BD – Together Forever, Chapter 20 (marriage)


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After a couple of days, the marriage takes place. After necessary rounds and rituals, its time for Meher’s rukhsati. Meher gets sad and hugs her mom and dad teary eyed. After sometime she breaks the hug and looks at Tunnu recalling their childhood mischeifs and the promise to never leave each other’s side. She goes and hugs him. They cry.
Tunnu: aap mujhe bhoologi to nh na?
Meher breaks the hug and nods no. She kisses his forehead. Abeer jokes to enlighten her mood.
Abeer: we all will drown.
Tunnu: mtlb?
Abeer: Arey mere half brain saale, if ur sister will cry too much then we all will drown in the lake of her tears.
Everyone laughs.

Suman: I don’t need to say but then also I m saying, take care of my daughter always.
Abeer nods and they go out of the marriage hall, they sit at the back seat of the car and the driver drives the car. Meher waves everyone cryingly.
Abeer: (joking) ready for a kiss?
She smiles and entwine their hands, the jokes went on for the rest of the drive. Finally they reach Abeer’s house.He comes out of the car and goes to Meher’s side of door. He opens it for her and forwards his hand. She holds his hand and comes out of the car closing the door. Abeer’s mother does their Grah Pravesh, Meher kicks the rice pot and steps in the kumkum plate, she walks in. Everyone looks on happily. Abeer picks her up in his arms and takes her to their room. He makes her sit on the bed.
Abeer: Welcome to my house Mrs. Malhotra.
Meher: thank u Mr. Malhotra.
They have some cute moments and as night approaches, they sleep cuddling to each other.

Next morning, Abeer wakes up and sees Meher sleeping peacefully hugging him. He smiles and caresses her hair. He sees her sleep getting disturbed and takes his hand back but she holds her hand in sleep, he smiles and again drifts into sleep.

Meanwhile at Meher’s Maayka, Suman was putting food plates and calls Meher but then remembers that she is now married, Tunnu, Suman and Shyam together do breakfast talking on random topics.

Meher wakes up and sees Abeer sleeping like a baby, she thinks of waking him later and goes to take bath, she comes out after 30 minutes and sees him still asleep, she thinks of an evil plan and smiles. She sits on her side of the bed and moves her hair on his face, water falls on his face and he wakes up. He tickles her and she asks her to stop. He asks her to kiss him first. She does and he stops. They do breakfast and at afternoon Abeer and his dad go to office, at night Mehbeer watch a horror movie and sleeps.

I hope u r still liking my ff.

Credit to: Sally Sue (Sara)

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