Together Forever Chapter-43


Hey everybody!!!This is 43rd chapter!!!Hope you guys love it….

A few days passed…Aarav and Rohan can’t find Lisha in Goa…So they come back to Kolkata with totally disappointed and depressed condition…

Rithvik and Ana gets ready for their marriage in a simple manner that too in a registrar office!!! To make Ana feel better, Aarav and Rohan are there… And only the family members and a few friends are present…They exchange their garlands and get wedded very simply… After the marriage gets over,Rithvik goes to get the car which is parked in the opposite side…Everyone is waiting this side…He gets into the car and turn the steering towards the side where everyone is standing… While turning, he doesn’t notice the big truck coming opposite to him… And the truck also is coming in a high speed… Truck hits on the car… Ana and everybody shout… They rush towards the car… There is a huge blood loss from Rithivik’s body…He is actually dying… Rohan and Aarav call the ambulance… Rithivik’s parents cry hardly and so Ana…The ambulance comes and Rithvik is tested that he is alive or not… The doctor signs to Rohan that he is dead…. Rohan informs to everyone… They weep,weep and again weep… Aarav and Rohan console Ana…. Rithivik’s parents address Ana, unlucky… Aarav and Rohan take Ana to home… Ana’s sindhoor is removed and so the mangalsutra!! A minute after her marriage, she becomes widow… The neighbourhood,after knowing this, calls Ana to be very unlucky such that her own sister left away from her and that her own husband passed away at once he married with her… Ana is all new to this… And she calls herself as unlucky…She cries daily while Rohan and Aarav come to her,scold the neighbours and console her,but they both badly need a consolation…..
They all need Lisha now, who is their energy booster…

In Mumbai

They all become famous by only 2 concerts…The Musical refugees conduct concerts in the area where all classes of people will enjoy…. Lisha becomes a part of them… And everybody’s celebrations are upto the sky…. They earn fame and name in their very first concert…Now and then,Nishu and Cath advice Lisha to go to Kolkata for once… They ask her to forgive them… But Lisha never agrees… A few days passed… And their fourth concert is scheduled in Kolkata,which leaves Lisha shocked…

Lisha: you guys please go to Kolkata yaar!!! I’m not coming…

Virat: What do you mean by not coming???You are coming,okay???

Shreya: I think she is scared of being found by her dear ones…

Sooraj nods his head in a yes…

Lisha just stands with no reaction…

Jen: Don’t think about them yaar… Yo are living your life… Just come to attend the concert after all you are from Kolkata,right????

Veer: Enough of this hide and seek, Lisha!!! I know you miss them very badly and they too will miss you badly…Then what’s the point of hiding yourself????

AJ: It’s not right, Lisha!!! Not at all!!! Come on naa!!!

Lisha still stands with no response…

Hridhanya: Being your good friend, I’m saying..Please stop this… You won’t meet them neither you’ll forget them…You’ll keep on crying,thinking about them when you’re alone, right??? Do you think that it’s right????

Randeep: Absolutely, Hridhu!!!

Nishita:Guys, enough!!! Lisha, you need to think about it and decide…Okay??? None is gonna live your life…You think about everything and decide.

Cath continuously bites her nails and she suddenly speaks…

Cath: Hey stop torturing my babie!!! Babie,shall we do it as a deal???

Lisha:What Cath???

Cath: Okay listen you all!!! Babie, you listen carefully!!! Actually, we all are going to Kolkata…None of us including Lisha l,will meet Aarav, Ana,Rohan and Lisha’s parents… We won’t roam anywhere… And babie, you will be not forced to meet them and we will performing concert and will just come to Mumbai again… Just a day in Kolkata, that too only in the place where concert is gonna held… And even after all this, if they find you, you must forgive them..Because it’s destiny… If they don’t find you,we won’t force you to meet with them and we shall return to Mumbai… This is a deal, babie… Okay???

Lisha deeply thinks for a moment…

Lisha: That’s like my Babie!!! I agree with you Cath… If destiny again makes me meet them without my effort, then I would definitely forgive them for sure and accept them..Because Destiny is written by God and I believe in God’s words…Cath,thank you for this great idea…

Cath: No sorry and no thank you in friendship… And that’s like a good girl!!Lisha is coming to Kolkata..Yay!!!

Following her scream, everybody screams…

Precap: In Kolkata, their music concert starts!!!
(In next episode itself, it will be revealed to whether Lisha meets them or not)


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Credit to: Soundarya

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