Together Forever..A SwaSan One Shot

Hi guys!! This is my first try to write on our heavenly couple SwaSan.. hope you all will like the story.. really hope that you will find it as worth reading..
Let’s begin::

Swara! Come here .. look here are
new dresses for you.. Will you not look at them!! Sharmishtha Gadodia said to her stubborn daughter who was angry due to some unknown reasons..

No!! No!! No! I don’t want any these dresses..I want to meet​ Sanskar but here I don’t know why you guys are not letting me meet him..She said rudely and scattered the clothes..

Swara!! What are you doing! Your dad bought it for you and look you scattered them..Shomi said glaring her angrily..

I don’t want any of these dresses..I want to meet Sanskar but you are not letting me go..She said angrily..

Don’t you ever take his name ever again in this house..And you are not going to meet him again..A voice interrupted their conversation..

But why Dadi! He is my only friend here and I want to play with him..She said stubbornly or rather confused that why no one is allowing her to meet him!!

Because he is not of our standard! You are rich and he is just a roadside boy..I don’t want to give any chance to anyone to spoil our reputation..Now his dad is bankrupt and their family is in debt so it will be better if you will stay away from him….Dadi said angrily..

Her words made Swara shocked and she was looking at her grandmother with an open mouth and weird expressions..

Seriously! I mean in which generation you guys are living that being a friend with someone who is not of your standard will spoil your reputation! And Moreover don’t bring standard in between our friendship..he has a pure heart and is not like someone who is Rich by status but not by heart..She said a matter of fact but it hurt the so called ego of her Dadi..

You! How dare you talk to me like that..You are just of 18 years but talking like a teacher but I will not tolerate this type of behavior..You are not going to meet him and that is final now go to your room..Dadi said angrily..

You guys are impossible! Swara said glaring her mother and Grandmother…

Go to your room now! Dadi said or rather declared..

She left from there frustrated about the things happening around her..

I just don’t believe it..I promised him that I will meet him and Now here I am stuck here in my room..He will be damn angry on me..Dadi spoiled  whole plan of ours..She said cursing under her breath when suddenly her gaze caught the sight of window

Her lips curved up for a smile and her face glowed..

Shona! How this happened to you! Sanskar asked as he saw her coming towards his direction..

It all happened because of Dadi..if she would have not stopped me from meeting you then this would have never happened.. She said giving a look to herself..’s not easy to come down from third floor with the help of water pipe and as the result..She fell down into the pit of mud..

It’s not your Dadi’s mistake if you fall down in the mud..He said chuckling looking at her condition..

You are laughing at me right! She asked glaring at him

He nodded in a no innocently.. but then broke into the fits of laughter..

Just look at you Swara! You are looking like a wild animal who will eat me up..He said laughing uncontrollably..

You monkey! You called me animal.. Wait I will show you! Saying so she started running behind him and as she caught him she made him look like her..

[tum to darasal khwaab ki baat ho
chalti mere khayaalon mein tum sath sath ho
milti hai jo achaanak wo saugaat ho

you are actually something of a dream,
you move with me in my thoughts,
you are that gift one gets all of a sudden.]

Eww! What you did Shona! Now I am looking​ like you.. Sanskar said making faces..

That was the main motive..and look now you are looking just like me..All thanks to me..She said proudly..

You are too much Swara! I mean who do like that!! Sanskar said sighing..

The company effect you see..She said laughing at his state..

Ya..Ya Company effect he said making faces and looked at her angrily but forgot all his anger when he saw her laughing whole heartedly.. Her laugh brought the smile on his face as well..

Swara! Don’t you think it’s wrong that we are meeting each other and your parents are unaware of is wrong.. Sanskar said making her fine in Anger..

What do you mean!! If I will tell them then they are not​ letting me to meet you ever again..I don’t know why their mentality is like of 17th century..She said angrily..
But if you don’t want to meet me then fine I will not meet you.. Saying so she got up to leave..

Omg! You are really a angry bird! I just said as it came to my mind but if you don’t want then don’t tell is okay..he said blocking her way..

You just get out of my way! I am not going to talk to you..She said pouting angrily..

Is that so? Sanskar asked as his lips curved up in a smile..

Yes..She said rudely..

He sighed and chuckled lightly seeing her anger..

[tum to darasal meeThi si pyaas ho
lagta hai ye hamesha ke tum aas paas ho
Thehra hai jo labon pe wo ehsaas ho..

you are actually a sweet thirst,
it always feels like you are close to me,
you are that feeling which stays on my lips..]

