Together Forever (Chap 2)


Hi everyone!!! This is my second chapter of ff on SwaRagini. Hope everyone likes it… Love you my readers… Keep supporting…..Please do comment…

Recap:Lisha and Anamica’s intro…Lisha and Ana in the park.. Lisha throws a stone for mango.. It falls accidentally on someone

Anamica: I already told you naa Li!!! We are landed in a trouble…
Lisha:Let’s go and see who got hurt.
They both go towards the one who got hurt… They see a handsome young boy… They are shocked seeing him… Lisha suddenly starts laughing.

Lisha: Is that you,Ro??
Anamica:Stop laughing… He is bleeding.. Be serious for sometime.. Ro,are you alright??? What are you doing here???
Rohan: I came here so that I could help you girls in stealing mangoes… I knew that you will be here… But at last this Lisha harmed even me…And laughing like an idiot….
Rohan is a childhood friend of Lisha and Anamica..He is smart,naughty,cool,rich and very good wellwisher if Ana and Lisha.They studied in same school..The only boy Lisha gives respect is Rohan.. The only boy Ana never afraid of is Rohan… They are just very good friends.. They study in same music school.. Rohan-Violin,Ana-Veena,Lisha-Guitar.. Their music school Kalakskekthra Sabha is the best music schools of this country… Students from the music school can even participate in world singing and musical competitions…Riya is Rohan ‘s love interest from childhood.She also studied in the same school.. Now she studies guitar in the music school.. Somehow both Anamica and Lisha feels that Riya is behind Rohan only for money since he is very rich..

Lisha:You are ok naa,Bro???
Anamica:The blood is stopped.. Hope you are okay,bro…
Rohan: I’m not okayyy,since my Riya has not come today because of some works.
Lisha:Oh Riya’s Majnu…
Anamica:You know what,Bro???
She narrates the boy incident to him.
Rohan:So no boy should come closer to Li and Ana and flirts with Li and Ana,right??? Then Ana,you and Li won’t get married in this birth,I swear…
He laughs at his joke.
Lisha:Worst joke of the year Bro!!! Don’t laugh at your own joke…Come on let’s have the race…
Rohan:Wow!!! New Ray scooter.. Nice yaa… Ok let’s start the race…You have to give me a chocolate since you have lost the previous race.
Lisha:I will win this time.. So let’s balance our bet
Anamica:Confidential Lisha!!! Not bad.Whatever you guys do,avoid rash driving naa please
Li,Ana,Ro altogether shout 1,2 and go.Then Li with Ana at her back takes the left turn while Rohan takes the right turn… Lisha is driving in a high speed such that it is possible for her helmet to fall off… Anamica us holding her breathe though she had git used to these races… That side, Rohan drives fastly.. At last,Lisha reaches the music school first and Rohan reaches after a second..

Lisha:Lisha’s confidence is confidence.. None can overcome it.
Rohan:I just sacrificed for you girl… After all, you are my close friend and have lost it last time.
Anamica: You guys have started again.
Lisha playfully beats Rohan and Rohan beats her back…Anamica happily watches this.The hardest thing in this world can even melt seeing Ana’s innocent happy smile… They both go into their music school……..

Namish Taneja Aka Lakshya as Rohan Kapoor

Thank you…

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Credit to: Soundarya

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  1. Where is our hero

    1. Rohan is one of the heroes…

  2. Z it swalak or swasan ? But the episode was nice.

    1. Thank you..You will understand the story as it moves on…Keep reading

  3. Very nice!!!

    1. Thank you so much….Keep reading….

  4. Nice episode but I have a confusion and please reply to my comment. Both ana, and lisha are calling rohan Bro..!

    1. Ya im also confusng

    2. Thank you so much… Rohan is just a friend of them… Keep reading plz

  5. nice. .
    pair’s .?

    1. Thank you… It’s a suspense…

  6. Nyc strtng…??????????

    1. Thank you so much.. Keep reading

  7. Swalak right I am very happy …only swalak

    1. You will understand when you read it…. Please keep reading… Thanks for commenting…

  8. Nice.. bt y they both sis calling rohan as bro i dnt get it..

    1. Thank you…You will understand when the story moves on… Keep reading…

  9. Nice but what about pair both Ana and li called him bro

    1. They are just friends right now….You will understand as you read it

  10. Meenatchi Balachander

    Nice… waiting for the next chapter.. 🙂

  11. Plz aarav and anamica together

  12. Cu plaza use names from seriel it’s confusing this way

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