you and me together forever (thahaan two shot) Part 2


Thanks for ur comments & Sorry for the late update guyzz……was busy because of ramadan. Here is the link to my previous episode.
Lets get back to the story.
Here it goes.

“The loss of father is painful to bear. He is the source of quiet strength. Which is missed when he is not there. Take comfort He is watching over You all time. He is your very own guardian angel” I often repeat these line in her ears, which doesn’t seem to reach her brain. I tried my best to get things right.
She lost her father about 2 months ago. I saw how her whole world shattered with in a sec. Not only hers mine too…Everything changed since then. She distanced herself from everyone…even me…I knew this would happen But.…such a drastic effect, un imaginable. Each and every equation of our relationship changed. She barely talked with me. Neither dhruv nor aditi, barely went out with frnds or college. When ever I came to talk to her. To take her with me. She would cleverly trail of the subject and runaway and lock herself in the room for hours. First I thought she needs some time alone. But then It got into me……it was me… she was actually avoiding me!!!. Why?? Did I hurt her Indirectly. No I can never think of hurting her not even in my worst nightmares. So, I decided to let her be, if that gave her peace.

One night my mom came to my room as usual I was tired and exhausted after a long office working day.
“are u okay Beta??” she asked. I don’t know what made her ask that. I laughed and took her hands in mine and assured her that everything is fine. There is nothing to worry about. But she didn’t seemed to be convinced.

“why are you asking this maa” I asked and the reply which I got made me shocked.
She told me how I am behaving strangely these days.…not talking properly to anyone…not even with my bauji. How I am not eating properly. How I spent my whole day in office…drowning my self in work. How I am not interested in anything. How I lost my charming smile.…I sighed as I didn’t realized all this. “really” I asked her. was I really doing all this. Then she told me “how I am behaving just like her”

I kept quiet and let her words sink into me. She asked me get over thapki “you have your own life” she said.…and yes that was true Why was I hurting my self so much?? And Why was she doing this me?? I was Adamant to get answer. I asked aditi to plan a small get together party for thapki. She has gone through much. I reached our destination quiet early and saw thapki already waiting facing her back to me. I tip toed to her thought of scaring her. “I know bihaan its you” she said out of blue. How did u find it I asked she said she knew it. Then we sat there for a long time. I am sorry bihaan she finally cried and hugged me tightly as if there is no tommorow. But why was she apologizing?? Don’t know. What ever……it was so good to have her back in my arms We didn’t need to confess each others feeling. Her silence spoke to me. “its ok chuk chuk gaadi …finally u r back” I was so happy to have her back. Days passed and things were getting on a right place. She was getting normal day by day. And guess what?? I got my answer. I thought we were just friends!!
“Just frnds”…huh!! “Just friends” don’t steal secret glances at each other. “just friends” Don’t get jealous when the other one talk about someone else. “just friends” Don’t get butterflies from each other. “just friends” don’t held each other like that. “just friends”…yeah…right.

I Love her!!
…… I found out that I was head on heels in love with her. Yes was my thapki the thought of her as my wife was making me elated…I decided to propose her.

One day I went to her house. To my surprise I was welcomed by hall full of guest who were unknown to me. Her mom didn’t seem to be pleased by my sudden arrival. I told her that I wanna meet thapki. I saw the color drained from her mother’s face at the mention of her name. “she will be here with in 5 mins” she told me and went away.……wait…wait…wait. Those 5 min seemed to be 5 years. Then she came down Looking exactly same Like when I met her for the first time. In baby pink lahanga with cream color chunri…she was angel…my angel…She glanced at me and abruptly looked away…it felt like a slap on my face.…as if I don’t exist..…something was wrong. Then she was made sit by a person…I think I knew him…rahul he was rahul. The one whom I punched on face. He was krishnkant uncle’s frnds son. What was he doing here?? How dare he sit beside my thapki. I took my steps towards him to beat the crap out of him. But felt someone’s hands on my shoulder. I found aditi(Sheena Bajaj), dhruv and my mom. They told me that he is thapki’s fiancé and its their engagement today. “what” words died in my throat. “how…when…I mean…oh god what’s Going On”. I glanced towards her. She was indeed looking happy. “well that’s great” I siad to aditi who got surprised. Don’t know what was she expecting from me.

