Together Forever, chapter 38 (Last chapter)


Abeer climbs down the room throwing their bags down, he sits on the front seat and as he turns to check on Meher, to his shock, she wasnt there.
Abeer: yeh kahan gai? Neend mein thi pta nh kahan chali gai, main ghar ja k dekhta hoon.
He goes inside the house and sees Kuber and Madhvi sitting gloomily.
Abeer: mom, Meher yahan aai kya?
Madhvi: nh vo yahan nh ayi

Meher is sitting in a corner at a bar fully drunk recalling recent incidents, she recalls Abeer saying their child died and then she reminiscences hugging her daughter and cries vigorously. Abeer asks the people around about Meher showing her photograph, he calls on her number and gets to know she’s in a bar, he goes there and brings her back. They sit in the car. Abeer thinks she’s sad.
Meher: tum agaye Abeer (she hugs him) u know what? Not even an ant can go hiding from your eyes, for example wherever I go and hide, u always manage to find me, how do u do that?
Abeer smiles: tum bhi na kuchh bhi bolti ho, u r my soul and I can’t live without u.

Meher giggles and then starts getting emotional: why does bad always happens with me? Our biggest happiness was our baby but she too died.
Abeer: Meher don’t worry, we can have a baby later.
Meher: han han tum kaho to theek hai, main ne jab ye kaha to tumne meri baat nahi suni.

They reach home and he makes her sleep understanding her sorrow. Next day, Mehbeer shift to Dubai and the whole flight for them was quiet. So when they reach they sleep getting tired, their sleep was very long but suddenly Meher starts having nightmares, whole hospital scene plays in her dream. She gets restless in her sleep. Abeer wakes up due to movement and wakes her up knowingly. She is unable to bear emotional pain and takes antidepressants in front of Abeer which she used to take when Nisaar left her (not mentioned in story). Later Abeer asks doctor about it n he allows.

After 7 months, Meher gets completely fine and while going back she feels uneasy.
Meher: Abeer don’t know why but m feeling uneasy.
Abeer: don’t worry we’ll go to doctor.

Later in doctor’s cabin:
Doctor looks at Meher’s reports.
Doctor: congratulations u both r going to be parents.
Mehbeer smiles and hug each other.

Story ends here.

I hope u liked it, m asking again, no one wants sequel na? Coz if I start writing I won’t stop in middle. Do tell.

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  1. will miss this part from now on !! THANX FOR ENTERTAINING US WITH THIS PART and pls make a new story

    1. Salley145

      Which type of story u want??

      1. Any story with which u are comfortable

  2. Manya

    Nice ending and plz start the new story soon!!

  3. nice story yaar continue write another part

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      U appeared finally

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