you and me together forever (thahaan two shot) Part 3


Here is the next part guyzz. Don’t know why I am increasing the no. Of episodes.…what to do I write and write and write till I am not satisfied. I don’t think it’s a two shot anymore. So, what do u think guys Should I name it as an ff?? plzz do tell me.
So, here it goes.
Happy reading!!
There’s a little poem my friend riya had written for this story.

“ “The girl in the dark,
Fright within heart.
Looking here and there,
With a curious sight.
That innocent creature,
Afraid being lost,
In a world where he haunts.
Praying to god, to send his angels,
Still fighting with the darkness,
Praying to god, to send a ray of hope.
Poor girl, dreaded If he comes again.
In the deep darkness,
She’s wandering around..…
But fighting like a warrior deep inside.” ”

“maa please pack up my stuffs, I’ve to leave within 2 hours” Bihaan ordered exhausted as usual, he was late at night as he came from a long office meeting.
There was a big business deal which bihaan didn’t want to miss. It would be quite profitable for his company so he wanted to give his best in it. He wouldn’t be going alone his secretary will be with him.
“we’ve a flight with in 2 Hours. Miss get ready on time” he called his secretary.
“what the hell??” Came a reply to him on which he chuckled.
“I don’t wanna be late this time because of you again” He made her more angry.
“what??…oh…okay…then u go yourself” she mocked. She is the last person on planet earth who can use that tone to him. May be because they know each other for years.
“pack your stuffs its about a week trip” he was suddenly serious which she knew so She did Find any good in arguing.
“trip to where”
“wow!! Oh my god!!…I am coming right now” Her face lit up With a bright smile as she never went to paris before. Although she had seen half of the world only because of her boss. He would take her with him on every business trip.
“aditi u are so childish” bihaan laughed at her. He could hear her screaming in excitement on phone. “okay…okay I will be at your home sharp at 2am” he hung up still smiling at her. She and dhruv was there for him in each and every turn of his life.…though he didn’t need anyone’s support. He was strong enough to deal with his own life. But they were there to bring him out of the grief in which thapki pushed him. They were there for him when thapki left. And about dhruv, he started his Own company and also doing good Had a very nice girl in his life sneha…soon to be wed.
And about aditi, she applied for a job in his company don’t know why…she could have done something else. So he couldn’t deny her. But she proved to efficient for him time to time she showed her talent and helped him a lot.
He got ready to leave at his scheduled time, picked up aditi as usual she tried her best in irritating him but he was used to it. They boarded up the flight, journey went smooth while aditi rested her head on bihaan’s shoulder taking a short nap.
Soon, They reached the “city of lights” “paris” and took a hotel. Meeting was to be held in evening so they decided to take a look around the city…basically aditi decided bihaan was in no mood to roam around but she dragged him to each and every shop, and have wasted a pretty good amount of money on shopping. As they entered the biggest shopping mall in the city. Bihaan excused himself from aditi and went to washroom.
While aditi started looking for the chain with a famous Eiffel tower pendent.
As bihaan was looking for aditi. His eyes caught a glimpse of baby pink dupatta turning down the stairs. One could easily make out indian wear in western countries. So, it was clear that she was indian. Something clicked in him and the next he found himself running after that. He ran and ran and ran but couldn’t catch the girl He could see her in the crowed. Her Long hairs curled up in to a pony tail just like “her”. But then she vanished in the end of the road.
Aditi came running after him in panic. “bihaan u alright??”
He was in no state to form coherent words only one word was running through his brain “thapki”

@later in evening.
Bihaan didn’t tell anything to aditi. But she could make out something was wrong…… while he was getting ready. There was a knock on the door and Found aditi almost ready with small pack in her hands.
“oh so miss aditi got ready quite early” he said sarcastically.
“yeah…that too because of you” she chirped. He raised his eyebrows at her as she opened the pack and took out a tie, came close to him and slipped it on his neck.
“when did you bought it??”
“when you participated in a crazy marathon in the mall” she said as a matter of fact while her hand moved over his chest slowly. She still wanted to know what happened to him. Although She had become close friend with him But still she couldn’t take thapki place in his life, its like he have drawn a wall around himself and allows nobody inside it.
As usual he didn’t answered her. Took two steps back and removed her hands from his chest. Aditi’s behavior sometimes confuses him. She way she hold him, makes him uncomfortable, sometimes he doubt her. They way she stares him, her eyes says something else. And guess what!! He doesn’t really care. All he care about is thapki. Yes…he don’t want to meet thapki, as he doesn’t have that courage to see her with someone else.
They were lost in their own thought when bihaan’s phone rang. He picked it up and nodded in agreement.
“the meeting is cancelled, instead they invited us on a party” Bihaan Informed her while checking himself out in mirror.
“wow…that’s great I…I love parties” She siad in her shaky voice which bihaan ignored coldly as if nothing happened.
“aditi thanks for the gift, lets go it wouldn’t be a good impression to be late on first day” Bihaan took up his blazer and went out leaving her behind.
They both entered the party and had a formal talk with their new business partner who asked them to enjoy the party.
Soon the party started With the soft music and dimly lighted room.
Aditi dragged bihaan to the dance floor and started dancing over the soft beats of music. But bihaan was not at all interested in it. Suddenly he felt his heart beat rising and his eyes moved on their own to farthest corner of the hall. Where a girl stood with a tray in her hand serving drinks to the people. He couldn’t see her face properly because of the dim light.
As soon as she came in light. Bihaan froze on his spot. There she stood in a white fitting shirt and Tight black leather skirt up to her knees. And a small batch with “thapki” written on it.

To be continued………
Guys I really don’t have any idea of what it is turning out to be…I planned a small sweet two shot love story but it turned out like this. Plzz plzz bear with me. And let me know your views.

Credit to: Mineey

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