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The next day:
Swaragini and kavya were in the mall purchasing. Jumping from one store to another.
Sanlak was going in the car.
Lak: bhai we have got info that there is an attack to take place in xyz mall.
Lak- 2:30 sharp.
San- whats the time now?
San- this is going to be fun!!!
They reach the mall in 2 mins.
Sanskaar entered the mall with his army of gunmen. Laksh was walking beside him holding a machine gun.
San- lucky clear the mall.
Laksh smiled.
Lak- easy.
Laksh shot a few bullets in the air and that sent everyone screaming and running.
Lak- i said u it was easy.
Sanskaar rolled his eyes. He turned to his men.
San- listen carefully.we have to get this people out as soon as possible then we have to take our positions. Laksh right of me and karan left. ( karan is the 3rd main person in the gang.) now———–he says the plan——– understood?
(All nods) ok then lets go, get those people out. There are three floors right.
Saying this he divides three groups.
His men rushed to get the people out as time was ticking.
Scene shift to swaragini.
Swa- kavi come out enough of ur fittings.
Rags- yeah kavya di.
Kavya comes out of the fitting room.
Kav- none of these dresses are good.
She complained.
Swaragini laughed.
Suddenly they heard a gun firing noise. In a minute many gunmen entered the shop and rushed everyone out of the shop.
They all reached the ground floor. The three of them were running but kavya got lost due to the crowd struggling to go to the entrance. To get out.
Swara held raginis hand really tight.
They were running. They were running fast that everything was a blur to them then suddenly they both hit someone.
Swara hit someone and she left raginis hand and held very tightly on to the person whoever he was. Her cheek was on his. She could feel the hot breath of the person. She slowly opened her eyes and realized she had not fallen. Then she turned to face the stranger and her lips brushed against his. She froze. She felt like a wave of current through her body. Then she saw him. The love of her life. Holding her. With a tight grip. They stared deeply into eachothers eyes before they realize their position. She looked around the mall.
She saw the last of people running out the mall.
It was empty only except sanskaars men. She realized that ragini is missing. She took one more scan around the mall and saw ragini with laksh. Sanskaar was also looking for laksh and he saw laksh with ragini and went to him.
Ragini was running with swara. She was running fast to keep up with swara. She suddenly hit someone with such a force. Her hand automatically left swaras hand and held on to the person whom she hit. She held on to the person very tight.she slowly opened her eyes and saw the face and gasped. She had bumped into LAKSH MAHESWARI. She blinked several times to make sure it was not a dream. Her heart started beating rapidly. They had a deep eyelock. Her eyes full of love for him. Laksh was staring at ragini. She was gorgeous. He could not take his eyes off her. Ragini was breathing heavily. The glasses she was wearing had slipped a little and now it was on her nose.
He made her stand straight. She was still staring at him. Ragini knew very well her feelings towards him but laksh didnt. The moment he saw her his heart started beating fast. He felt a spark. He didnt know what was happening to him. He saw the glasses and adjusted it properly for ragini.
Raginis eyes widened. Her hands went cold. Her heart started beating very fast. She felt the world spinning around her. She felt dizzy.
Lak- are u alright?
Raginis eyes widened even more. Laksh, was talking to her?
She suddenly couldnt stand properly. She put her hand to her head. She took a look at laksh and fell towards laksh.
Laksh held her tight. Her head was on lakshs chest. Laksh stared at her and slightly patted her cheek. But ragini was unconsious.
Swasan was running towards raglak. They stopped short seeing them close.swasan smiled. Swara quickly pulled out her phone and recorded it. She slowly kept her head on sanskaar’s shoulder. Sanskaar stared at swara.when ragini became swara’s eyes widened. She quickly saved the video and
She screamed and ran towards ragini.
Laksh stared at her in shock.
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Precap- swara sitting on the floor and a goon pointing gun at her. Swara pleads him to let her go. The goon loads his gun. And gunfiring sound is heard. Swara falls on the ground. Sanskaar stares at swara in shock.

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