Together Forever Chapter-47


First of all,sorryyyyyyyy for a long break!!! Engineering and its commitments!!! Ufffffffff…Every engineering student’s name must be in the guiness book of world records!!! I’m so tired even now!!!Like seriously, I hate engineering and I literally mean it!!!!!!

Cath: I love you Rohan!!!

Jen: Guys, am I hearing right??? She is confessing her love to Rohan,seriously??? Or else,as I had drunk vodka, am I hearing wrong????

AJ:Jen,this is happening!!! Sssh!!!many twists on the way…

Jen blinks as AJ and everybody looks out for Rohan’s reaction…

Rohan(with red eyes of pain and anger):Catherine, if I’m not wrong, you are talking about love, right??? What the hell do you understand by this f**king love??Love hahahaaa!!!Hilarious!!!What made you fall for me??? My money??? My charm???My looks??? Whatever it may be, just throw it off!!!! I’m not even ready to hear the word “love” anymore!!!!Come on Lisha!!! Don’t tell her to stand in front of me!!! And just forget about it, okay????

Lisha looks at Cath….

Cath:I know everything about you!!! I just wanna love you throughout my entire life until my last breathe!!! If you have any belief that I will stop loving you, that won’t happen at any cost Rohan!!!And you remember that I love you and will love you forever Rohan…

Shreya:Cath, what is wrong with you??? Are you serious??? It’s just one day girl!!!

Cath: I’m damn serious about it!!!

Rohan looks on and comes near her….Cath is surprised…. He starts to shout by hurting her with his harsh touch on her shoulders… Everybody stops him….But he is unaffected!!! He talks as he hurts her…

Rohan: You idiot!!!You girls want my money, right??? Come on !!!I will transfer my property on your name!!! Please let me live my life peacefully!!! I know you want money….

Cath’s shoulders are paining but she doesn’t back off!!!

Cath:Who asked for your money???Rohan, I want your smile back!!!I always used to stare at you in the photoframes that Lisha had!!!How beautiful your smile was!!! I just want you to be happy… Neither I want your money and properties, nor I want you to love me back!!!My love’s objective is only to see you happy…I will be happy seeing you happy till my last breathe…I just love you, Rohan!!!

Rohan(in a violent tone): Catherine!!!

He then hurts his own hands by hitting them on the wall….

Lisha: Guys,enough!!!Let’s talk about it tomorrow!!! Morning, we have to get up early as we have many plans….

Rohan:I’m sorry Lisha… I’m not coming anywhere!!!

Virat: Bro, please calm down!!!

Rohan: Sorry guys and sorry Catherine!!! I just didn’t wanna hurt you!!! I think I have hurted you…. Please forget about love Catherine… And I’m not coming anywhere…

Catherine: I’m happy to bear the pains you give to me!!!You can hurt me until your hatredness towards love gets changed!!!

Nishita:Cath, stop it okay???

Randeep:Virat, tell her to stop this bro…

Hridhanya: Cath, come on..Let’s sleep!!!

Cath: Guys, let me complete it… If you are scared of loving me, then you shouldn’t definitely come… But if you are clear in ignoring me, you can come, right???

Ana: Cath is right, Rohan!!!

Virat: Yeah,Cath is right!!!

Randeep stares at Virat…

Veer: Rohan, just try to make some music man!!! Forget about Cath!!!!This is all about Music!!! Just join with us and let’s make some music…. Right???

Rohan: I wanna forget everything!!! I just wanna get lost in the world of music!!! I think you are right,Veer!!! I will come with you guys…

Cath gives a victorious smile which is noticed by Ana… Rohan ignores Cath and everybody goes to sleep… Cath doesn’t sleep…Ana notices it… Ana takes Cath away from the bed…

Ana: Cath,are you alright???Did he hurt you much??? If so sorry Cath!!! He is really drowned in pain…

Cath: Hey babie!!!!!This is just a mark of him on my body!!! Whether it’s about pain or worry, he has left his print on my body!!! I’m happy about it girl!!! Look at my shoulders!!! The scratches because of his hands!!! He made his mark in my heart as well as my shoulders… Forget it girl!!!!I’m happy to have it…

Ana: Are you serious Cath??? Don’t mistake me… Why do you love him this much???

Cath: I don’t know Ana!!! When your sister told about him,I was damn interested in meeting him… But after seeing him, my heart is all focussed on making him happy!!! The pain in his eyes really stimulates me to make him happy!!! I just love him yaar…

Ana: But seeing a girl like this for a first time in my life… Does love happen like this??? This soon???

A voice comes saying, “Love sees no time Ana” and when they see it, it’s Virat…

Cath: Virat, what are you doing???

Ana: He is overhearing our conversation!!! It’s a bad habit, Virat!!!

She smiles in a kidding manner and he smiles back at her…

Virat: Oh really girls??? Sorry for overhearing your interesting conversation… I just came to congratulate Cath…

Ana: Congratulate???

Virat:I’m really happy with the way you stood in front of him and the way you told him clearly that you love him…And your selfless love, Cath!!! I’m really proud of you Cath!!!

He puts his hands over her shoulders…

Cath: Okay Thank you my dear friend!!! When are you gonna love someone???

Ana: Am I disturbing you guys???

Cath: Just sit over here,feel free to talk with us Ana!!! And who really disturbed is Virat!!! We were talking actually!!! Keep it cool girl..

Virat:Ana, you are one of us now… I think you should learn many things from us… The first lesson is that nothing will be a secret talk among us!!! We will be an open book!!!

Cath: And the second lesson is that you should not have worries of disturbing us…And yeah, friends are lovely disturbances….

Ana: Ok guys!!! I will try to learn your lessons… All the best Cath!!!I want my old happy friend back!!! On seeing you, I’m getting confidence that Rohan will be alright soon…

Cath:Hoping for the same, Ana… Tell me about his likes and dislikes please,Ana!!!

Virat:Oh God, Cath is really fast!!!Cath, you will definitely succeed!!!I think in a year, I may see a baby of Cath and Rohan….

Cath: Idiot!!!First I need to concentrate on making him happy!!!Then I will concentrate on making kids with him

Cath gives a naughty smile…Ana and Virat look on and smile…Then they go to sleep…

Now it’s 2:45 a.m.Aarav’s phone is ringing… Everybody is sleeping deeply… Aarav picks up the call silently and looks at the display… It’s none other than Lisha…

Aarav (silently): Shona, why did you call me now??? And I cannot find you Here…. Where are you???

Lisha: You cannot find me there because I’m here down… Don’t you remember??? Our night out!!! I have somehow climbed the pipelines and got down!!! Aren’t you coming Aaru???

Aarav(surprised):Shona, you are hilarious!!!wait I will reach down…

He reaches down…

Aarav: Where are we gonna go???

Lisha: That park??? Disco theque??? Your house??? Mountain-side????Wherever we enjoy, let’s go there…

Aarav:Shona,you know what you are just incredible!!! Let’s definitely go girl wherever you want!!!And, I thought to ask you… What’s this new haircut???

He touches her strands of hairs….

Lisha: I just tried a new hair-do for the concert… Doesn’t it look good on me???

Aarav:Shona, you are looking like a princess now!!!!Stop being damn cute, hot and gorgeous at the same time for heaven’s sake… It kills me a lot!!!

Lisha blushes and they both laugh… They both start walking as the moon follows them!!!!

To be continued…

Thank you,
With love,

Credit to: Soundarya

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