Together Forever (swaragini) Part 7

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Swara is seen searching for Kushi.Suddenly she collides with the waiter an her dress gets spoiled due to this the waiter asks her for forgiveness and she forgives him and was about to go when someone stops the waiter.It was none other than Sanskar who has seen all this.He asked the waiter don’t you have eyes and was about to beat him when Swara stopped him saying it was me who had problem not you she says to Sanskar and walks off searching for Kushi.later she sees Kushi and ragini they all enjoyed together and returned home.

Next day
Gadodia house is shown . Sharmishta and dadi is seen waching Television and crying. Camera shift towards the kitchen. Ragini is shown hearing music and cooking. The calling Bell rings but Sharmishta and dadi are hoked in to the show. The calling Bell again rings even though Ragini has ear phones she hears the sound she goes towards the hall and sees dadi and her Mom not bothering. She gets angry and switches off the TV and goes and opens the door. While Sharmishta and dadi follows her towards the door. DP is seen. Dadi says sorry for opening the door late and invites DP in namaste DP Ji what brings you here asks dadi.while do says that the Marwadi samaj is conducting a Diwali party and all Marwadi families are welcomed and moreover we are going to expand our business with other company so I need your family to come for the party and to be a part of our happiness. We will surely comewillji says dadi. How is Annapurna ji and children’s asks dadi. They are all fine and laksh is also with me says Durga Prasad . I have not seen laksh at all as soon as born he went to USA with ram right dadi says.i will call him he is in car.dp says and takes his phone and calls laksh Ragini is seen working in kitchen singing and dancing. Her phone rings and she takes it swara in the phone tells ragini to come to terrace.ragini comes out of the kitchen greets do and slowly Whispers to sharmishta that she is going terrace and moves towards the door as she was going outside laksh comes inside and they both collides and laksh holds her before falling lakshyas hands where on her waist while she held his neck with both her hands.what are you doing here ragini asks standing still. While la says I don’t even no u why are you shouting at me dadi and Dp sees this and comes towards them do u know him ragini asks dadi he is the same boy who threw me in the pool on the first day.ragini says what me laksh asks while Do looks at him confused papa I can’t even lift this fat girl how will I throw her then laksh asks inocently. You ragini says and was about to hold his neck when Dp pushed her aside and said to dadi kakisa my son dose not something like this I have thought him our culture and standard I guess your daughter must had some misunderstanding he says and walks of while laksh runs back and sights her and leaves while ragini stamps her feet angrily.

Sorry guys for a short and boring part
I will try to make it interesting next time
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