Together Forever-A promo

Hey guys… I’m with a new promo….Keep supporting…Keep loving….

Sometimes, none will be with you….You have to stand alone and fight the battle of life…Love is also not a fairy tale always…Actually, sometimes love gives us the biggest pain and the sad thing is that during that moment,we will have no shoulder to cry on,no arms to fall on,no fingers to wipe the tears and no support at all… As human beings,we must have a strength to overcome all this…
Coming back to the promo,
Rohan isn’t talking to anyone nowadays…He is all alone… He is not playing violin nowadays… His eyes have become the reddish eyes and many kinds of questions raise from the eyes which can’t even be answered..
He is not caring for his Mom’s questions… He is not attending any calls of his friends too…He is just living for a sake of something which can never happen…

Ana is looking as a widow…. She is very sad and needs her sister badly…She is feeling very guilty too…No happiness,nothing… She has some hope that she will see her sister one day… She doesn’t want anything actually… As a widow, she is not allowed to wear the things which normal girls used to wear… But she doesn’t really want all these accessories… She wants her life back…A life with her friends and her sweet sissy…Rohan is not at all answering her calls…Aarav is just driven mad…And in the case of Lisha, Ana can’t find her even…Ana is all alone…She feels that she is in a world where no humans are left…

Aarav, his heart is not alive now actually…. He is physically alive but mentally he has died on the day when his Shona left him…. He is feeling very guilty in the bottom of his heart… His regular work nowadays, is that screaming Lisha’s name, throwing all the things here and there, breaking the things and again set those things neat with the hope that she will come back one day…He keeps on searching for her,going mad for her…He doesn’t care about anything now… He wants his Shona to be alive and he badly needs her cute smile which boost him up…He wanna hear the knock on his door… He wanna enjoy Lisha’s attitude…. But he can’t find her… This is even worse than dying,right???

Rohan needs to be alone while Ana wants all of them together again, whereas Aarav wants his Shona…. But where is Lisha???Why does she go and where does she go??? Is she alive???

All your questions will be answered in upcoming episodes…Till that, you can tell your guesses in the comments section… If you have any doubt, tell that in the comments…I will explain it…Guys,this is just a promo or a spoiler…

Thank you,
With love,

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  1. Plz donot seperate all of them

  2. what happened to my sweet lisha…aww so many twists ..ana widow …rohan mad …aarav in desperate pain ..:-[ very painful phase of their lives …wanna see all those Dr ..update soon ..Don’t separate lirav

  3. so awesome yaar

  4. venkatesh prasath

    awesome twists are coming

  5. Meenatchi Balachander

    So many twists?!! Update soon!!!?

  6. Wow wat a heart touching promo yaar m ya it made me cry

  7. o god soundarya what’s going to happen??? plz don’t seperate them….I think that some misunderstanding will be create between lirav n she will leave him…such a big twist yaar….full suspense…

  8. Hey what happened to lisha y r they behaving lyk this n ana wat happnd to her?

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