Together Forever (Chap 32)

Hey guys!!!This is 32nd Chapter…Thanks for your love and support….

A few days passed and their college life comes to an end… Till now,Rohan is not talking to them…What about talking??? He is not even standing at the place where they are…. Many efforts of them to make him normal go in vain…College’s last farewell party…Ana comes to Rohan… But he goes…Ana stops him…

Ana: Rohan, It’s been a total 45 days since we aren’t talking to each other, okay???Just stop all this for God’s sake… We really need you… We are incomplete Rohan… Why can’t you understand??? Don’t you miss us???
Rohan: Honestly, no!!! I need to go now… Just let me go…I don’t want to listen your talks,Ana…

Ana with tears: Oh!!!You have much grown up man so that you are not ready to listen my talks… It’s okay…You can go but remember one thing YOU CAN THROW US OFF YOUR LIFE,BUT YOU CAN’T THROW AWAY OUR MEMORIES FROM YOUR HEART… WE WILL KEEP ON DISTURBING AND TORTURING YOU EVEN IN YOUR DREAMS…..Now you can go…

Rohan really misses them,feels bad but he can’t tolerate anyone who is against the love of his life…His love for Riya is more than his love for friends…Sometimes, it’s difficult to choose between your Besties and your Love… But always life brings us to the situation where people always choose their love over their friendship,which leads to a trouble….

A few weeks passed….Rohan plans for a surprise to amaze Riya on her birthday… He tells her that he will be out of town on her birthday…..Riya, who is unaware of his surprise,plans a small party for their friends in her home… She spends time with her true love… The clock is about to strike 12…Rohan with a handful of flowers jumps through a window into the house… There he is totally shocked on seeing Riya being so close to a boy… Actually now what and all his friends told about Riya come to his mind… He is feeling very much angry and then he goes and holds the collar of that boy…
Rohan: Shut up Riya!!! How dare your touch her, you bl**dy!!!!

He beats that boy very heavily such that Riya holds his hands firmly to stop him beating….Riya’s attitude is slowly changing which again amazes him…
Riya: Don’t you even dare to harm him, again Rohan…
Rohan:What do you mean, Riya???
Riya with disgust:You know what I love him Rohan…
Rohan: Riiiya!!!
Riya: Yeah,your friends were right… I don’t love you…He is my true love…. I was after your money which would help us to live our life to the fullest…But you are not spending anything on me, Rohan… You just want to spoil my happiness as you did…
Rohan: Riya, please don’t do this to me….please I beg you…Tell me you are lying right???
Riya pulls the boy up and cups his cheeks…
Rohan: Riya!!!

Riya:Just get out of here right now Rohan… You have harmed him very badly… Don’t show your face to me again… Ok???
Rohan still stands shocked…
Riya in a shout tone: Aren’t your ears working??? Just get out of here…Get lost……

Rohan who is still shocked tries to move his body from there… Every part of his body is aching very badly… Somehow, he manages to go out of Riya’s house…. He removes his black coat…From the coat’s pocket, he takes out the ring and throw it off… He remembers the words of his friends… He is all lost…. Just walking in the road…And it’s raining everywhere….

His body gets drenched in rain…
His heart gets drenched in pain…
He can see nothing just walking wherever his legs go…. He has been walking for 30 minutes,thinking about all his past memories with her… He can’t even believe his eyes….His mind is struck somewhere…In spite of silent road, a battle is going inside his head,which is all enough to drive him mad.No,no,he isn’t ready to accept this fact… He just falls on the ground…He screams, “Why did you do this to me,Riya??? Why???” And he falls on the ground, then he cries bitterly…..

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