Together Forever (swaragini) Part 8

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So here begins the story

Bandi is shown the lights are off, showing that it is night. Ragini is seen going upstairs she comes to the terrace and sees Swara there. Swara was waiting for her. They both sits together and talks as usual,Their daily crazy talks. Suddenly Ragini asks swaras plans for tomorrow as it is Diwali. Papa has to go for some meeting in Delhi. So nanima has told there is no need to celebrate Diwali Swara says. Your family is so traditional swara di Ragini says. Anyway what’s up your plan Ragini says Swara diverting Ragini. Nothing much there’s a party at Maheshwaris house. Didn’t they call you asks Ragini. No they must have only called marvadis swara says. Aren’t you going asks swara. I don’t want to go but dadi is compelling me says Ragini. Why don’t you join me asks Ragini. I am not even invited they will just throw me out swara says. Why don’t you disguise as some marvadi women and come says Ragini. What if they catch me asks Swara. I don’t even let them touch you says Ragini.

Next morning
The Gadodia house is seen, Ragini is shown dressing in her room. She is seen wearing a light green colour long frock type churidar she keeps her hair open and wears long earings. She sees Sharmishta through the mirror and says happy Diwali ma.same to you Lado. Says sharmishta. Meri bahut Sundar hai sharmishta says your beti was always beautiful says Ragini winking. Gadodia family is seen living Bandi for the party but Ragini is seen looking and Bose house.sharmishta comes near Ragini and says challo beta .dadi too comes ma dadi you guys go I will directly come there I have some works to be done now only I remembered about it Ragini will come right asks sharmishta . surely mom I will there after I complete it Ragini says.gadodia family leaves. Ragini waits there looking for swara to come out of gadodia house.

10min was over and Ragini lost her patients she went towards the Bose house and knocked the door Janaki opened the door and saw Janaki as soon as she saw her her eyes where filled with tears which Ragini didn’t notice Ragini beta Jana calls and Ragini looks at her and found tears in her eyes where is swara aunty asks Ragini. Swara this kuch time pehle he chal Gaya Janaki she went Ragini said and turned to go running.while Janaki so this and said Dhyan sa .but Ragini was gone.ragini hired an auto directed him to the hall .she called swara a lot of time but her phone was unreachable.

Gadodia family is seen going in their car Shekhar is seen in the front seat along with the driver dadi and sharmishta are in the back seat they were talking suddenly a car was about to hit a girl but the driver applies break Shekhar sharmishta and dadi comes out of the car are you fine beti asks dadi.the girl is shown her face is covered by a veil like exact Marwadi women she was wearing a sari I am fine dadi she says and was about to go when Shekhar asked where are you going . the girl who was none other than swara says that she was going for a Diwali party at Maheshwaris house she said. We are also going there we will drop you there dadi said no dadi swara says covering her face more so that they don’t see her.

I told right your coming then you are coming dadi says and gets into the car and swara could not deny it as it was the first time her own dadi was asking her for something even if she did not no that she was her grand daughter her Janaki daughter.she sat next to her dadi for the first time in her life . Later they reach Maheshwari house at the entrance the guards ask them for the invitation card gadodia family gave their card and along with them swara enters and noone notice her she was searching here and there for Ragini she wanted to ask gadodia family for Ragini but couldn’t as they may question her for her realation with Ragini and then everyone will come to know that she is swara.

A lady comes towards dadi and sharmishta and asks where is our naughty Ragini didn’t she come (she was Khushi mom ) swara saw Kushi coming back of her and felt a kind of relief she will come sharmishta says.

Laksh is seen seating with is friends on his car and talking flirting with the girls going bye and commenting on other uncle aunty’s ad all he was wearing a black kurta (the one in the pic)he was looking handsome as usual he sees a auto stop near the gate and Ragini come out of it.he thought that she was not going to come as he did not see her with gadodia family.she came towards the entrance and did not notice laksh on the car while laksh was looking at her each and every move . she was about to go in while the guards asked her for the invitation card that was when she remembered there was a crap called invitation card she told them that her family was inside and wanted to meet them but they were not ready to believe her.she called in each and every ones mobile but no one could here the call due to the loud music inside laksh saw her struggle and came towards her . what’s m dear laksh ask looking at smirking.then he held her by her waist and said how dare you not leave my girlfriend inside . sorry sir we did not no that she is your girlfriend they said next time make sure that you don’t gards it he said.

Walking inside holding soon as they reached inside Ragini punched on his stomach.while laksh left her holding his stomach in pain I helped u and this is how u say thank you he asks this is my way of thanking Mr MBye guys

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