BD – Together Forever, Chapter 1 *facing the reality*

Meher loved Nisaar and was blind in his love, and thought he too loves her, they hanged out together In college life and were never without each other, they had a secret room in which they always hid and sat together but one day he asked her to sit here and he will just come and I will close the door so that no one knows our secret place, Meher agrees, He goes out locking her inside the room, some time passes n Nisaar doesn‘t returns and she thinks to go out, she tries opening the door but realizes she is locked inside and bangs the door and pleads to open the door continuously but no one is there,

she realizes the walls are soundproof and so her voice won‘t reach outside, she cries getting scared and thinks how can he forget and go, what will I do now? Nisaar and abeer hangs out and abeer asks him u look happy today, Nisaar replies yes coz i will get rid of her, abeer asks how. Nisaar tells I locked her in our secret room and tells everything how he tricked her. He leaves from there, Abeer is shocked and runs to Meher’s hideout. He breaks the door and finds her fainted.

I end this part here, drop your feedbacks guys, this ff won’t have precaps, I hope u all don’t mind ?

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  1. Bd loving fan

    V bad ! Don’t like

    1. I know its awkward but in the upcoming chapters it will be better ?
      Badtamee dil rocks

  2. Nice..different

  3. interesting monster nisar how can he do this to meher

    1. Hmm, soon he will go from my story ?
      B.d rocks

  4. Awesomee… thnk yu so much and yeah badtameez dil rockss

  5. Wow nw abeer will save her

  6. It’s diffrent yaar continue plz

    1. Yeah I will ?
      Bd rocks

  7. This was so different! And u are a kyy fan too? Asked it bcoz I also love it and I m crazy about it….
    Mehbeer forever…..?
    Manan forever ✌

    1. Yes m a manan fan too

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