Hi guys! U know what i am thinking to end this ff if u all r not liking it. I know i am a horrible writer. I am gonna make it 3 shots and this maybe the last. Sorry and thank u all for ur support. Love u all keep smiling. As this maybe my last i have a request, silent readers please comment.
( i thought of adding some raglak scenes as well! If u all dont mind. Ragini is also gorgeous like swara. And swaragini is very innocent)
Swa-(monolouge) did they mean that all this time i was.. With sanskaar and laksh maheswari?
She turned aroud and saw their car dissapearing into a distance. She looked downsaw near her feet was another man lying on a pool of blood. She was shocked.
She was dazed.
Police-maam did they do anything to u?
Swara nods.

Police- what is it?
Swa- sanskaar stole it.
Police- what
Swara dreamily
Swa- my heart.
Police men looked at one another and was confused.
Swara ignored the police and was walking towards her home thinking about sanskaar , his smile , style and attitude stuff and all and a smile spread on her face thinking about sanskaar.( u all know vk is so hot.)
She heard her phone buzz it was ragini.
Swa- ha ragini bolo
Rag- what were u blabbering and what r u saying , y? r u gonna go far away from me?
Swa- no rags i was just kidding i am coming home. Bye.
Rag- bye.
Convo ends.
Swara saw the letter in her hand and put it in her bag.
At home:
“WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAATTTTTTTTTTTTTT!!!! U MET LAKSH JI, I MEAN LAKSH MAHESWARI JI” rags screamed. Her crush no longer existed, she now sincerely and deeply loved laksh.
Swara was staring outside the window staring into the starry night. The stars twinkling and the bright round moon. The passing clouds. Swara loved to see the night sky.( anyone else loves to see the night sky?). Only one thing, one name, one person was in her mind. Love, sanskaar, gangster. She was dreaming about her love sanskaar.
She fell for his mere smile.

She was brought out of her dream world by ragini, who was shaking swara furiously.
Rags- di, di, swara diiiiiiiiiiiiii
Swa- huh y r u shouting?
Rags- sorry. She said meekly.

Swa- its ok. U were saying something.
Rags-haan. U met laksh mahewari ji?
Swa- haan, sanskaar maheswari too. Rags-Really di?
Swa- u dont believe me na? Its ok.
Rags- no di i believe u. U r so lucky di.
Swa- ragu, i love sanskaar so much.
Rags- di i love laksh maheswari ji so much.
Swa- uffo ragu again “ji”?
Rags- they need respect na?
Swa- haan. Hey they gave me a letter.
Rags- where ? Oh here it is and omg u could have said it b4 di. Omg i am so excited.
Swa- ragu? Calm down now i am going to read. U know no one in college will believe that u r the same ragu who is buried in books, is now screaming and blabbering her head off.
Ragini pouted.

Rags- di please read it.
Swa- ok.
Hi, u know me. I am laksh. U called me mr. Person and my bhai, mr. Angel. I wanna thank u for making my bhai smile and u know i never seen him smiling whole heartedly until today and wanna thank u. And u dint die, bhai shot the man behind u and u fainted due to gunshot i think. Antways glad to meet u. U know what? Bhai was saying u were a pagal and also called u pagal and i award u with the name pagal. U have something which no other girl we encountered with have.And thank u once again and hope to meet again soon.( bhai thought i only wrote the y u fainted and he doesnt know about anything in this letter and dont say him)

laksh maheswari.
Ragini sighed.
Rags- laksh ji. So sweet of him. Wish to meet him once. What was he saying by the way?
Swa-wo ……….
And swara narrated the whole thing. Ragini laughed and laughed and hugged swara.
Rags- waise di, shall we go to mall tomorrow? Need to buy somestuff.
Swa- haan.
Later that day Swaras friends came to meet her.

Kavitha- ooooo don’t lie Swara. U met Sanskaar mahewari? Hahaha in Ur dreams.
Kavya- Kavitha! Swara I believe u.Met
Kavitha- proof needed madam.
Swa- proofs?
Ragu- kavitha please.
Kavya- kavitha leave it.
Kavitha- nope i need proofs for swara meeting sanskaar.
( note: kavya is only swaras friend. A good natured and kind hearted person. Kavitha is her sis. Opposite of kavya. )
Swa- haaan i have proof.
Ragini and the other two stared at swara.
Swa- ek min.

She browsed through her phone and showed the photos to the three of them. They stered at it. Ragini saw swalak pics and smiled seeing laksh. How lucky is di! She thought.
And kavitha kept silent.
The rest of the day passed quickly.
That night swara was dreaming about sanskaar and ragini about laksh.
They dozed off.
Hi guys! R u shocked? Well dont be. I was just joking. No 3 shots. And i know i am a horrible writer but please please fulfill my request. Love u all. Thank u for ur support keep smiling.

Precap- swasan and raglak meet. Beiginning of raglak love story. Swasan moments.

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  1. Awwww ameera thnku so much for addng ragini??….n u r a realyy good writter dear☺..episode ws superbbb..watng for precap eagerly..??

    1. Ameera

      thank u so much fairy, glad u liked it. and yeah added ragini coz of u only. will post next soon. thank u keep commenting and smiling.

  2. Tamanna

    Hey it’s nice…I am reading first time this ff…it’s interesting.. I am going to read every episode of the ff

    1. Ameera

      awww thats sweet. thank u so much. glad u liked it. keep commenting and smiling.

    1. Ameera

      thank u so much anu. glad u liked it. keep smiling

  3. Srivarsha

    It’s so good u know what first I saw ur 2nd part and thru previous link I read 1st one as I am very bored but I forgot the ff name after 2 days then I searched all new swasan FFS about half an hour and at last I found it. I am saying this to say that u r not bad writer and never feel like that. I liked ur story line and loved the fun b/w swasan. So…. When are you going to post the next one

    1. Ameera

      omg thank u srivarsha, ur comment made me smile. and the next one will take some time coz shud write other ff and my studies are on line too so. anyways tysm and keep commenting and keep smiling

      1. Srivarsha

        Ok take ur own time and try to post a big one?

    1. Ameera

      thank u so much pavi. keep commenting and smiling

  4. Awesome update ameera.. ?

    1. Ameera

      thank u so much pramudi. i am really glad u liked it and please keep smiling.

  5. Abirsha

    its awesome….really i thought u r going to end…oh gosh u didn’t do anything like that….bcoz I love this ff a lot….so don’t think of ending understand

    1. Ameera

      yes madam! thank u so much shan. i am really glad u liked it. and yeah, i read ur ff too and sadly no time to comment. and yeah keep supporting and please please keep smiling

    1. Ameera

      thank u so much s. keep supporting and smiling.

  6. Wow interesting …plz nxt epi asap…

    1. Ameera

      thank u so much yaz. really glad u liked it. keep supporting and smiling.

  7. Dharani

    very nice

    1. Ameera

      thank u so much dharani. am glad u like it. keep supporting and keep smiling.

  8. Isabel

    more than awesomeness!!!

  9. Very awesome !!! ,i thought u was going to end it but u didn’t. Love u ?

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      aww thank u so so so much. yaar love u. my cute lil ifra thank u so much. keep smiling. 😉

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