you and me together forever (thahaan two shot) Part 4

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you and me together forever (thahaan two shot) Part 3

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Everyone says that love hurts. Yes…it hurts, it hurted bihaan being away from his thapki for so long, but the contentment that is felt by His heart with a single glimpse of her, is beyond Imagination. He stared at her, time seemed to be freeze, everything moved in a blur. Bihaan wanted to run on to her and crush her in his arms.
But not for so long…with a blink of an eye she vanished into darkness. He was startled at first, his eyes moved around the hall searching for her petite figure. She’s gone……he finally realized.
“thapki” his heart screamed as he took two rushing steps forward to get down from the damn dance floor, but was stopped suddenly by the Tinkling sound made by the pearls scattering all over the floor. He turned around to see aditi gazing down at the scattered pearls of her necklace with the remaining in her fingers.
While dancing aditi was standing so close to bihaan that her pearl necklace got entangled With his over coat Button which bihaan didn’t noticed in rush and broke it into pieces.
But he have no time to spare. He Turned and ran around the hall frantically searching for her in every corner. But she was no where to be seen.
He wasn’t mistaken this time…he was hell sure of it that his eyes wouldn’t have made such a distinct image of her. But most shocking of all was “She was a waitress here”. Aditi went up him who was staring blankly nowhere and Patted him. He turned around to meet her red eyes and tear stained cheeks.
“see you tomorrow” she mumbled and handed him the remaining shining pearls of her necklace. ‘oh shit! Aditi I am so sorry’ he cursed himself for ignoring her like that as he saw her retreating figure down the doorway.
He wanted to run after her and tell her that he is sorry but he can’t let this opportunity go as he have so much work to-do.
He paid one of the waiter to give him the complete list of the staff working in there. Started searching in it
“thapki” he finally found. Then he got her address, pushing the thought of going to thapki’s house right now, he went up to the hotel as it wouldn’t be a good idea to jump on her at this time of night. He was so happy that he was finally going to meet her after so many years but the thought of her being a waitress was eating him up from inside. There was no way he was sleeping tonight.
He knocked on aditi’s door before heading back to his room. He couldn’t wait to crack up the news of her best friend being in paris. When found the door open he got inside and saw her curled up on bed, sleeping. He put the new necklace box that he bought while his way back, on the table. And put the blanket properly on her. After all she was his good friend…
Next morning he got up before sun and went to aditi’s room. He dragged her out of bed and pushed her in bathroom while she groaned.
“Go!! Man. Why u have to spoil my dreams?” She said wearily to him.
“nothing we’ve To go!, Get ready fast” he stuffed the towel on her face and closed the door.
When she came out her face lit up to see the box on the table.
“is it for me” she exclaimed as she put on the beautiful diamond neck piece. “yes” he replied looking at her through the mirror.
“and what is so special today?? Bought me gift,,huh!” She raised her eyes as she remembered his weird behavior yesterday.
“I’ve got a surprise for you, hurry up” he was worried as he didn’t want to miss this chance, wanted to get back to thapki as soon as possible, there was so much to ask, so much to talk. He swear himself to break rahul’s Each and every bone if he did anything wrong with his thapki.
Soon they were out in traffic. They were staying in the posh area of the city, completely unaware of the area they were asking to go. The cab Driver constantly asked if they are sure about the address or there’s any mistake. When they reached their destination as the cab refused to go further inside Bihaan took a look around the place and realized which kind of area he was in. There were men holding revolver like a toy.…may be they were smugglers. It wasn’t good…tin roofed small houses, dark narrow lanes.…quiet scary With drunk men and sl*tty blonde jazzing around. “thapki lives here” He thought.
“what a surprise bihaan??” Aditi mocked at him while tugging closer.
So was him, ‘surprised’ he was.

