BD – Together Forever, Chapter 3 *the fight and the break up*

The call connects n Meher hears them fighting, she disconnects the call and blames herself for their fight and says, “Because of me their friendship Will be ruined, it would have been nice if I would have died yesterday,” Depressed Meher goes out of her house and leaves in her car towards the bar

She goes to get wine and drinks getting sad and recalls Nisaar and her relation and how he tricked her. She drinks 2 glasses and shouts and cries for some time and leaves from there in her car towards Abeer‘s house She laughs on her life while driving. Finally the cars stops after half and hour drive, she sees Nisaar trying to kill Abeer and holds his hand, Nisaar is shocked to see her there and taunts Abeer,”oh so u have got a new gf.” Meher pushes hrrn on the ground in anger and says go to hell idiot. Nisaar is shocked to see her weird behavior Meher tells about her past and present life and says “ I m alone Since the beginning but then u came in my life n l was so happy that things r getting better, I started loving u for choosing me over hundred people then one day u showed or true face that u r no one but a liar, its gud Abeer saved me, l want to break up with u“ and folds hands in front of him to leave her n not trouble her more. Nisaar tries filling her ears against abeer but she says get lost, he turns and smiles and goes from there Abeer looks at her and says calm down its over. And meher says i m alone in this world i have no friends and cries n lets it all out, Abeer says people come and go but friends are here for life and she smiles and wipes her tears and he too smiles seeing her smile

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