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Laksh stared at swaragini shocked. Swara pat raginis cheeks.
Sanskaar stood near laksh.
Swa- arre? What did u do mr? U scared her, she always used to call u jaan but now u took her life.oh no! Wait u didnt scare her, she got excited seeing u. She loves u so much na thats y!
Saying this she pat ragini’s cheeks.
Swa- oh god! Always shouting. What did i say? I said the truth na?
Lak- u said it just like that? I mean u know girls are shy right?
He said still holding ragini.
Swa- oh hello! I am not the shy type. I am very open. Whatever i want to say i will say, and back biting and speaking behind others back, i just hate those qualities.
Laksh rolled his eyes.
Laksh pat raginis cheeks again.
Lak- hey, dude? Hello, r–ra–ragu?
Still no answer.

Lak-( remembers swaras words.) jjj—jjjaaa—jaan?
That made an immediate effect on ragini.
She slowly blinked her eyes and saw laksh and her eyes widend seeing him. He smiled at her.
Lak- u alright?
Ragini stared wide eyes and fainted again in laksh arms.
Lak-oh no not again!!!
Swasan smiled at the same moment.
Swa- arre wah mr. Person doenst suit u right so mr. Romeo ok?
Dear mr. Romeo u made my sister faint by one word and look and got her concious by another word and got her fainted again by ur mere smile?
Wait what am i saying?
Lak- U MIS——

they both were interrupted by the gun firing noise,
Sans- arre Yaar, becoz of these people i forgot the actual reason why i came to mall.
Oh no!
Sanskaar gives a quick signal to his men and they went and took their positions.
Laksh took ragini with him.
Sanskaar, normally he would have given people to his men to get them to safety, but in this case sanskaar himself took swara with him. They both rushed behind a pillar.
A group of angry people came in an fired blindly and they paused to see no one in the mall.
Angry exclaimations could be heard.
Leader of the opposition gang- search the whole place down and kill whom ever u see.
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Hi guys i am back, very sorry for late update. But am very very busy. This is the last update of #TF. Coz i have exams. Next #MILS(my incomplete love story) after that till my exams are over no updates, very sorry for that.
And a belated happy friendship day to u all.
And nive: if u r reading this,
I am really angry with u, u wrote a new ff and never told me? Lol just kidding after reading ur ff my anger vanished and i was laughing lyk a maniac.
Guys do read nives new ff.

Love beyond ages. I is an fantastic incredible mind blowing ff. ( read if u r very upset, it would make u laugh till ur stomach hurts)
And shan u asked me to post my ff i dunno which so i posted this, sorry if u dint mean this,
Guys do read shans ff too. Thats the same, fantastic, incredible and just amazing.

Omg such a long note? Sorry but do read it. Thank u all for ur support. Keep smiling. 🙂 😉 🙂

Precap- same.

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