Soon they reached the door they were looking for. Bihaan knocked on the door carefully as if deciding weather to knock or not.
No reply!!
~knock knock~
No reply!!
Bihaan’s patience broke by now. He started banging on the door.
“what’s so hurry man?” a blonde girl opened the door and peeped out from her face anyone could tell that she was sleeping. She looked up and down at bihaan, the corner of her lips curled Up into a smile and her eyes grew darker. “wanna join us” she opened the door wide in a sl*ttish way and signaled him to come inside. Bihaan was shocked to core. He couldn’t believe that he was standing on thapki’s doorstep and was welcomed like this.
“no…no… u are mistaken we are not here for that!” said aditi while dragging bihaan from there.
“then get lost!” the blonde girl was back to normal again.. sleep replacing the evil desires in her eyes. She yawned and was about to close the door on his face. When bihaan held it, “thapki.… is thapki here?”
Color drained from aditi’s face as she heard her name “how did he know?” while the blonde girl asked who they are and what they want from thapki. Bihaan told her that he is her relative.
She opened the door warmly smiling at her new guests. While restless bihaan and shocked aditi settled themselves on the little living room.
“kiera…who is there?” came a soft voice which felt like melody to bihaan’s ears. Thapki entered the living room while applying lip stick on her small rosy lips. The blue denim middy that she wore stretched just above her thighs. She was Looking damn hot!. The small make up case fell down from her hands as she saw the two figures sitting on the little sofa infront of her and her only friend kiera standing to see her reaction.
“b-b-bihaan” was all she could say.
Bihaan rushed to her and hugged her tightly as if his life depend on her. “thapki ……u here, how? I mean…” he cried in her hair. She finally managed to get out of his grip and masked her emotions wearing a cold look.
“hi bihaan how are u here?” She said as normally as possible while picking up the small make up case and gave the last touch up to her make up.
“thapki…what happened to you” Bihaan asked confused by her behavior.
“nothing. Do you see anything wrong” “I Am looking good” she asked checking herself Up in mirror.
“thapki…what are you doing here” he asked temper rising in every inch of his body. He was shocked to find thapki here. But his level of shock roused to find her in this seductive look.
“what? I live here, its my home” she replied coldly while searching for something in the drawer.
“look at me. I am talking to you” he held her arm and turned her around.
“okay. Say what do you want to say?” she crossed her arm in her chest and stood waiting for his reply.
“where is your mom?” bihaan asked as he didn’t found any good in talking to her. She is not thapki… his thapki was never like this.
“dead, she is dead” she replied staring deep in his eyes while he And aditi gasped. There was so much hatred in her eyes. “anything else do you want to ask” she took her purse and turned towards the door.
“where’s rahul?” aditi questioned as bihaan was in no state to even form a coherent word.
“ he is also dead” she slowly whispered.
“kiera…don’t wait for me I’ll be late” she said to her friend before closing the door behind. Leaving both of them shocked.

To be continued guys.
And plzz don’t throw chappels at me thapki lovers. I will fix everything soon don’t worry. Comments and suggestions plzz I really need them.

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    Omg minery what a twist i luv ur ff

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  6. omg!!!!!!!! this twist was fantastic…i loved it…poor thapki..feeling sad 4 her..plz unite thahan… waiting eagerly for the nxt part…..

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  7. interesting concept.. funny epi

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    Wow mishiti ur ff is so mishti yaar all your episode got twist u r just too good I m big fan of writing and wow Paris thapki’s character reminds me of kajol from u me n hum and kanga a character from queen combined for some reason 😛 love your ff keep writing dear nah its okay I understand love u 🙂

    1. thanks fatarajo. I always wait for ur comment. A smile always gets on my face When i see ur name on my comment box. Once again thanks dear. And …yess…U got it right…while writing thapki’s characters i kept kangna on my mind.

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    wow…..thapki’s behaviour stunned me. love ur writing. please upload next episode soon.

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  10. So much suspense..!!! Wow mineey…well done…next part plz……and hey ur way of expressing ur thoughts is just fantastic !!! And even i hope tpk never ends…..

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  13. What should i say more, i had pour out all my feelings in your previous episode (hope you had read) ,…now i can only bow down to you ……

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