together forever – tashan-e-ishq – Episode 2


The episode start with mahi n twinkle buying a s*xy lingerie for mahi..

At sarna house
Mahi n twinkle decorates the room with lots of flowers, candles, n many more things that can add much romantic ambience.

M- tysm twinkle! Aaj tune yh idea diya to muje aisa laga ki abb mein n uvi nazdikk aajeynge. (Blushes)
T- isme ty kya dii.. Aap n Jiju bass ek baar nazdiik ajaao… Isse zyada muje kya chaiye..
Hugs mahi..

After dinner
Uvi room

U- maaaaahii… Kaha ho tum?
N yeh Sara decorations kya h?

Mahi enters.. Wearing a transparent lingerie of pink colour which was exposing her navel like hell..
Mahi was looking damm hott.

Uvi was soooo astonished to see her…they share a lovely eyelock..
U- mein sach may bhuuuul gaya tha ki meri wife k bhii kuch armaan h… (Holds her n starts to kiss her)
M- uuuvvvraaaaj…(moan)
U- ssshh… M sorry… M bhul gaya tha.. M sorry jaan (kisses her on her nape)

Uvi takes her on her arms n takes to the bed..which share an eyelock..
Mahi was breathing heavily.. To which uvi started kissing her on neck n lips through his lips.. He zips out his his lingerie.. N kisses her on his hot back..

Mahi tries to escape from the bed… N uvi is left alone
U- aaachaaaaa ji…(laughs)
N holds her hand..
M- I love you.. Love you a loottt…(moans)
U-ssshhhh.. Muje pata h..(kisses her hand)

Mahi runs toward the bathroom.. Which was a perfect romantic ambience..

She was breathing heavily… N uvi takes her to bath tub full of rose petal water..
Mahi was looking to uvi so lovingly that she was kissing his chest like hell…

Uvi n mahi.. Were sitting in bath tub n were exchanging millions n millions of kisses..
Uvi then takes her to closet..

He then makes her wear a bikini sari.. Which transparent n navel exposive.

U- mahiiii… Tum ek perfect ladki ho..(kisses her navel)
M-ummmmm… Perfect ladki to aaj tumne banaya h.. (Kisses him back)

He then takes her to bed..both were melting in each other.. Mahi closed her eyes.. Uvi was kissing her body in each n evey place possible..

M-tysm uvi(kisses his chest n removed his shirt) aaj tumne muje ek perfect ladki banaya diya h… Tysm! (Smiles)
U-plz…. Muje ty bolna chahiye.. Ty! (Kisses her lips)
M- chalo ab so jaate h..
U- meri Queen.. Meri midnight kiss to do!?
Mahi kisses him passionately n then sleeps in his arms.

Both were happy..

Twinj room
T- I hope di n Jiju are getting closer..(thinks)
Kunj comes from behind.. N kisses her nape..twinkle smiles n moan
K-meine tujje kaha thana…aaj tere liye kuch special karunga…
To chal mere saath
T- kaha par..

Screen freezes

Twinkle is extremely happy by kunj’s surprise..
In morning.. Both couples remember their fb..of their last night…

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Credit to: Nidhi

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  1. Osm epi dear loved it so so sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much jus can’t wait 4 d nxt update plzzzzz update ASAP plzzzzz jus can’t wait I jus loved ur ff

  2. nice one yaar bt i felt tooo much romance of uv n mahi ……i need twinj s romance plzzzz
    ur sceens r tooo much advanced plz reduce it……thr r many small aged ppl reading ffs it wnt be gud i think soo

  3. sry if u felt bad…bt i really like ur ff

  4. u r awesme…but show some twinj Umoments

  5. Loved it,
    esp uhi moments.

  6. Damn romantic n intense

  7. amazing epi but plzzzz add twinj scene little more anyway awesome epi.eagerly waiting for next one

  8. Nice one

  9. Awesome episode loved it but more twinj scenes

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