TOGETHER..FOREVER..| one shot on EAAB!!

hello guys I thought of writing an os for the show EAAB!

Aastha cried alone in the room for a while. She knew shiv loved radhika, but she still married him.
She never even dreamed of crying after her father’s death.

Aastha slowly removed her wedding jewellery, staring at her self in the mirror. After, she put on her comfortable clothes.

She got on the beautifully decorated bed. Shiv wasn’t present there.

Aastha rested her head on the bed and cried some more


Shiv felt terrible. He sat down at the bench outside. His wedding day was supposed to be a happy day. He has ditched 2 girls, both lost in love.

He slowly dragged him self to the room. He had to do his ‘fake smile’ along the way.

As he stepped in his room, he saw Aastha sleeping. He sighed and stared at his room.

It was not his room anymore, it was aastha’s as well.

Shiv changed to his comfortable clothes as well and slept.


Aastha woke up from the sun rays fallen from the window. She turned and saw Shiv.

She was married. Aastha hopped off from the bed and tidied her side of the bed.

“Mama go away” wailed Shiv.

Aastha laughed. “Shiv it’s me”

Shiv slowly opened his eyes. It took him a while to realise that he was married as well!

Aastha changed into some decent clothes and went downstairs.

“Hello my dear, did you sleep well?” asked lakshmi, Shiv’s maa.

Aastha nodded. “can I help you with anything?”

“Not today dear, you sit here while I serve you two breakfast.” said lakshmi.

Aastha smiled and sat down.


Mornings are Shiv’s least favourite thing. He dragged himself down wearily.

He sat down beside Aastha.

As Lakshmi served them both breakfast, Shiv stared at Aastha.

“Maa I got to go to work” said Shiv after finishing his breakfast.

Lakshmi nodded. “Worship god and go..take Aastha along with you.


No one knew Aastha was an atheist! Aastha went along with Shiv to pray for god.

Shiv worshiped god but Aastha just wished that she would get along with Shiv.

“I’m going” said Shiv.

Aastha nodded. “Bye” she waved.

They smiled.


Aastha was pampered by everyone. Time flew by. Aastha helped everyone to tidy the place.

Aastha went to her room, she sat on her bed to read a book.


Shiv came home to see the place tidier than ever! He went to his bedroom to finish off his work.

“Oh you came?” asked Aastha.

Shiv nodded and sat opposite her to finish his work.

“Shiv I know that we both don’t like this marriage, but we are married..we have toget along okay?”

Shiv stared at her. “It will take some time..” he said.


Yes it took time..Initially, they helped each other in small things, and they gradually felled in love.

And now Aastha and Shiv are blessed with a twins.

“It’s their first day for school” said Aastha.

She dragged them near to god. Shiv, Aastha and twins prayed for happiness.

“God helps you but beleive in humanity too” said Aastha.

Twins smiled and hopped on to the car with shiv.

“Bye mama” said the twins.

Aastha smiled. Her house was filled with pictures of her tiny family.


At night twins came into Aastha’s and Shiv’s room.

“mama school was awesome!!” Shouted the twins.

All smiled happily.

“Pihu..Piyush..go to bed now” said Shiv.

“But we want to sleep here today with you” said Pihu.

Shiv and Aastha smiled. All cuddled together, happily.

“Good night” said Shiv


SO guys I’m a huge EAAB fan!!

So this is m first EAAB ff and how was it?

DO comment so I can know your thoughts!!

Have happy thoughts
and keep watching EAAB!




    |Registered Member

    So tvfan finally u made it. It was nice but very speedy and short do make a Fan fiction in chapters or parts it will be good and interesting to read.

  2. Pallavi

    Hi…Can i join in EAAB family… .This is pallavi ….From Hyderabad…..But mother tongue is Kannada …. Recently i completed my 12th class and preparing for medical entrance…..I need all Ur good wishes so that i can fulfill my parents and my dream…..So this is my intro…..And coming to the os it’s amazing but i think it should be divided into parts… K guys …Bye….Pls do reply

    • Tvfan1



      hello pallavi
      yeah sure you can join dear!!

      we are all giving u good wishes!! you will sure achieve that goal

      BUT do comment on the written update page so every one can see ur comments..
      AND do keep commenting about the episode there!

      and in the’s just a short story..I’m a starting a chapter-ed story soon as well!!


      • Pallavi

        Thanku and sure will comment on the written episodes…And i hope u come up with a new ff very soon

  3. RANdomfANCreationz


    |Registered Member

    Wow a one shot on EAAB cool!!! And i loved the ending especially wow Aastha n shiv fall in love with each other 😍😍😍and also had twins 😍😍😍
    Thank u so much for writing a ff on EAAB 😊😊😊 actually it’s my current fav on air show 😊

    • Tvfan1



      thank you so much!
      what an inspiring comment!!

      also i wrote another ff, if u want to read it!

      P.S- can u also join our EAAB family in the written update page

      • RANdomfANCreationz


        |Registered Member

        Sure i will join EAAB family soon I just have two episodes to catch up with as i m a student and doing a part time job at the same time too 😊 And i would love to read ur other ff

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