Together forever (swaragini) New feelings part 15

Ragini walked into the hall

She was mesmerised by the arrangements and turned towards lakshya to compliment him but stopped realising he was waiting for her compliment it’s ragini she won’t give it up that easily
Laksh: Ragini don’t you think the decorations are good
Ragini: Mmm a kind off she said smirking.
Lakshya was about to say something when swara came towards ragini.
Swara: ragini I need to talk to u
Ragini:common you can say
Swara:it’s something personal she said and looked towards lakshya
Laksh: guys so enjoy the party meet u later he said looking towards ragini and winking at her making ragini even more frustrated.
Swara:I really don’t know what happened to u last few weeks but I know it’s all because of Arun bhai I would like to say sorry on behalf of u
Ragini: no swara di there is no mistake of urs
swara:then why aren’t you talking with me I know you ragini!!
Ragini was about to say something when someone called swara and she turns to talk with person who have called her.
Ragini took it as a chance and walked towards an empty table.
Swara finished talking and turned towards  were ragini stood and a tear dropped out of her eyes seeing she was gone . A tear skipped out from her eye she knew she was responsible for ragini’s weird behaviour.

Sanskar who just saw this knew there was something wrong between them.
He walked towards swara and gave her a assuring smile

Sanskar:Swara I know there is something that is bothering u would feel better if u would share it with someone close to you.
Swara turned wiped of the tears at the corner of her eyes and flashed a smile at Sanskar.
Swara:no Sanskar there is nothing wrong thanks for your concern and walked away.
Ragini sat at the empty table at the corner of the hall looking it to her mobile she was going through her Instagram posts.She was startled by the voice of a girl she raised her head and looked at the girl in front of her.

Girl:I guess I am not bothering you by sitting here
Girl:by the way my name is twinkle
Ragini:my name is ragini niece to meet u. By the way u seem a new here.
Twinkle:I  have just joined the college a week ago
Ragini :OOO
Twinkle:u alone
Ragini:no u are there with me
Twinkle laughed at that
Twinkle:, wait let me get a drink for u.By the way orange juice or apple
Ragini looked at the disappearing figure of twinkle
She seemed to enjoy herself with twinkle
It has become dark and most of them have left to their homes
Laksh walked towards the table were ragini was seated when he saw her talking with a chirpy girl she seemed to be fine he saw her phone on the table but she was no were to be seen.
May be she has left with any of her friends and might have left her phone here
He walked towards his car and drove towards ragini’s home he have to see whether ragini have reached her home or not it was his responsibility daddi had left her with him.
On the way he was surprised to see ragini on the road she was not standing stable and was trying to shoo away some road side roadies laksh got out of the car and walked towards ragini and the roadies left as soon as they saw laksh.Laksh ran towards ragini and kissed her forehead and ragini wandered what he was doing

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