Together Forever (swaragini) Part 5

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The episode starts with swara Ragini and Kushi discussing something.
We have just two days how are we going to finish the assignment swara says.we cannot complete it from college as we don’t have time Ragini says.why don’t you guys come to my house Kushi your house Ragini says.what about your family will they have some problem? swara Bhabha and Arnav will be fine with it what about your family Kushi asks our family is fine we will somehow convince them says Ragini while swara looks on.but don’t forget to wear something traditional actually Arnavs dadi is a bit strict in such matters Kushi says and they disperses.
Bandi is shown

Bose house
Swara is seen walking here and there in tention.she sees Arjun and walks towards him and says papa actually we have a assignment given in college and to complete that we have planned to meet at one of our friends house.Is it necessary to go Arjun asked angrily.while swara nods her head.arjun was about to say something but Janaki comes out from kitchen and says swara you go and get ready while swara goes in . Janaki comes towards Arjun and says you itself say she is not independent and you itself don’t allow her to become independent.

Gadodia house
Ragini is seen walking into the kitchen.sharmishta sees her and ask do you want something Ragini and Ragini says actually mom I came to complement you.What do you want to complement about me Ragini. actually mom you looking extra beautiful today.while Janaki looks at her and says nowadays you are buttering me to much what do you want my cutie. Actually mom we had an assessment to complete so we decided to complete at kushis home Ragini says so sharmishta asks.i need your permission to go mom she says.You may go Ragini there is nothing to ask.

Swara is seen wearing a red Patiala and Ragini in white.
They were standing in front of a big house (the one in the pic)are you sure Ragini this is the house swara asked looking at the big house.. this is not house swara it’s a palace says a mesmerized ragini.kushi is so lucky swara says l will too Mary someone who is so rich says Ragini giggling and walking towards the gate she calls Kushi in her mobile but it was not reachable.the guard sees them standing there and comes towards them.why are you here they asks?l am here to meet my friend Ragini says you are not allowed to go inside the guard says.ragini tries her level best to go inside but the security do not allow her.ragini suddenly sees laksh through the gate and says the guy over there is my boyfriend and you may ask him he knows me very well.laksh is seen talking in phone the guard opens the gate to go inside.and with in a fraction of second Ragini runs inside and hugs laksh while laksh and Swara looks on shocked.

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