you and me together forever (thahaan two shot) Part 1


Hello friends after a very long time right. I think u guyzz forgot me. Let me remind you I am mineey I have written an ff and many more OS on thahaan on this page. ….i hope u remember me now. So, how are u guyzz…enjoying the track very much.…I am too.
So, here is my two-shot completely different from the track. But don’t worry characters are same.
Hope u will enjoy it!! Don’t forget to let me know ur views.
It’s a bit lengthy 1500+ Words hope u will not get bored.
Happy reading!!

“distances never separates two hearts that really cares, for our memories span the miles and in seconds we are there. But whenever I am sad, because I miss u, I remind my self as to how lucky I am to have someone so special to miss”

I met her when I was 8. At my best friend dhruv’s birthday. She wore a baby pink evening frock With her hairs curled up into a ponytail and was looking heavenly angel. She glanced at me once or twice unlike me who was staring at her as if she is an alien came from mars. Then I asked my friend dhruv about her and learned her name “thapki” and also that she is our new neighbor. I laughed when I heard her talking to dhruv. “h…h happy b…b…birthday dhruv” was something she was saying in her cute voice. Hearing my laughter. She glared at me angrily as if I had snatched her piece of cake. The next thing I remember was that my hairs in her hands and the collar of her frocks in my hands we got into a cat fight. That’s how we first met.…funny…yeah…I know.
I still remember her crying and wailing running into her fathers arms. And one of my ears twisting between my mom’s fingers that was my all time punishment…yes punishment for teasing her when she came to our house for the first time to meet us. I called her “chuk chuk gaadi”. Ha…..ha that made her furious. She asked my name in her cute voice and in return I called her this. But she was so cute, her crying face red like tomato that’s what tempted me to tease her like that.
She joined my school but fate bought us together by putting both of us in the same class. There was not even a single day that I didn’t tease her. It became my daily routine. But she was no less, never left a chance in getting me scolded. We were like north pole and south pole.
Once I fell ill. I think…I was 11 then. and it took me a month to cover up. So, my mother asked her to come to my home. To help me study…and that was hilarious. My mother really thought that would work!! me and study.…ha…ha I still laugh at this. Then she came home first it was all irritating she would only focus on studying and I would always be looking for a chance to escape after that gradually I started liking her company. And guess what, I found out her naughty side.
“did u put fake insects on sunita gautam mam’s purse” I asked eying her suspiciously as no one from our gang did that besides that I saw the mischievous glint in her eyes. To my surprise she chuckled and said “She always scolds me for my stammering” I felt bad for her. Yes…that teacher was a witch, never gave a second thought on what she is speaking. “but that…was really fun” we laughed together remembering her horror stricken face. “thapki…will u be my friend” I forwarded my hand. She looked at me shocked at first. Keenly observing my hand. “ i-i-is t-t-there something on your hand” she asked expecting some kind of new prank. “no I really want to be ur frnd” I assured her while laughing. “then its okk. But u have to introduce urself properly first. Last time when I asked u didn’t” she crossed her arms and raised her eyebrows.
“okay…hii thapki I am b for bihaan pandey… nice to meet u!!” I siad imitating in a girl’s voice.
“n-n-nice to meet u b-bihaan” She held my hand and smiled warmly at me. Her touch made me feel so good. That was the beginning…yes the beginning of our friendship.
She joined our gang. Dhruv, aditi, me and thapki that is our gang. We went school together, sat together, she often came to my home and played till late in evening. I took her With me when ever I had cricket match. Though she would just stand there and cheer for me but it felt so good to have her around. Unknowingly we four became best friends. But thapki was bit close to me she Knew my each and every secret and I knew hers.

We were in 12th when a new boy joined. He was handsome, smart, chocolaty boy.…that’s what girls talk about him. According to me he was such a bastard. My blood boiled when I saw him talking to my thapki one of his hand on her shoulder he was laughing showing his black teeth. How dare he!! there were so many girls waiting for him. Why does he have to talk to thapki. I straight away went to him and punched hard on his face making his nose bleed.…ha ha I was so pleased after that. “bihaan what the hell are u doing?” thapki shouted at me. “saving u from this bastard” I replied her casually. But my happiness didn’t seem to last. I was suspended for almost a week not only from school but from home too. Phew!!!! My bad luck. I was asked to do all the servant work at my home. But that was not something which I was worried about. It was thapki she was still angry with me. My mom didn’t gave me lunch. So I sat in garden after completing my work. My eyes caught some thing yellow. Yes…there she was thapki in yellow suit quietly sneaking though the main gate with a small box in her hand. She came and sat beside me time to time throwing death glances at me. But I smiled as I know why she came.
“hey chuk chuk gaadi u’ve got my favorite sandwiches” I asked trying to get that box from her.
“no.…first promise me bihaan that u are not gonna fight from now on” she demanded cutely.
“okay promise” I snatched the box and began eating. While she sat there smiling watching me.