Okk.. saying so he started coming towards her..

What are you doing! Sanskar! Stay away! I am angry on you! She said slightly confused on his behaviour..

He came close to her.. their faces just inches apart..

Sanskar! By doing are just increasing my anger..She said getting scared by his actions..

But soon her expressions​ changed into a smile than to a laugh as he started tickling her..

Now say! You are angry on me! He said as he continued to tickle her…

Omg.. Sanskar stop..she said in between of her laughs..

No.. first you say that you are not angry on me! Sanskar said as he continued his work..

Fine! I am not angry on you! Please stop! Her laughs came to end as he stopped tickling her..

I knew will not be able to be angry with me..He said proud of himself..

You are just too much Sanskar!! She said shaking her head lightly..

Company effect you see! Saying so he winked at her and she just shaked her head..

[teri adaa, adaa pe marta 
main wafaa, wafaa si karta 
kyun hadon se hoon guzarta 
main zaraa zaraa zaraa…

I am ready to sacrifice myself on your styles,
I kind of love you…
Why do I cross the limits,
little by little…]

I just don’t believe it.. Sanskar! We will study from the same college!! Omg! It’s just like a dream..Swara said acting like to faint..

Even I am not able to believe it Shona! But it’s true! We will study together..What can be better than that! He said damn happily..

Thank God! We will get admit in the same college! Our friendship will remain as it is and you will be my best friend for coming years too..She said with relief..

Oh please Madam! If we​ would have not got admitted in the same college then also I would have not let our friendship be effected..He said the fact..

That I know very well..but still we are going to remain together and that’s the thing which matters the most..i am so happy..She said as smile refused to get off her face..

Yes at least for these years..we will be’s the matter of happiness..we will not be away from each other he said smilingly..

[tum to darasal saanson ka saaz ho
dil mein mere chhupa jo woi raaz, raaz ho
kal bhi mera tum hi ho mera aaj ho

you are actually, the musical instrument of breaths,
one that is hidden in my heart, you are that secret.
you are my yesterday (or tomorrow), and my today.]

Sanskar! I just hate physics! I don’t know how you understand lectures of that professer well! Swara said making faces as they were walking in the corridor..

It’s because I concentrate on the lectures and you just daydream.. Sanskar said chuckling..

You just shut up! It’s mistake of that professer..if he would have explained us well..then I would have understood and would have answered his stupid question..She said angrily..

Leave it Na Swara! What’s the big’s your daily routine to chatter in class and then stand out! What’s the big deal! He said casually but gulped seeing her expressions..

You mean to say that it is all my fault..she said putting hands on her waist and glaring him angrily..

Yes..I mean no..God what I am saying He said utterly confused..

It is all my fault but it’s you who distract your and Kavita’s friendship distract me from my studies and I am not able to focus on that boring subject..

Wait What! Are you jealous! He said as he slightly smiled..

She bited her lips as she blabbered without even thinking..

No I am not..She said..

It can be seen from your face that you are.. He said..

And I said I am not.. Now go to your class and don’t disturb me..She said as their walk came to a halt..


No buts..we will talk you focus on stupid lecture.. Saying so she left..

How can I focus when my mind and heart can’t get over your thoughts..He said looking at her disappearing figure..

I love you a lot are the only one who stand by me no matter what but I can’t confess my feelings..I am not of your will get someone better than me and you will be happy.. but I am not going to stop loving you no matter what.. He said sighing as smile left his face..

[baarish ka paani ho tum
kaagaz ki kashti hoon main
tujh mein kaheen main beh jaata hoon
milne hoon tumse aata
waapas nahi jaa paata
thoRa waheen main reh jaata hoon…

you are rain water,
I’m a paper boat,
I flow somewhere in you.
I come to meet you,
I can’t seem to go back,
I remain there a little.]

Sanskar! I am seeing you from many days! You are ignoring me like I don’t exist!! What happened to you?? Swara asked concerned..

It’s nothing like that Swara! You are just assuming.. Sanskar said ignoring her words ..

Oh please! I am not assuming anything and will you please tell me that what is it with you that you are just simply ignoring me!! She said blocking his way..
And don’t say that it is nothing like that cause that is not the answer to my question..She said leaving him in trouble..

Don’t get angry after you hear me.. Yesterday I met your family in some market and I guess they got to know that you are still my friend! They told me to get away from you and so I did..He said innocently..

