you and me together forever (thahaan two shot) Part 5


Hello friends. Thanks for reading my ff. Well…what to say…today I don’t have anything to say much so lets start with the story. I don’t know if you are liking the story or not.

Here we go~~~
Its been 8 hours thapki left. Kiera somehow managed to get aditi and bihaan out of her house. She too left for her work.
Bihaan was shocked to core. Tears has been spilling out of his eyes unknowingly thinking what might have happened to bring a girl like thapki in this situation. To bring “his thapki” in this situation. What happened to her mom and her husband? How did they died?? Off Course thapki changed so much, but What might have happened to bring such a drastic effect in her. She was living in such an awful place That too with that blo*dy sl*t kiera. Was she doing it by her own choice?? Is it what she choose to be?? “A sl*t”.

Bihaan’s head was spinning hard. He couldn’t think anymore. He wants answer and was adamant to get them from thapki. First he asked aditi to go back to hotel as they were still waiting for thapki outside her house but she denied and insisted him to come back with her.
“bihaan try to understand. This is what she choose to be” Aditi said
Bihaan looked shocked at her as she was her friend and was saying this to her.
“look…its not like she is a child. She know What she is doing” “if she doesn’t want to meet us” “then its her choice” “what Can we do??”
“what” bihaan gasped as she kept on spitting venom. “aditi she is our thapki…our chuk chuk gaadi” “how can you say that” bihaan raised his voice a bit
Aditi became a bit silent as she thought it would be good for her to keep quiet and do as he says. Then she left for hotel as she was told to do. While bihaan thought to search for more details through his sources.
Bihaan was back at hotel by evening tired. He lied down on his bed and took out a bundle of local newspapers his all days hard work. Then he got up and went over his table opening the bundle one by one and placing them in order.

First news paper demonstrated an accident in which a lady in her late 40’s died in a car crash. The car was thrust violently in a tree. Smashing the front wind shield. The lady died on the very spot due to severe head injury.

And second one showed a murder case of an indian business man. Case happened in his apartment where he was brutally stabbed with a kitchen knife on his whole body including his face too. His face was unrecognizable when found. Later he was identified by his id card in his wallet. The police suspected the victims wife, who was also an indian but was missing from the very night. As police didn’t got any photo of her and nobody knew her properly couldn’t find her till date.

This was the news printed on the newspaper 4 Years ago. the lady died almost a week ago before the murder case. And bihaan knew that The lady was non other than poonam and the business man was rahul. Bihaan somehow got the gist of thapki’s past. He couldn’t believe this much have happened with his cute little innocent thapki. She’s gone through much. He didn’t want to think what has she gone through.
Bihaan cried…feeling pity for her. He fisted his hand and slammed on the wall disgusted at himself as he left her to die. How can he do so to the love of his life?? He decided to meet her soon and talk to her. But the thought of leaving her in cruel world outside at night scared him. If he can’t get to her at least he can keep an eye on just to satisfy himself.
Soo went to her house again at night with out letting aditi know.
He saw her. Her steps moving to and fro. She was walking to her house with kiera both hand in hand laughing crazily. Then she stumbled Over a rock and fell down. Instead of helping her up her friend kiera started laughing at her. Thapki looked at her with a little crease of annoyance on her forehead. When Kiera offered help thapki dragged her in return making her fall too. Then both of them laughed like children playing around.
“she is still my thapki” Her innocent smile relieved bihaan a bit. Then he followed them to their home. And the site which welcomed him blew off his mind. There were two men in black jacket holding a big suit case just outside her door.…not only suitcase but revolver too. Bihaan hid himself behind a car close to them so that he can take a close look and hear their conversation.
That’s when he saw fear in thapki’s eyes. She stood a bit away from the men when one of them tried to touch her. Kiera asked her to get inside. Thapki like an obedient child Listened to her and went inside quietly. While kiera stood on the door blocking it.
It wasn’t quiet audible to bihaan but he saw them handling the suitcase to her. And putting the revolver just under her jaw line. Warning her about something.

Those Men went away while kiera got inside and closed the door hurriedly. That was enough for to snatch bihaan sleep. Thapki was not at all safe here. Then he thought of talking to kiera. She is the only person who can help him.
He knocked on their door again. When kiera opened door alarmingly. When she saw him.
“man u scared me to death” she sighed “what do you want??”
“thapki…” bihaan tried to talk.
“I won’t allow you to talk to thapki” she snapped at him. And about to close the door.
“please.…she’s not safe here. I am her family. Plzz let me talk to her please…” bihaan begged at her. While she stared deep in his eyes.
“okay…come inside” she finally gave up seeing the truth in his eyes.
“where’s thapki?” bihaan looked around.
“she is sleeping” she pointed to adjacent bed room. Bihaan started towards the room when She blocked his way.
“I didn’t permitted you to go inside”
He sighed “can I sit” he asked thinking she might not let him sit too. She turned and laughed at him. While he settled himself on the sofa.
“wanna drink” she asked while making herself a whisky.
“no…no…thanks” he replied time to time glancing towards the room. She settled herself beside bihaan and started the tv. “so you too indian” she finally asked as she saw uneasiness in him, sitting beside her.
“indian people are pretty shy” she cracked a joke. To which he gave a “no its not like that” Look.
“so what bought you here…Mr.…”
“b for bihaan pandey” he introduced himself.
“so bihaan what bought u here”
“I saw thapki in party…working as waitress” “actually…mmh…where to start” “we were best friends since childhood…so..…mmh” Bihaan tried to explain.
“okay okay I got it” kiera said confused
“how do you now thapki?” bihaan asked her.
“that’s non of your concern” Kiera snapped at him. No matter how much bihaan tried to be friendly with her. She was always rude. But he had enough.
“look kiera I am not here to talk nonsense with you. I am gonna take thapki home with me tomorrow. Weather she wants to come or not, I don’t care.