“u are ok with it??” She asked me once more “yeah” my voice trembled with emotion. Soon rings were exchanged I smiled and clapped for them. I was happy that she was finally getting over it. I dragged dhruv aditi to the soon to be wed couple to congratulate them. Rahul was happy to see me there. He hugged me and told our little fight incidence to which everyone laughed. I forwarded my hand to thapki as it won’t be good to hug someone’s soon to be wife. She held it happily thanking me.…she was so formal with me. “t-t-thanks” was something she said to me…that’s it.
The next I found my self in my room Throwing my stuff away breaking my things…making them a mess… But nothing could describe the storm which was going through me. I shouted creid but nothing could soothe my pain. Why she didn’t told it to me?? Was I so bad?? That she didn’t even bothered to tell me. My mom came to me that night took me on her lap and caressed my hairs. She didn’t say anything neither did I. I laid there in her lap “l love her” I murmured and let my tears flow.
I don’t know when did she get married and went abroad with “him” I didn’t even bothered to ask about her. All I have done is to stay away from every thing that was connected with her.
“it never stops hurting does it” I said to aditi. “what?” She asked
“Giving someone the best of you and watching them choose someone else”
“I don’t wanna know her” “I don’t wanna see her” “but I love her” “I love my chuk chuk gaadi” “my……thapki”………

Vasundhra closed her son’s diary which she accidently found in store room. she can’t read anymore. Tears brimming in her eyes. She kept the diary where she found it. Its been 6 years thapki married and went abroad. She didn’t asked poonam about her after what had happened with her son. Her son bihaan pandey was totally changed person. Rude and arrogant business man but his behavior have let his company to reach greater heights. He was now among the most richest powerful business man of India. But he loved his maa and bauji more than anything else. And with them was the only way out from his miserable condition of his heart. Yes…his broken heart.


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  1. rafay don kon

    Oh yar interesting cant waited when will u post half.??

    1. Mineey

      Ha……i haven’t finished the nxt prt yet. Dear.

  2. : (Sad of bihaan.waiting for ur next update eagerly mineey. : )

    1. Mineey

      Thankyou dear.

  3. Truelove

    omg…..really feel bad for bihaan. waiting for next episode.

    1. Mineey

      Thanks dear.

  4. KUMUTHA sad bihaan…pls update soon eagerly waiting ur next part…….

    1. Mineey

      Thanks kumutha

  5. Hooooo i hate Thapki how can she do this to him yr…y she didn’t find about his feelings…bechara bihaan….always happens this to him….please dear update soon m eagerly eagerly waiting…Ramadan Mubarak to u n ur family n all friends…

    1. Mineey

      thanks prtibha. i knew it u guyz will hate thapki for this……but trust me she is not that bad…u are gonna find in nxt episode.
      and ramadan mubarak to you too.

  6. plz update nxt epi as soon as possible…. i cant wait….im eagerly waiting……plz..plz..plz……….

    1. Mineey

      thanks carol. I will try to post it as early as possible

  7. Juggu

    Words stuck to my throat its jzt osm…..cant say anything rather than this wow mineey u r jzt unbeleivable… next part soon.
    Btw hw could u xplain men’s thoughts perfectly.. …sooper

    1. Mineey

      Well……that’s a pretty big compliment for me…thankyou juggu. Thankyou soo much your comment made my day.

      1. Juggu

        even i forgot to tell u ramadan mubarak. Let allah make tis year prosperous with lots of duas. Add me in your dua .

  8. what is this Thapki married with some other boy???
    u said its ur story
    than how can so unjustice happen in real life…

    How can real story can be painful??

    Feeling bad for bihaan

    U r bad yar
    u always made us cry by ur story


    I hate that painful love stories..

    1. Mineey


      i said 1 part was my real life story,, Ha…ha… not this one. I am still at college dear don’t get me married soo soon.

      ha…ha…ha…!! Sometimes u are too funny.

      and about sad story i love them. And i know somewhere you liked them too, That’s why you read them with so much interest.

      1. yes yar i love Sad love stories

        sorry i misunderstood that this part is also Ur own story…

        ya i m funny bt i sometimes i totally Behave strange as I lost in ur stories & ur words

        bt plz no sad One…

  9. Awesome dear finally u’ve updated I was getting crazy waiting for ur update
    and Ramadan mubarak

    1. Mineey

      thanks nina

  10. Pls update next one fast

  11. Ramadan Mubarak friend…its really nice because you tried to present this ff in a different done a great job yaar.

  12. RANdomfANCreationz

    This is so heart touching tar I feel so bad for Bihaan this one-sided love stories are so heart touching n u r a fabulous writer dear and yes happy Ramadan to u too Mishti 🙂

  13. “Giving someone the best of you and watching them choose someone else.”…arh , this is one of the worst thing happened to anyone,..i m on the list , happened with me…poor me, though i didnt give my best but dhai to jamai thi , raita koi aur le gaya

  14. feeling bad 4 bihaan ;-(

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