Together Forever (swaragini) Part 6

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The episode starts with Ragini running and hugging laksh while laksh stumbles due to the force by which Ragini had hug him. While Ragini Whispers in his ears laksh please tell your stupid guard that I am your girlfriend. Laksh looks at her still unable to react. While Ragini pouts telling please.The guard comes towards them and sees that laksh is not reacting and says nowadays days girl’s are ready to do anything and was about to pull Ragini from laksh. While laksh hugs her back and says to the guard she is my girlfriend. Sir I am sorry says the guards and leaves from there before he gets fired. Thanks says Ragini and tries to get out of the hug while laksh tightens his hand on her waist. Laksh leave me Ragini says. Don’t I have the right to hug my girlfriend says laksh.and again hugs her tightly. He sees swara coming and leaves Ragini . And says this time I am leaving you next time beware. Kushi comes and sees laksh talking with Ragini. Laksh do you no her Kushi asks . While laksh looks into Ragini’s eyes and says she was my girlfriend for past 5min he laughs and goes before going he turns back and says white suites you while Ragini glares at him while Kushi looks on confused .They see swara coming she too looked confused.ragini you never told me that you love someone swara asks Swara I was just acting to get inside Ragini says and tells the explains everything their meeting etc .

They moves into the house and completes their works and Kushi takes them to show the house.kitna achi ghar hai thumara Kushi swara says while Kushi smiles . suddenly her phone rings and she moves aside to attend the call.after attending the call she returns back and finds that Ragini and Kushi was not there.she searches them here and there but couldn’t find them anywhere at last she itself get lost.she was walking through the corridor totally confused suddenly her leg hits the table and was about to fall when someone holds her on time she opens her scared eyes and sees Sanskar holding her Sanskar looks at her eyes while she too looks at him they were looking at each other when they heard a coughing sound they turned back and saw it was laksh swara and Sanskar composed themselves swara looked down as she could not meet anyone’s eyes.bhai time to go ma would be waiting for us laksh says but we haven’t met Arnav Sanskar says I have called him he said that he will be late laksh says. Let’s go anyway we can meet him at tomorrow’s party Sanskar says and starts walking. But Sanskar turns back and asks why are you here. Actually I came here to meet Kushi but I lost my way in between swara says stammering. If you are fine you can come with me anyway I am going towards the hall and they might be there waiting for you Sanskar says and starts walking she slowly follows him they reaches the hall swara see Kushi and Ragini standing in the hall and her face brightens up.she looks at Sanskar to show her gratitude but he has already left she felt like someone soo close to her was gone Ragini sees swara standing there and comes towards her and says where have you been swara we looked for you a lot . I got lost Ragini swara says. That’s fine it’s late let’s go home says ragini. Ragini they would be looking for us . bye Kushi they both says and was about to go when Kushi says I just forgot to tell you something tomorrow is mom’s and dad’s wedding anniversary and mom has told to invite you all. Arnavs mom’s Ragini asks obviously Kushi says. Is it at house swara asks . No they have booked some hall and I want you all to come Kushi says and hugs them and they all departs.

A grand hall is seen with background covered with snow.some girls are seen dancing in between Kushi is one among them. A big rotating cake is kept in middle. Two girls enter the hall and it’s none other than swara and Ragini swara is wearing a pink and Black lehanga while Ragini is wearing a white and red lehanga both are looking extremely beautiful. Swara di were is this Kushi Ragini asks she might be somewhere let’s look for her Swara says and they starts walking after a lot of searching they couldn’t find out kushi.if we search like this we can’t find her in the whole life Swara says I guess we must split and look for her Ragini says that’s a good idea you go that way and I will go this way swara points at the other side.
Ragini is seen looking for Kushi and she atlast finds her dancing on the stage with other girls she walks to the dance floor to pull out Kushi but before she could do something the music change’s into a romantic tune and some boys enter the stage before ragini could move out someone holds her waist lifts her up and spins her Ragini tries her best to come out of the hold but could not the person puts her down and turn her towards him Ragini sees that it was none other than laksh.she looks into his eyes while he too looks into his eyes Ragini turns to go from there while he holds her hand and pulls her towards him while she dashes with him.he tightly holds her hand and spins her around him.he brings her towards him and again held her hand.while Ragini somehow managed to remove a pin from her lehanga and slowly pricked it on laksh hand . while laksh due to the pain frees ragini.he glares at ragini while she moves close to him and says bewareeeeee.and walks away

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