Tomorrow she’s going with me and that’s final” he got up temper rising in every inch of his body. “tell your friend when she gets up from her blo*dy sleep” bihaan yelled at her and turned around to go.
“4 years back” kiera called After him. Bihaan turned to face her. “I met her 4 years back” “she was strangled and left to die on road. Then I bought her to my place and treated her. She was so scared.…” kiera told him. “there were scars all over her body” “she was being beaten up brutally” bihaan listened to her quietly “after few days when she was a bit fine I offered her my job, but she denied and said It was better to die than to do this dirty thing, I was out raged I threw her out my house as she insulted me and looked at me as if I am not human. I am dirty girl” kiera laughed at herself while Telling him this. “just like you were staring at me few mins ago” she said to him while bihaan felt guilty. “then after few days I was strangled and was about to die when she helped me. She fought with those men who tried to kill me. And saved me. She said sorry to me about her behavior and I said sorry to her about mine. After that we became friends, friend less she is like my little sister, and started living together. Soon she found out a job as waitress and I have done my best in protecting her from the bad world outside…and what…its just us now” kiera narrated the whole story to him while he sat there unable to say even a word.
“and one more thing. I won’t let you to take her like that” “she is my little sister. And she is my responsibility” “now you can leave” kiera took him by hand and pushed him out the door.
“but she has a home out there. She can’t stay with you forever” “I know you have helped her and I am thankful to you for that. But I’ll take her with me, nobody can stop me, not even thapki herself” Bihaan shouted at her while she closed the door. He was so angry with her as she didn’t even allowed him to see thapki once. But at a same time he was thankful to her for protecting thapki like a mother does for her child.

When he got back to hotel. He thought of checking on aditi once. Before going to bed. He entered her room and stepped on something sticky on floor. After a close examining what found out was “blood”
He ran inside to find aditi in the pool of blood.
To be continued ……

Plzz let me know if the story is going good or not. Are you guys enjoying or feeling bored.

Credit to: mineey

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  1. Juggu

    Waaaaaaaattt????? another crime…….i felt like reading a crime novel…bt plse dnt end yaar…..anyways u wont listen to me…..???

    1. Juggu should i continue it.
      actually i was just trying different genres. And i always read murder mistry and crime, ghost and fantasy. Love stories was never my choice.

    2. Juggu

      Its nice ….i never read any story more than once does yours……its awesome…..

    1. Thanks tara

  2. keep going
    please whoever is writing love and ear ff please i want to be thapki’s friend
    please please please please i am crazy fan of thahaan
    and guys till now i am silent reader but before i post comments with name sonia but my name is sakshi
    i read all the ff on tellyupdates and all were amazing

    1. thanks sakshi

  3. Vinlora

    Wonderful story line. ..bas ek yi chaahe hai hamaari bas thahaan ko ek kardo ???

    1. Thanks dear. I’ll get them together soon don’t worry.

  4. Omg….did aditi die ??? ..ur story is so different…. loved it….too good mineey ….next part soon plz ….!!

    1. no…no aditi didn’t die. There’s a lot more suspense in the story. U’ll find in next episode.

  5. Wowwww…it is going amazing n again suspense….plz yr update soon n don’t b bothered about storyline

    1. Thanks prtibha my friend.

  6. Truelove

    woaaaa……aditi committing suicide? can’t imagine what will happen next. u r writing so good. please upload next soon.

    1. Thanks dear.

  7. RANdomfANCreationz

    First of all i love ur ff a lot mishti u r too good like the way u write is sooo nice and I love crime novels too n I loved the way u made use of all genres mujse toh ek bhi nahi sambhal mein ata hain (I can’t even manage one :P) like ur too good n big fan of ur ff and I m also not at all a romantic type person I m more of those who like comedy n horror 😛 take care and bless u and do give me writing tips when u r free 😛

    1. Thankyou so much my friend.
      ab itni bhi tareef mat kar dost. U are no less then me. I don’t think u need any writing tips…u are already soo good in writing.
      mene tumhari krazyness wali story padhi hai. It was soo well written. For me you are already a good writer.

  8. rafay don kon

    I like it so much.aur ya suspence?

    1. Thanks rafay dear.

  9. Phew!…. you always do that….at the end of your every episode , you made us like :-” what!”…..seriously , you are a true artist , your magic spell always work on us (atleast on me )

    1. Thanks bihaan. I am glad that you liked it.
      i have one dought on ky mind that weather u a girl or a boy as i couldn’t make out from ur name that’s why.
      and why haven’t you registered yet.

      1. Well i am boy….my real name is sanjay, you can call me sanju

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