Together Forever (Intro)

Hi all!!! I’m a big fan of Swaragini… So I’m here to write a Fan Fiction…I’m not gonna use the same characters name used in the serial…
The story is mainly based on love and friendship…It is mainly based on youth society,the way how they face their problems being together forever… During first episodes,the story mainly revolves around two girls who are sisters.Then the track will undergo major transformation.It’s not a single or double heroes-heroines concept.. It’s based on a group of youngsters who wanna live their life to the fullest being together forever… Music plays an important role in this story…This story will contain many moral values…

I’m imagining some of the characters and their names as follows

1)Tejaswii Prakash as Anamica Chopra(Protagonist)
2)Helly Shah as Lisha Chopra(Protagonist)
3)Parineeta Borthakur as Reshma Chopra
(Mom of Lisha and Anamica)
4) Sachin Tyagi as Ananth Chopra
(Dad of Lisha and Anamica)
5)Madhu Raja of Kumkum bhagya fame as Araadhana Chopra
(Grandmom of Lisha and Anamica)
6)Varun Kapoor as Aarav Gupta (Protagonist)
7) Namish Taneja as Rohan Kapoor (Protagonist)

There will many more protoganists while the track moves on…
This is just my introduction and the story will be interesting..
Hope you guys like it…

With love,

Credit to: Soundarya


  1. Niti

    hey..its just will be difficult to imagine the characters by new name..many of us will drop reading ur ff due to this..other then that nice track

  2. Swen Woni

    Can’t we keep the same names as in the serial.we all are used to it…its going to be hard to remember who is who in ur further episodes? Please……

  3. I’m sorry.. I cannot use same names.. Plz do read my friends.. U will connect to it..Apologises since I have mentioned the names here…Please understand it my friends

  4. Soundarya

    I cant change the names because i have mentioned it already.. so please do understand my friends… please do read it… sorry friends.. 🙂

  5. zellafarook

    No worries , go ahead , even it’s tough to remember those new names I will get used to it?

  6. Mithu

    Soundarya,we understand and all names are good but for a swasan fan fiction it is a bit difficult to accept new names,sorry,but since it is just an intro there is scope for a change,just told my opinion ,only you know what is good for the track that you have planned.

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.