hard u try to straighten them…..I wonder y god designed a man’s heart like this
K- (in a casual tone)U wont believe what I had decided a little while ago….I decided that I will conpletely forget u…..But u came before me……U get married as soon as possible
Twinkle gave a WHAT???? wala look
K-(thinks) u have gone crazy…..what are u saying

After a few minutes of silence
K- How r u doctor??
T- (nods her head) Hmmm…..I am fine
K- How was the engagement
T-(questioned look) whose engagement

Kunj applies sudden brakes …the car stops with a jerk
K- your engagement….u said ur marriage has been fixed
T- vooo…..I need to reach Chandigard urgently….So I will go by myself
Saying this she gets down d car
K- y was she shocked when I mentioned her engagement….Did d engagement get cancelled or (a bit excited) dint d engagement ever happen
He gets out of d car
K- wait doctor wait
Twinkle doesnt pay any heed to his words
K- atleast take ur luggage
Twinkle realises and stops she goes near d car’s dickey
T- open the dickey
K- what happened….did d engagement get cancelled
T- Just open d dickey
K- okay okay…cool
He opens d dickey
K- what happened….did d engagement get cancelled
T-listen…..I dont want to talk about it I will reach chandigard by myself…..U go your way
K- that is what I cant do….I dont think its safe to leave u alone here….The buses are on strike today…U wont get any bus….lets be practical….even I am going to chandigard….So lets go together
T- pls Kunj just because I am going to chandigard dont plan to come there as well …..Go do ur work dont behave like a small kid
K- that is what I wanted….wait a minute….what ppl say is very much true….never give importance to a newly met girl and when u meet a girl whom u already know never help her at any cost
See….the wedding invitation I am going to chandigard for my friend’s marriage
T- U are also going to this wedding
T-How did chinki invite u…she never…
K- what did u say??? chinki…..I am going to my friend Rohan’s marriage
T- Rohan..Chinki….Oh my god(slaps her forehead) I am also going to d same marriage

K-(looking at d sky thinks) Oh god what game r u playing with me??? The girl whom I am trying to forget came walking to me….You made her miss d bus by planning a bus strike…..You r sending us both to d same marriage……Looking at all this I feel like we will get married soon
T- (waving her hand)oh hello where r u lost
K- nothing just forget it…..lets go
T- okay I will co.e but on one condition that we will b complete strangers to eachother throughout Chinki’s Marriage
K- I will try
They both leave from there

After a few hours of Journey….they reach Chandigard
Twinkle tells Chinki about how Kunj wished her on her birthday and how he confessed how they met by chance…..she tells her that she feels he has changed completely
But chinki asks her not to think about it nd warns her not to do the same mistake that she did 2yrs ago

The wedding rituals r going on Kunj is trying to convince Twinkle by sending greetings flowers chocolates….pleading her to forgive him
They arn’t talking to eachother everything is happening in action language nd child courier service
Twinkle is getting too much irritated bcoz of his actions She decides to talk to him

That day Kunj finds Yuvraj in d wedding he thinks of apologizing to him He calls him but Yuvraj moves away ignoring him
Kunj couldnt follow him as he got Usha’s call Usha tells him that she found a perfect girl for him but Kunj denies getting married to her saying that he will get his twinkle back soon
Usha is disheartened as she doesnt want twinkle to come back into Kunj’s life

Kunj starts searching for Yuvraj when he bumps with Twinkle
T- I need to talk to u
K- I was waiting for this moment
They go to a farm

K- whats d matter doctor??? u called me here to talk but u r on silent mode now
Twinkle doesnt speak
K- Look twinkle u said that we r going to b complete strangers throughout d wedding….but now u called me to talk …..So i feel like hiring a wedding planner immediately for our wedding
T- stop it Kunj ….please..What do u think of me …did I ever say that I love u…..Y should i even love u ….(with teary eyes)should I forget what u did with me…..u slapped me just bcoz of ur possesiveness……once u went u never turned up…..pls let me live my life peacefully pls(joining her hands)
She leaves d place crying

