Together Forever, chapter 35


Meher: now there are no complications between us about baby so lets go back to home.
Abeer: yes let’s go.
They happily pack all their things and leave from there. They reach their house and kuber and Madhvi greets them.
Madhvi: were u both upset by me?
Abeer: yes we were upset but now we r not, Meher is ready to accept this baby.

He leaves from there taking Meher in his arms and Kuber and Madhvi giggles on their filmy action.
Kuber: don’t u think Abeer and Meher are too young to become parents?
Madhvi: no, I talked to them about this matter but Abeer became upset and left from this house taking Meher, now I don’t have any problem, unki khushi meri khushi.

Kuber: meri baat maano to let’s abort the baby secretly.
Madhvi: koi zarurat nh hai, vo sirf unka bacha he nh blke humara pota/poti bhi hai, aapko kuchh krne ki zarurat nh, khabardaar Jo aapne kuchh kia to.

She leaves.
Kuber: I will have to do something by myself.

Abeer lays Meher on the bed and lays beside her tucking her hair behind her ear. Abeer kisses on her forehead, he plays with her hair and playfully messes them.
Meher: I want to show u something.
Abeer: what is it?
Meher gets up turning her back towards him, it was Abeer’s name tattoo below her neck.
Abeer: my name tattoo, it’s so cool
He hugs her from back, someone watches them. They go downstairs for dinner, happiness was clearly seen in their eyes, but little did they know what had destiny planned for them? Was their happiness temporary?

They have dinner and go back to their room. They were sitting and talking on random topics when Kuber comes there.
Kuber: Meher, drink this milk, its good for ur child.
Meher: jee papa
She drinks it in one go and Kuber leaves. Meher faints. Abeer worries for her, he sprinkles water on her eyes but she doesn’t wakes up. Abeer worriedly cries and calls doctor telling him everything.
Doctor: m coming.
Call disconnects.
After sometime doctor comes and checks Meher.
Doctor: she is given abortion pill, sorry to say but ur child is no more, even her life is endangered, u should shift her to hospital.

Abeer: jee doctor.
He lifts her and takes her outside the house in their car and leaves for hospital. He thinks, “how did our baby die? What happened? She was too excited, why will she take abortion pill? Baat to kuchh or he hai.”
They reach hospital and Meher is taken to ICU. Abeer sits on the bench and thinks hard about what might’ve happened. He recalls Kuber asking Meher to drink the milk it’s good for their child.
Abeer: kyun kia dad aapne aisa? Aapko nh chhorunga main.
He angrily dials his number. He receives it.
Kuber: hallo
Abeer: dad, how dare u give that pill to Meher? Aapko pta hai uski haalat kitni kharab hai? ICU mein hai vo, Jan khatre mein hai uski. Abhi thori derr pehle vo mere saath thi, kitne khush thay hum, lekin kuchh logo se dusro ki khushi Dekhi nh jati, aapki ek bewaqoofi or Meher gai ICU, aapko kisne kaha hai k apni nakaam kalakaarian dikhao? Vo humara bacha tha, humari marzi thi ismey samjhay aap (kuber replies I did this for ur betterment…then Abeer replies) nh dad, mujhe aapse koi baat nh krni, agar aapne aisa nh kia hota to Meher abhi yahan nh hoti, main aapka saya tk nh parrne dunga uspe, usko boht door lejaunga yahan se, or haan, don’t u dare come here and show fake concern

Call disconnects. Abeer recalls of his and Meher’s happiness. He prays to God to give his Meher back to him as she’s his first priority no matter what.

???? Even I didn’t felt good while updating this chapter, agay or emotional hai, guys bardaasht krlena, yeh story jaldi khatam hojaegi. See u later

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