Together Forever (Chap 19)


Hi all!!!I wanna thank allvmy readers from the bottom of my heart…Your comments mean to me a lot and that always gives a feeling such that I’m on cloud nine…You all are the pillars of support to me…Thank you for showering your love and I love you too my friends…Be happieee…Stay blessed…Keep supporting… Keep reading my ff…
As I already said,Ana and Rohan will not be given importance in the first few episodes…But they will be given an equivalent importance as the story moves on…And this a quite big ff than other ff’s…

Recap:Lisha questioned Aarav why he kissed her and Aarav answered… He gave his performance which was indirectly dedicated to Lisha…

The auditorium light goes off…The light is focussed on Lisha who is still blank-minded…The musicians play the music…Lisha closes her eyes and thinks all her moments spend with Aarav which were only few but so sweet.. Lisha sings with her eyes closed and the feel within her tells it all…Her voice is not sweet,her voice is hard but so flexible… She starts to play the music as she sings..

?You’re the Light?
You’re the Night?
You’re the colour of my blood?

You’re the cure?
You’re the pain?
You’re the only thing I wanna touch?
Never knew that it could mean so much!!!
So much??!!!

You’re the fear?
I don’t care?
Coz I’ve never been so high?
Follow me to the dark?
Let me take you past our satellite?
You can see the world you brought to life…
To life ?

So love me like you do!!!
La la love me like you do???
Love me like you do…
La la Love me like you do???

Touch me like you do!!!
Ta ta touch me like you do✋✋✋

What are you waiting for????

Fading in?Fading out?
On the edge of paradise✨✨✨

Every inch on your skin
Is a holy grail I’ve got to find?
Only you can set my heart on fire??

Yeah!!!I will let you set the pace?
Coz I’m not thinking straight?

My head spinning around?
I can’t see clear no more?
What are you waiting for???????

So love me like you do?
La la love me like you do!!!
Touch me like you do✋
Ta ta touch me like you do!!!

What are you waiting forrrrr❔❔❔

Na na na nah???

She is totally immersed in feelings and the lyrics,she mean it…She completes song and opens her eyes and is shocked to see that everyone is staring at her…She has no idea what she have done now…One of the judges wipes his tears from his eyes due to the feel in the song and gives a standing ovation which is followed by all…Ana with tears of joy rushes to Lisha and hugs her…
Ana:You have made it,Lisha….Oh my god!!!This is just above perfect and the feel you gave to the song…No,I can’t express in my words…
Rohan: Lisha!!!God…No words Li!!!
Lisha totally wonders that she hadn’t sung that beautifully… She simply stares at Aarav who is still in shock…She was the last performer… So there comes the prize announcement…
Aarav goes slowly near to Lisha: Lisha!!!Can’t get rid of the song..
It’s echoing on my head… Please save me…I watched your total performance with my mouth wide-open…I thought I’m in the second world when I heard your song…And ya!!!No doubt…The prize is gonna be the showstopper’s and that’s you Lisha…You are a storm Lisha…Incredible!!!
Lisha is in shortage of words again…
The third place goes to a student from another music-school…The second place goes to Aarav while the first one is undoubtedly for Lisha…Everybody cheer them up…Ana and Rohan is busy in clicking snaps…And then ceremony gets over…
Lisha in her dressing room.She is so happy not because of her prize and praise.She is unconditionally happy about the way Aarav’s comes closeness towards her day by day…She gets changed… She goes outside and sees Aarav standing there…Again he surprises her by his visit to her…And she is all ready to surprise him by her words
Lisha:I don’t know what to say but today is something special not because of these praises and price…But you made me feel fee…
Aarav:Lisha!!! Who is that Ishaan???Please tell me about him…
Lisha: What???You’re asking me about Ishaan??? You You are.. You spoiled everything idiot…I thought to say something…
Aarav: You can say afterwards.First tell me about him Lisha…
Lisha with an angry expression:He is the son of my dad’s business partner…And he is a torture for me…He says that he loves me a lot and does many stupid things…And yeah!!He has joined in the guitar class for me,to irritate me…Want anything more haan??
Aarav:Do you have some feelings for him???
Lisha:What if I have feelings for him haan???Any problem for you???
Aarav understands that she is pulling his legs ..
Aarav to irritate her:Guruji is going by this way…
Lisha: I came to talk to you but you keep on talking about the persons whom I hate the most…First, Ishaan… Then Guruji…Oh god!!!
Aarav thinks to pull her legs now…
Aarav calls Guruji…Lisha is stopping him but Aarav doesn’t listen and starts shouting as “Guruji”. Lisha in anger takes a jug full of water and pours on him… He is so wet now and shocked too…He takes another jug full of water and pours on her…They both take the total can of water and pour it on each other…They are laughing so much as they are small kids…And suddenly they stop noticing their conditions which are too wet and bad…
Lisha: Let’s stop this for god’s sake…I don’t have a spare dress too…
They are too close to each other which they didn’t notice while fighting…They just then notice it and Aarav takes the wet hair fringes away from her eyes and stares at her…Lisha is also staring at him…They are lost in each other’s eyes….Aarav touches her soft cheeks….
She is feeling very strange…Her body is jerking but she isn’t able to move away.
Aarav in a slow voice:Lisha…
Just then Ana and Rohan comes there…First they notice the floor full of water which leaves them in a shock… Just then they lift their eyes up and see LiRav standing like that…Which gives them the greatest shock…
Ana and Rohan looks on shockingly…
Ana clears her throat: Mmmkmm…
LiRav come to their senses and notice their position…They move away embarrassingly…
Ana with a wild smile:So rain in a summer season that too inside the music-school…What say,Rohan???
Rohan:I didn’t expect this from you…Yet I expected, but not this early…
Lisha:Just shut up your non-sense… We were just fighting…
Ana and Rohan shake their heads in agreement but in a teasing sign…
Lisha: Just forget it guys!!! let’s move and the time is 9.30 yaar.. Tomorrow college is there…
Ana and Rohan is still in a teasing mode but Lisha somehow convinces Ana to leave from there…LiRav is so wet actually… Lisha is preparing for a lie with Ana why she got wet while going in the scooty…..

Precap: Rohan to Aarav:Li and Ana both are not picking their phones…They didn’t come to music school and they aren’t here in college too…I’m very scared…
Aarav is so tensed…

Thank you…
With love,

Credit to: Soundarya

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