Throughout d wedding Kunj ignored Twinkle only bcoz want to hurt her anymore
The wedding night Kunj is completely drunken
He goes to Yuvraj nd drags him to a farm
Twinkle sees Kunj dragging Yuvraj nd follows them

In d farm

Kunj falls on Yuvraj’s feet
Uv- Kunj….what r u doing
K-(with d sadness nd drunken style) I am asking forgiveness for d mistake I did years ago
Yuvraj Y did u come into my life as a bad omen.Just bxoz I hit u 2yrs ago my love,my life everything got destroyed…..I have no peace in my life….thats y i am begging u for forgiveness
Uv- Kunj dont do that
K- pls tell me that u have forgiven me ….pls
Uv – okay…..I forgive U
K- U forgave me???? but what’s the use….she is not ready to forgive me ….even if I wash her feet with my tears she will not forgive me….(with moist eyes)but what she did was right….its not her fault……. without knowing what love is.nd how to view the person you love I loved her very much……and then I gave her a lot of pain
And now look at me….though she is infront of me I cant talk to her or forget her…..I dont understand what to do…..(screams) I curse my life…..I will never get her In my life nd I will never forget her

He falls unconsious there only. Uv leaves from there
Twinkle who was watching all this from behind a tree was feeling guilty for her behaviour…..she had tears in her eyes seeing her love in such condition.
She comes to Kunj caress his hair nd just runs away from there

Next morning Kunj decides to go back to Delhi even without wasting a minute

Twinkle tells chinki that she wants to go back to Delhi with Kunj
Rohan asks Kunj to drop one of his guests to Delhi
Kunj finds it to b Twinkle.He doesnt utter a word he starts driving

After sometime Twinkle asks Kunj to stop the car. He stops it without questioning anything
Twinkle shifts from d back seat to d front seat

Kunj starts driving….Twinkle tucks her hair behind her ears continuously but Kunj ignores her
After sometime Twinkle again asks him to stop d car….She asks him to come out of d car

Twinkle starts walking forward
T- You’ll directly go abroad after reaching delhi right???…wont u say anything before leaving
K-(a bit stern) Only u have the right to speak Twinkle

Twinkle feels hurt
T- kunj You know I am really sorry…..I cant bear this anymore….when u proposed me on my b’day I told u that I was engaged….but that was a lie Kunj I wanted to tell u that I LOOVEEEEE
K- aaahhhhhh…..
Twinkle turns and finds some goons hitting Kunj
They were the same goons whom Kunj had fought with while saving d girl
Kunj tries protesting but couldnt
Twinkle tries to help him but somegoons catch hold of her
Once Kunj was in his semi consious state the goons went away. That is when d news reporter came there nd helped twinkle to bring Kunj to d hospital

———flashback ends———-

Twinkle was stil sleeping
The doctors asked Kunj to come with them as they had to do some scanning.He goes with them

Ushan nd Manohar come to d hospital nd find twinkle.She Just then gains consiousness
Usha taunts her for coming back into their lives and spoiling her sons happiness….she requests her to forget her son nd allow them to live in peace
Manohar tried to stop usha but couldnt
Twinkle felt very bad nd left from d pace even without uttering a single word

Aftersome time Kunj’s scanning is done everything was normal the doctor advised him to rest but he paid least interest on their words Manohar nd Usha come running to him

M- Kunj Kunj what happened to u….he cups his face
K- Nothing has happened to me papa nothing….I will stay happily for d rest of my life….I found my Twinkle back I found her
U- havent u still forgotten her Kunj….once she spouled ur life that was enough now I wont allow her to do that….and by now she must have gone
K- what….papa where is twinkle tell me na papa
U- u promised me u will marry d girl whom I select for u what happened to that promise
K- maa…what have u done …..papa tell me where is twinkle
M- we dont know Kunj she just went away somewhere
Kunj asks each nd everyperson about Twinkle
Finally the reporter Ravi joshi tell him that she went somewhere crying….
R- u have become the headlines in everynews channel sir….there is live media standing outside….if u express ur feelings to them then u will surely find her….pls come with me sir
Kunj rushes outside without bothering about his injuries

