BD – Together Forever, Chapter 2 *loneliness*

Abeer breaks the door and finds her fainted and calls her name to wake her up, but Meher doesn‘t responds, he sprinkles water on her face, she wakes up and recalls what Nisaar did with her and gets sad, she sees Abeer and says U?

Abeer says yes as Nisaar told me he has locked you here and wants to get rid of u. Meher is taken aback and says no it can’t happen and gets teary eyed He consoles her but she gets angry on him and says I don‘t need ur explanation get lost, Abeer says u r not ok come with me As Meher hates him she refuses and starts leaving but gets dizzy, he holds her and takes her, she looks at him He drops her home and asks her to take care, she says ok and thanks him for saving her. As she goes to her room she feels lonely like never before. Her heart was broken, she was crying badly and was shattered.

Abeer thinks about Meher while driving and thinks to give Nisaar a piece of his mind to harm Meher and that he will call Meher after that.

He calls Nisaar and he picks the call saying hi let’s celebrate the happiness, Abeer gets frustrated and says do what I m saying my mind is blowing meet me right now.

Meher recalls her past:

Meher don‘t have much friends but after sum days Nisaar cums in her life and gives her company and makes her days heaven.
Present… Meher says such a cheater, how mad I m to choose Nisaar over Abeer.

Nisaar meets abeer ..Abeer says how dare u harm Meher. Nisaar says Its my wish what I do and better don’t interfere They get into a fight and beats each other badly, Abeer gets a call from Meher, the call connects and Meher hears them fighting.

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