Together Forever (swaragini) Part 4

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Arun is seen walking with swara into the house.they enter the Bose house . Arjun Bose (swaras father) sees them and comes near Arun and was about to hug him but he moved back.while Arjun looked at his son pathaticly.He clearly knew that he was the reason for his sons condition.Arun then moved towards the kitchen and saw his mother busy with the daily chores.he slowly moved towards her and back hugged her.while she turned calling him beta.arun looked at his mother and hugged her.whilejanaki saw swara comming into the kitchen.She looked at her and asked when did you come swara.just now ma said swara walking into the is Ragini asked Janaki.Before SWARA could answer Arun said you to know ma that SWARA was with Ragini.Before Janaki could reply him he goes out.janaki follows him calling beta but he has already left the house.janaki looks at the door with tears in her eyes.

Swara is seen walking towards the balcony as she know that’s were Ragini yoused to be when she is sad.Swara goes and sits near her.while Ragini looks at her.ragini breaks the silence by asking why do our family fight a lot.While swara remains silent.ragini looks at stars.

Bandi is again seen noisy.swara is seen tieing her hair.she is wearing a blue formal gown.she is looking pretty as usual.she moves out and helps her mother.
Ragini is seen walking up on her own and sharmishta who has just came into the room to call Ragini is shocked as it is the first time Ragini is walking on her own.she goes towards her daughter and kisses her forehead saying what happened to my dear daughter seems very sad? nothing ma says Ragini and runs into the bathroom taking her dress.she comes out wearing a army pant and top(the one in the pic)
Swara is seen taking blessings of her elders while Ragini is seen hugging every one.Then they both moves out of the house to college.

Swara Ragini and Kushi are seen in the college canteen.They seem to be talking.The camera moves towards the corridor where a boy is seen running.a group of other boys with hokey stick’s are running back of him.the boy runs into the canteen.and falls on the boy is seen comming into the canteen with cooling glass.he sits on the table with his legs of the boy with hokey stick moves towards the fallen boy and brings him towards the sitting boy and says Sanskar thum hi kaho what should we do with him no one should have the guts to do what he did says the guy who has the hokey stick.i know what to do with him says Sanskar moving towards the boy. He takes out scissors from his pocket and was about to cut the boys hair but someone throws away the was none other than Ragini.Sanskar looks at her and says how dare you.while Ragini says because I dare to.sanskar raised his hand and was about to beat Ragini while someone holds his was none other than swara.she looks at him angrily.while Sankar was mesmerized by her again.laksh who saw this came inside and was about to push swara.while Sanskar stops him saying laksh we have better things to do rather than fighting with them.sanskar leaves looking at swara while laksh leaves glaring Ragini.

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