He comes to the media nd speaks in a very tensed tone
K- Twinkle..twinkle I hope ur hearing to this wherever u are….It was a misunderstanding Twinkle……For god sake listen to me and come back…..I love u twinkle I cant leave without U twinkle…..anyone who is watching this program……twinkle…vo vo voooo photo
he shows twinkle’s photo in d news paper
K- Look she is twinkle….if anyone sees her pls tell her that Kunj loves her very much…..Twinkle pls come back…I apologize for whatever my mother said to u….pls twinkle pls come back

They dial her number
Someone pics up d call nd says that its a stolen mobile found in Chandigard railway station

Kunj along with the whole media rush towards d railway station
At they railway station they find that d mobile was stolen by a guy from the train which just left….the station master said they could catch d train at d nxt stop if they hurried

All of them rush towards d next station lucklily they found d train
Everyone searched in each nd every compartment of d train but they couldnt find Twinkle
The train whistles nd starts moving
Kunj gets disheartened nd sits with a thud on d nearby bench on d platform
Once d train has completely moved he spots a girl sitting on a bench on d other side of d platform
He gets down d platform crosses d tracks nd climbs d other side platform
He goes infront of d girl she i none other than twinkle
He sits on his knees with a thud on d ground
Twinkle sees him nd starts crying hard
T-(crying) Kunjj…..Some pickpocketer stole my bag….I lost my ticket mobile and everything
Kunj slaps his forehead nd stands up
K- I came here with so much difficulty…..Instead of saying I love u to me…..ur telling me that u lost ur purse mobile etc

without even a gap of a second Twinkle jumps upon him md hugs him
T- (hugging) I Love u Kunj….I love u
K- twinkle….I cant leave without u
Twinkle breaks d hug
T- u wont say I love u to me
Kunj smiles
K- I am not in a mood now….I will tell it after marriage
Twinkle pushes him while Kunj pulls her back into a hug

So this was how the two hearts of our love birds became one

Finally khatam ho gaya…….thank u guys for bearing such a long stupid bakwas story
and very sorry for wasting ur time if i have done so…..i know it would have atleast cost u a minimum of 20 to 25min to complete reading this
Nd i am sorry if at all i have wasted ur time

But guys comment karo pls…..bohat mehnat se likha hai maine…..thoda appriciation toh banta hai na
Ignore any mistakes if there were any


Love u all!!!!!!
Bye…..take care

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  1. SidMin

    Loved it Kruti and Thank you
    Who said that the OS was boring it was awesome Loved it 🙂 Keep posting stories like this
    And I want to say Love you but now I am not in the mood to say so (Just joking )
    Love you 🙂 Thank you 🙂

    1. Kruti

      Thank u mili…..I am happy u liked it

      Love u too?

  2. Shatakshi

    God!!…I loved Kunjs character
    Seriously kruti u nailed it today
    I m still smiling remembering the dialogues
    Love u✌✌❤❤❤

    1. Kruti

      Thank u Shatakshi
      Love u tooo

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    1. Kruti

      Thanks tahu

  4. Really it was awesome. …
    Ur hard work paid off. ..
    Luv u dear. .. ??

  5. Really it was awesome. …
    Ur hard work paid off. ..

    1. Kruti

      Thank u lashia

  6. Baby

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    i m not in d mood now i ll tell u later…….
    hahahahhahaa di speechless luvd it 2 d core
    emotional n beautiful luv stry i mean u no kal mera exam hai still i cul nt stop myself to read it di now i thnk i shul leave n study luvd it 2 d core di it was 1 of d best os
    i mean aap hmesha hi amazing os likhte ho i still remeber each n evry os rtn by u di
    luvd it amazing fabulous beautiful adorable angelic luvd it di u r wow
    luv u di amazing n baki ka i m not in mood now i ll tell later i luv dis dialouge now…….srsly…..

    1. Kruti

      Thank u sooooo much…..ur comment always brings a bigggg smile on my face
      thank u for always supporting me
      Love u

  7. Kritika14

    OMG! It was so lengthy yaar. Saara time bekar ho gaya. Jk ? It was really worth the time it took me to read. It was super cute. I loved it way too much. Keep writing more x Love you ?