Soon we grew up. We passed school and went to college.
One day when I went to thapki’s house I saw her mom crying. Thapki was not at home, went for shopping with aditi, she told me that uncle was bit ill. And definitely it was big disease. Her mom loved me as her own son. “promise me bihaan that u will take care of thapki always” she was so worried about thapki and she trust me. “don’t worry aunty I will always be there with chuk chuk gaadi” I promised. Thapki didn’t know about it. But from that day I felt a responsibility on me…don’t know what…but I felt like life isn’t gonna be easier. I went home and asked my bauji If I can join office. He patted my shoulders and hugged me. Later at night thapki came to me.
“w-w-what” she exclaimed. “you and office oh my god bihaan” “tumhari Tabiyat toh theek hai” she checked my fever when found normal she made a weird face. But I was serious after I got to know about her fathers illness. All I was feeling was pity for her. What will happen when she will get to know about it?? She can’t bear it. I stood up and unknowingly went towards her. She was confused first but when she realized we were standing so close. I heard her heart thumping in her chest.
“b-b-bihaan” She stammered “what are u…”
“ssshhhh” I kept my finger on her lips. And caressed her cheeks. She closed her eyes. I took her in my arms and her hugged her tightly and she hugged me back I felt all my tension releasing. We stood there in each other’s arms for a long time. “bihaan you are worried about something” she mumbled on my neck. “its nothing thapki” I sighed as I snuggled more with her. “no.…bihaan there is. Now tell me what”
“nothing” I answered but didn’t bothered to lose her from my embrace.
How could I tell her that I was worried about her. But beside everything…it felt so good to have her in my arms.


So guyzz how did u find it. All criticism accepted. I want to tell u something guyzz this is my real life story except some scenes like thapki’s stammering and her father’s illness. I was smiling while writing this Os.
Plzz comments, I am always hungry for that.

Credit to: Mineey

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  1. Awesome dear I am in love wz ur beautiful story!!!❤️? and sorry that I was a silent reader for your previous work but now I feel it’s a must for me to admire your cute story
    and yeah I am blushing to know that ur real life has the same concept ,I hope I will find my bihaan like you dear☺️☺️
    Plz update the nxt part soon don’t be late ,eager to travel to haven by ur tales??

    1. Thanks nina for reading this. And my blessings are with u that u will find ur rajkumar pretty soon. And That teacher Sunita gautam she was my english teacher…and trust me…i hated her and she hated me. But i didn’t put fake insects like thapki Did Lol.

  2. Nice yaar…

    1. thanks vennila

  3. rafay don kon


    1. thanks rafay dear

  4. bihaan ki deewani

    wow awsomeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee ff i ever read pliz write soon it has made me addicted to it just loving it

    1. thanks dear.

  5. Pls continue dear it’s osm

    1. Thanks ishita for reading my work.

  6. hi mineey!! nice 2 see u back.. this ff is superb!!!!!!!!! plz update nxt part asap…eargerly waiting for it..

    1. hello sweety.
      thanks for appreciating me.
      and this is not a ff dear its a two shot it only contains two episodes.

  7. tamil ponnunga-kumutha (5)

    Simply superb…. Amazing episode…… Pls continue dear

    1. thanks kumutha

  8. again i missing u badly
    and got a chance to read this awesome Os
    love u a lot
    Its wonderful:-)

    1. i was missing u too anu. That’s why wrote this. Thankyou again for appreciating me dear.
      so, what’s up enjoying the real tpk track!!!

      1. Thahaan romantic scenes were enjoyed by me a lot
        bt this vasu truth come sequence make me sad
        as again thahaan track is drag

        hey U also write devil meet his angel
        where is that ff

      2. Actually anu i discontuied that ff. bihaan is liked for his character(manish acting is superb!!) changing his character wouldn’t be a good idea. So i dropped it.

  9. tamil ponnunga-juggu(4)

    S phor supr cutie pie
    If u r thapki in tis story thn who is bihaan im wondering

    Jzt joking yaar??

    1. thanks juggu.
      but u are making me blush. I hope my bihaan reads this. And gets to know how much i am in love with him.

      hey juggu is it some kind of group tamil ponnunga.

  10. Prtibha

    Soo good to c u back mineey n u don’t need to introduce urself i can’t forget u…and what should i say about’s just fantastic…no words to say…update soon coz m so eager to know further…bTW this is ur real story haa awww if it’s true then its so lovely…dear

    1. Thanks prtibha thankyou sooo much.
      and yess it is my real life story Dear. I know its a bit fairy tale type. But it is. And Now i am blushing.

      1. Oooohhhh so someone is blushing haa…bTW it’s soo good n nice…love stories always like fairy tales but they really exists n tell something more about ur story yr i mean k where did u meet,what’s his name,recently what’s going on n soo on..sorry m not interfering but v share friendship bond so as a friend m asking this..i feel so happy whenever my friends find there love…i used to blush but now like to c other’s blush…

  11. you are always amazing. beautiful writing dear. please continue.

    1. thanks true love.

  12. RANdomfANCreationz

    Wow mineey happy that our back with two shots loved our story mishti 🙂

    1. RANdomfANCreationz

      I mean your story

    2. Thanks fatarajo. Why so late comment??
      just joking yarr
      and also thanks for calling me mishti. I love this name.

  13. ths story should nvr words

  14. I’m often to blogging and i genuinely appreciate your content material. The write-up has genuinely peaks my interest. I’m going to bookmark your web site and maintain checking for new details.

  15. It’s nice

  16. Akanksha Gupta

    Appreciable content. Lovely written

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