Hi guys,i am back and sorry am, late thank u soo sooo much for the response. It was clearly beyond my expectations and shan guessed right and vyshu guesssed it right.
Lets mive on to the episodes.

SPLASHH!!!! Swara woke up with a jerk.
She looks at sandkaar and starts wailing.
” u… U killed me , i am dead now”And then stopped.
” am i dead?” she asked
Before she got a reply,
” i am dead now! Cool i mean i am officially dead.” now does that mean
I can haunt people?”
Swara said in excitement.
Sanskaar jist stared at her.
(monolouge) what the hell?? What is she blabbering? But she looks so cute.
Urgh what the hell sanskaar! Control ur emotions.
” hey are u an angel? Mmm u look damn handsome and hot for an angel!” swara said.
He gave a light chuckle.
And looked up at swara and smiled very slightly.( note- both were on their knees.)
And that smile! Love at first sight for swara, when she saw him smile she felt an unknown happiness and when he looked at her she felt butterflies in her stomach. She couldnt help regretting the fact that she was dead.
(note- swara seriously thinks she is dead and still dint notice her surroindings.)
” hey a min please mr. Angel “swara said. She felt her pocket and took out her phone. And exclamied.
” hey its impossible! How am i getiting service in heaven? Has god setup some connectivity towers or wat?”

Sanskaar couldnt help smiling at her innocence. Laksh who was standing beside him also smiled.
Laksh( monolouge) this girl is so innocent! Within the First five minutes of our meeting she made bhai smile! God she must have some really special powers wid her.
Swara- hey mr.angel can i take a selfie please!
Sanskaar looked surprised at this request.
Sanskaar-(monolouge) am i even in my senses? People who see me shiver from head to toe seeing me but this girl! This girl is actually requesting a selfie.?
Before sanskaar could reply she noticed laksh.
Saw- hi mr. Person! She said innocently.
Lak- mr. Person?
Swa- haan i know u are wondering i am calling different names for both of u na, becoz he is ravishing handsome and all and looks like an angel.
U are also the same bit u cant compete wid an angel na. I agree u are a person like me. And u are wishing u were called like that to but sorry. Only he is mr.angel. She said pointing at sanskaar.
Sanskaar shot an embarrased look at laksh.
Laksh was longing to burst into laughter. This girl in no less than 5 mins made my bhai, chuckle, smile and look enbarrased wow.
Swa- now i get it all. U are the angel of death right! U took my life kyunki god said u, but sunno its not good to take other peoples lives and i know gid ordered u but still. Ok leave it. Mr. Person can u click a selfie of us?
Lak- (without hesitating) sure and immediately got a glare from sanskaar and gave a teasing smile in return.
Lak- say cheese.
Swa-butter(instead of cheese) and gave a pose like pecking sanskaar on cheeks. Actually she did. And sanskaar was completely frozen by this act. He remembered some scenes Of his past and dint say a word. Swalak was busy taking various selfies. When they were done swara came up to him and ” y did u say u were sanskaar maheswari?”
Laksh got a word before sanskaar.
Lak- well he simply adores him.
Swa- eeeeks! What kind of an angel are u? U adore a human?
Sanskaar gave a deathly glare to laksh. Laksh smirked.
Swa- anyways u resemble him.

Hey look a call from ragini! Oh u dont know ragini right shes my younger sis. Well when did bhagwan ji put connection from heaven to earth. Well i shud not talk wid her much coz if god gets angry that i am speaking alot with humans he will pull out every cinnection and i wont be able to update my staus in fb and not be able to browse through my instagram. so be in your limit swara.
Swa- hi
Rags-swara where r u?
Swa- i am sorry rags but u can never see me and i am really far away from u and pleaee dont search me. Love u rags.
She said solemnly.
Swara disconnected the call.
Laksh was trying his best ro supress his laughter.
She looks keenly at sanskaar and said how. Will bhagwan ji call u for any other work….. Oh wow bhagwan ji u are improved u,turned modern na! she said .
Swa- look bhagwan ji contacts him by bluetooth na.
Laksh couldnt bear his lauhter but tries his maximum to supress it. His face was red.
Sanskaar was now sitting on the road his palm on cheek and elbow on knee. He was listening to swaras talks with a heartfelt smile.
Unlike laksh he could control his emotions very well.
Laksh was glad to see Sanskaar like that and smiled.
She went on and on with her non-stop chatter.(note all the body guards were near the car on sanskaars command.)
Suddenly sounds of sirens were heard.sanlak casually got on their feet and and a body guard came and gave a letter.
Swa- arre wah! Heaven too have police men. Cool.
San gave it to swara and said
Sans- after we go open and read this.
Swara took the letter but was confused.
Swa- where r u going?
Sans-wo bhagwan ji told us to come for a job by this bluetooth so bye and dont worry i have a feelimg we will meet again.
Saying this they both went.
Police- maam r u alright? Did they do something to u?
Swa- who.
Police-sanlak,maheswari( short form)
Swa-.(looking scared) where r they?
Police- they were just talking to u now and left.
Hi guys sorry for the long and boring chappy and thank u for ur response. I am sorry i wont be regulae coz my schools have started so hope u understand. Thts long.epi today
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