    1. Kruti

      Thank u Monica
      happy u liked it
      Love u too

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    1. Kruti

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    It was a looong onr…sachhi…I didn’t have popcorn though?
    But it wasn’t longer than my OS, told u na…
    Arey that doesn’t mean that this wasn’t good…
    My my! It was so beautiful! Such a unique concept…and a brilliant ending…!
    And one of the best gifts Mili di can ever get on her b’day…srsly!
    I enjoyed it thoroughly….spcly Kunj’s madness….
    Do come up with more soon…
    Love u
    Ur Ishu?

    1. Kruti

      Thank u ishu…..happy that u liked it
      nd i give up no one can write as long as u did

      Love u tooo

  10. it was awesome was different and unique one.but u didn’t said y kunj irritated when tw tuck her hair behind ears

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      thanks dear

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    ?????? OMG!!!!what a long OS…how dare you say that the story is stupid bakwas and boring it is beyond heights of awesomeness…loved it to the square of infinity…loved kunj’s character and his dialogues to the moon and back…I was laughing my heart out while reading kunj’s dialogues…keep writing OS like this…

    1. Kruti

      Thank u
      I am happy to could make u happy

  13. Twinjfan.tamanna

    I guess it is from some south indian movie which my frnd said the story to me….I want to thankyou…as I heard only half of the story n I wanted to read it full..but I didn’t know its name….so I couldn’t search it in Google also…thanks yaar…n i must say ur writing is amazing….

    love u..

    1. Kruti

      yup tamanna I am from south India

      Thank u for liking my writing

  14. Roshini125

    Hey kruti I caught u….u belong to karnataka…’s a googly movie….Oh God even I love this film a lottt bt the way u wrote the dialogues is awesome n fab….I loved it… u tooo….hope u gonna contact me as I am also a banglorian….
    My fb roshini rockstar.
    Email [email protected]

  15. Purnima.agrawal30

    awesome amazing fabulous cute funny emotional marvelous os…..loved it…..

    1. Kruti

      thanks purnima…..happy that u loved it

  16. Ayu

    Yaar agar ye bakwaas hai na…to mujhe roz aisi bakwaas chahiye!!! It was damn cutie pie n awesome. Keep writing dear??

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    13 minutes 52 second…atlast!!…..completed…such a long 1…yaar u know m sleeing in my room as i m having cough n mumma thought m sleeping..whole time i read ur os…
    just loved it….
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    u portroyed d emon so wel…..
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    1. Kruti

      Aamu u noted the time u took to read……
      Anyways I am happy u liked d os….hope ur fine now
      Thank u for such a lovely comment
      Love u too

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    BT it was awsm….I felt as if I watched it once again…I don’t mind watching it 100 tyms…its an superb movie….reading ur os I relived it with twinj as actors…..
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    1. Kruti

      Thank u romu….happy u liked it

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    Omg kruti who says this os was boring.. if anyone says i will break their face.. n i wont mind doing so even if it was u.. coz it was damn hilarious.. amazing.. awesome.. superrbbbbb… but to say i dint like it coz it was not good….

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    Last karun Kya uski jisne tumhe banaya,
    Kaise paunchaun main tum Tak apni feelings ko mere Bhaya…

    Bye maaf kar dena plz agar Kuch Galat likha ho to.. bacchi samajh ke.

    1. *last nhi tareef

    2. Kruti

      Tum sorry bohat bolti ho…..nd sacchi mein I am done with saying u not to tell that……bacchpan ki aadat change karo mere liye
      Comment bohat din pehle padha tha reply karne ke liye time aaj mila

      I am happy u liked it….nd I am more happy coz of ur shayari……nd I am sad also nd u know the reason……

      Thank u for this lovely comment with d song nd d shayari
      Love u

      1. Don’t be sad be happy jaldi milenge.??tab tak apna khayal rakhe khush rahe muskurate rahe or humein yaad karte rhe. Bye.

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