TOGETHER FOREVER (intro and epi-1)


Hi am ameera back wid a new ff. Hope u all like it.

Sanskaar maheswari-
A gangster a very firece strong and very angry,man. He,dosent believe in love. He also doesnt believe in god. he will kill any one who comes in his way or stops him from doing anything. He has a very bitter past. The entire nation fears him.
Very famous. Heard hearted. He is also very cruel. He is an orphan. But depite all this he is devilishly handsome. A slight smile can make any girl fall over him. But he rarely rarely smile. Loves his brother more than anything.
He is always grim in front of the world.

Swara gadodia-
A cute, gorgeous,bubbly,hot and beauiful girl. A naughty mischevious and kindhearted person.Believes in true love and god.Her dad is a great minister. She always behaves innocently and childishly infront of her family and loved ones.
But a really matured sensible girl.A great prankster but her pranks only makes everyone smile.Her dad loves her most.Her mom also loves her but strict with her.

Laksh maheswari-
The right hand and close and best friend of sanskaar and sanskaars brother not by blood.(laksh past will be revealed later)Everyone fears him because of a statement of sanskaar(revealed later).He believes in love. Dosent believe in god much. Understand sanskaar well and loves him a lot.

Ragini gadodia-
A very silent and shy type of girl. Loves her sister a lot. She and swara do many pranks together. Has a crush on laksh maheswari. Not swara but beautiful. Her mom loves her a lot but dad is a little strict with her but loves her too.

Shekar gadodia-
a high minister, everyone respects him. A kind hearted person loves his both daughters but loves swara more.
Loves his wife too. He is not afraid of any gangster and is ready to take action against anyone who is wrong. New to post.

Sharmishta gadodia-
A loving and caring house wife. Loves her daughters a lot. Loves ragini a little more,than swara. She got to know about sanskaar recently. She loves her husband a lot but lives her daughters and supports them a lot too. Trusts them a lot.

Lets move on to the story.
A girl is seen walking on a deserted road. She seems to be walking in a hurry but stumbles and stopped.
” cant u walk properly at least swara?”
She said herself.
” first u reach ur friends home late, then when they asked to drop u u refused and now u cant walk properly and hurt ur leg. how worse can this day get.” She said herself.
And walked limping a little. She suddenly wanted to go home soon.
She usually comes this way and walks real slow enjoying the breeze and the nature around her. But today she was feeling restless.
She started to walk quickly but because of her leg which she hurt, she couldnt walk very fast..
Suddenly she saw a man coming towards me. He was a little far from swara but he was running wildly and continuoisly.looking behind.
He had cuts in his body and was bleeding. He had a bandage around his head. He saw swara and ran to her.
“please save me, they r here to kill me, please save me.” He said crying.
” look who r u, and no one will kill u.” Swara said.
” no no they will definetely kill me, please save me.” He said still crying.
” look no one is going to kill, u and from whom shud i save u?” The instant she asked a gun firing sound was heard. Swara froze. The man slowly fell down revealing who shot him.
“from sanskaar maheswari ” he said in a rough voice.
She looked at him and looked at the man who was pleading me to save him, He was lying on the floor, lifeless now. Surrounded by a pool of blood. She looked back at sanskaar. He was looking at the lifeless man.
” u like killing others right? So feel how is it like to die in fear yourself.” he said to the lifeless man.

A few other men who were with him were grinning.
His men came forward and carried the body away.
He looked up and saw swara. He gave a slight smile at her.
” oh no! Another witness, u have to die too then.” he said.
Swara froze. She looked at him scared and shocked.
” byee have a happy journey.” he said.
Swara took a step back.
A gun firing sound is heard and swara looked shocked and fell on the ground with a thud.
He smiled at the lifeless body.
So guys how was the first epi and please comment positive or negative both accepted. Please i know u all want to bash me but, i say u have patience till next epi.and this is NOT a dream. Till then so long. Love u all

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  1. Sumeeta

    Nice.did swara get shot

    1. Ameera

      I am sorry but u have to read the next episode for thay , glaf u liked it anx keep smiling

  2. Interesting n superb…… Loved it dear??????????update soon

    1. Ameera

      Thank u soo much vidhi, that means a lot to me really andglad u liked it keep smiling.

  3. Jenisha

    Hee…people hi episode me swara ko maar diya ???…. I think someone was behind her…and sanskar killed him/her.. interesting concept…try to update soon…or today only…..

    1. Ameera

      Thank u and lets hope ur guess is right and swara doesnt die. Hehe and do keep smiling.

  4. Cutiie


    1. Ameera

      Thank u and please do keep reading and smiling

  5. varshu♥....

    omg….last scene is increasing my curiority to read the next episode…..
    it was an amazing episode…..loved it a lot….
    the first episode itself made me happy yaar….
    waiting for more wonderful episodes…..
    it’s really interesting…

    1. Ameera

      Omg!! That means so much to me thank u and please do keep supporting me Nd do keep smiling.

    1. Ameera

      Thank u so much keep smiling

  6. Dharani


    1. Ameera

      Thank u dharani glad u like it and keep smiling

  7. Nice & interesting

    1. Ameera

      Thank u keep smiling

  8. Riyaprincess

    Awesome yr continue soon

    1. Ameera

      Thank u soo much and keep smiling

  9. Hen? Swara got shot!!! U gave us heart attack in 1st part itself. Really luking 4ward ur next epi.

    1. Ameera

      I know but u have to be patirnt and read the next episode and thank u please keep smiling.

  10. Very nice..I m so excited for next episode…

    1. Ameera

      Thank u mana,. Keep,smiling

  11. love rags

    1. Ameera

      Thank u lisa and keep smiling

  12. Abirsha

    Aww….. Its very nice…. Awesome…. Loved this epi…. I think swara might have fainted due to the gun shot…. May be….. Update next asap…. ?

    1. Ameera

      Thank u soo much shan. And lets see if ur guess is right and i will try. Keep smiling

  13. Its interesting dr… I think he shot someother person… hope so… keep smiling… 🙂 🙂

    1. Ameera

      Thank u soo much. Oops sorry, i know dosti mein no sorry no thank u but really glad u liked it and, in case u dint see my reply we are definetely friends. Love u loads and keep smiling

  14. Isabel

    Oh Scary and mysterious but so awesome and good and nice, always ending in a suspense so that my head could blast

    1. Ameera

      Glad u, liked it and i purposely do it for u and keep smiling.

    2. Ameera

      Glad u, liked it and i purposely do it for u and keep smiling. Love u loads. A huge hug to u.

  15. Seenu90

    why ragini is nt beautiful i knw u want to say gorgeous rgt…She is so beautiful dat swara will luk less good dan her..

    1. Ameera

      I am sorry and i agree ragini is gprgeous in real life but in my ff i kept her as beautiful but not equal to the main lead is swasan. nd if u have any more problems reguarding my ff, please dont heasitate to say, like ur opennes and dont worry i will change that phase. thank u for saying ur opinipn.Is that alright? And sorry and keep smiling.

  16. Ameera superb intro dear….loved rags..watng for her scenes…☺☺☺☺

    1. Ameera

      Thank u so,muvh fairy and keep smiling

  17. Tvisha

    Amzing Ameera.. its so awesome specially the last part plzz uploadsoon I am waiting forward to this♥♥♥

    1. Ameera

      Thank u so much tvisha and that,means a lot to me.,keep smiling

  18. Vyshu10

    nice… i think sanskar shot someone else n swara jst became unconscious

    1. Ameera

      Hooo lets see if ur guess is right , will reveal it in next epi.keep smiling

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