And so you did! Why don’t you use your brain or it is not present in your head! I mean who simply do like that! She said getting shocked by the sudden revelation..

But what they said is true! I am in this college because of scholarship..I am not of your can make many more frnds other than me and better than me! He said sighing..

You are so stupid! I don’t care about standard! I don’t even know what this standard means in friendship! I don’t know anything but now I am warning you dare you try to do these stupid things again..She said glaring him..

But! What they said is true! You can get new friends over here of your type..He said innocently

Leave about seems like you want to get rid of me and want to go to that Kavita! She said sarcastically..

You are too much! Fine we are not talking about this anymore and we are going to remain like this together forever. He said giving up to convince her..

It will be better as I am not going to leave your side so just forget about getting rid of me..She said chuckling a bit..

Her smile once again made his heart flutter..She is just truly incredible..She was truly his friend..his shining star of the darkness..

[tum to darasal ik naya noor ho
mujh mein bhi ho zara si zara door door ho
jaisi bhi ho hamesha hi manzoor ho

you are actually a new light,
you are within me a little and a little far away.
however you are, you are always acceptable to me.]

Sanskar! I love you! I really do! Will you accept me..She said as she was on her knees in the college auditorium..

He said nothing but instead made her get up and dragged her outside..

What was that Swara! How can you do like that! That too in front of everyone ?? He said as he was unable to get off the shock he just got..

The girl he loved too loves him..

Do you love me! Swara asked ignoring his questions..

What! He said bewildered..

Simple you love me as I do! She asked sternly..

But Swara understand we are not meant to be together! There is a difference between our is not​ good.. Sanskar said thinking about the future..

Leave the future..let’s see the present! Do you love me!? She again asked..

I do..I really do..he said unable to hide his feelings anymore..

Then forget everything.. we will see what comes! But what matters is we will be together! Swara said the fact..

We will be together forever..He said as he forgot everything .. what matter for him is she is with his arms..

[hota hai aisa aksar
dil ye kisi ko dekar
lagta haseen hai saara shehar
ab dekh tera hokar
aisa asar hai mujh par
hansta rahoon main aaThon pehar

it often so happens,
that after giving someone your heart,
the entire town feels beautiful.
Now, see, having become yours,
I’m under such an effect,
that I smile all the time, day and night]

After 8 years..

I can’t believe it Swara.. finally my hard work paid off..I will be the next CEO… Sanskar said with utter happiness and relief..

You can’t believe it but I can..You worked so was obvious that you will get that position.. Now you are on heights Sanskar! Now you can get any other girl other than me! Swara said casually..

Don’t you ever say that..He said seriously..

What! She asked confused..

That I will get better than you.. cause you are best for me..He said glaring her..

I just said it casually..She said

Whatever but don’t say that..You were with me when I had nothing so you deserve to be with me when I had everything..He said a fact..

[tum to dar-asal ishq ho, pyaar ho
aati mere fasaanon mein tum baar baar ho
inkaar mein jo chhupa hai wo iqraar ho

You are, actually, love, affection,
you come into my stories again and again,
you are that yes which is hidden in a no.]

Omg! You got emotional..I am not going anywhere Sanskar..I am here with you..and what you thought that I will leave you after 4 years of marriage! She asked chuckling..

Nope! You will not and even if you want to you won’t be able to..I am never letting you go now..He said possessively..

And I am not leaving you..we are together..She said smilingly..

Together Forever! He said smilingly as he took her into a possessive hug..

The End
…………………’s my first ever written story which I guess was not good enough.. anyways thought to post this on our share your reviews about the story in the comments box..
Take Care
Keep Smiling ?

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  1. First of all welcome Dr in swasan fantasy world. And about OS, it was superb Dr ?

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    Hey maanvi … you are swasan fan ..what a surprise and your os is worth awarding…in today’s generation there are stereotypes and we need to break them…
    And do write more ..

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    Welcome to our SwaSan family Maanvi! Hope you enjoy with ev1.
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    btw what’s your age dear?? and friends right??

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      Hi di..I am a big big fan of MSD and of SwaSan too..I am really glad you liked the really means a lot..
      I am 15 and​ a school going girl..
      Ofcourse..I will love to be your friend ?

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    It was awesome. U had beautifully portrayed their story. U had clearly shown today’s peoples mindset. Even after saying that all are equal still people are behind status caste and religion. I don’t know y they are not moving on. And loved the way swara stood for sanskar even after this much hurdles. It was really worth reading. U nailed it yaar

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