Together Forever (Chap 18)


Hi all! this is my eighteenth chapter of ff on swaragini. Thank you for reading my ff!! Keep supporting nd keep reading!

Recap:Aarav kisses Lisha on cheeks…Lisha is shell shocked…

Lisha to herself:What did he do just then??? This is not done Lisha…You don’t have to remain silent now…You are a storm…Go to him…Speak to him…
She goes to Aarav…
Lisha: I’m being frank Aarav…Why did you do that???
Aarav:Do what????

Lisha: Don’t pretend…You know what you have done… Tell me why did you do…
Aarav:First tell me what I have done Lisha…
Aarav:What you you…Lisha struggling for words!!!!Omg
Lisha: I’m being frank…Why should I struggle??? Why did you kiss me???
Lisha:Stop your acting Aarav…
Aarav:Oh!!!That’s your fault Sweetheart…
Lisha: My fault???Are you crazy???
Aarav:Yeah! It’s your fault…
Lisha:Tell me what is my fault…

Aarav:You shouldn’t have shown her cheek to me like that…After all I’m from a western country…
Lisha:This is not a clear explanation…. I think something is cooking in your head…What’s up Aarav???Planning for something???
Aarav:Plan??? Hehehe…it’s not a plan to kiss you Lisha… Your cute face with some afraid expression made me do it…By the way,you needed a punishment, right???Think it as a punishment… Just leave from here… I should practise now…Don’t distract a good boy again Lisha…
Lisha:You a goodboy!!!Ok Mr.Goodboy I’m leaving now…But you need to clear out all the confusion after the competition gets over… I will not forget me…I need answer for my question…So practise now…
Lisha leaves from there…She practises for her competition after all music is very much serious to her…Then the competition is about to start… Anamica and Rohan come to Lisha who is getting ready in her costumes for the competition… They wish her luck and they go to Aarav… Aarav is getting ready…They tell him that they will be there in crowd and advice him not to be worried as it is his first performance in India….Every contestants get ready except Aarav…Lisha is so tensed…The competition is about to start… So she is deciding to go to the men’s dressing room…Lisha is wearing a full red plain welvet kinda material frock with cup sleeves over her hands…Her neck is so plain without any accessories… Her white-stones filled hearing goes perfect with the colour of her dress…And above all,her red-lipstick compliments her looks very well…She just sees herself into a mirror while passing through the way to the men’s dressing room…Aarav who is still busy with his tie shouts with anger.

Aarav:Who told to give me this bullshit costume to me…And ya this tie!!!It’s a big job to wear this tie…What the hell!!!None is here for my help too…
Lisha laughs silently that he doesn’t know how to wear a tie properly…She silently goes to him…Aarav is all lost by a visit of a beautiful angel in between her…He thinks that he has come to a fairy-tale world…
Lisha takes the tie which he had thrown on the table and goes near him…
Lisha while tieing the tie around his neck in a caring and a silent tone: Aarav!!!You are not a kid ok…You have to learn these basic things and you are all alone…How can you be so childish??? Mmm yeah your most difficult job is
done… And what is this???Your messy hair…You are gonna get on the stage man…So please try to be more matured…

She then takes the comb on the table and combs his hairs…Aarav is just mesmerised by her beauty and even by her activities towards her…
Lisha:Ya What???
Aarav: You wanna get an answer from me right???
Lisha gives him a confused and embarrassed expression…
Aarav:So here is your answer Lisha…How could someone control himself when a sweet and cute angel comes in front of him and cares for him???I’m done…All the best for your performance… I’m going…

Aarav then leaves with a smile on his face…Lisha still hears the echoes of his talks… She then moves to the auditorium where the competition gets started… It’s an inter-music school competition… So many of them are present there as participants…Rohan and Ana stands in between Lisha and Aarav… Aarav is casual but Lisha pretends to be casual… Then comes Aarav’s name… He rushes to the stages while Ana and Rohan wishes luck for him.Lisha prays to God that he should perform well.The auditorium light goes off and the light is focussed on stage… In the centre of stage,Aarav sits in a moving chair with guitar over his arms…The musicians start to play the music…Aarav starts singing while playing his guitar…. He sings as follows while pointing his eyes over only Lisha…

Haal-e-dil ko sukoon chaahiye
poori ik aarzoo chaahiye
jaise pehle kabhi,
kuchh bhi chaaha nahi
waise hi kyun chahiye

(the situation of the heart needs peace,
every wish needs to be fulfilled,
the way earlier there was
no need to wish for anything,
why do I want it the same again?)
Lisha looks at him all lost because he is smilingly staring at her…

dil ko teri maujoodgi ka ehsaas yoon chahiye
tu chahiye, tu chahiye
shaam-o-subah tu chahiye
tu chaahiye.. tu chaahiye..
har martabaa tu chaahiye

(the heart wants the feeling of your being there in such a way,
that it wants you, wants you
day and night.. (lit. morning and evening)
you are wanted, you are wanted,
every time, you are wanted..)

jitni dafaa.. zid ho meri
utni dafaa.. haan tu chahiye

(as many times as I insist,
I want you, yes, you..)

koi aur dooja kyun mujhe
na tere siva chahiye
har safar mein mujhe
tu hi rehnuma chaahiye
jeene ko bas mujhe
tu hi meherbaan chaahiye

(why do I want anyone else
other than you,
in every journey I want
you as a guide..
to live, I just need you to be
king to me..)

seene mein agar tu dard hai
na koi dawaa chahiye
tu lahu ki tarah
ragon mein ravaan chahiye
anjaam jo chaahe mera
wo.. aaghaaz yoon chahiye

(if you are an ache in my heart,
I don’t need a medicine,
you, like the blood,
are needed, flowing in my blood..
whatever be my end,
this is how I want my beginning..)

tu chahiye, tu chahiye
shaam-o-subah tu chahiye
tu chahiye.. tu chahiye..
har martabaa tu chahiye

jitni dafaa.. zid ho meri
utni dafaa.. haan, tu chahiye

mere zakhmon ko teri chhuan chahiye
mere shamma ko teri agan chahiye
mere khwaab ke aashiyane mein tu chahiye
main kholun jo aankhein sirhaane bhi tu chahiye

(my wounds need your touch,
my candle needs your fire,
the house of my dreams needs you,
even when I open my eyes (every morning) I want you facing me..)

He ends the song with a beautiful chorus and his guitar tune in his background. He enjoyed singing.He sang the song with a wonderful feel in his voice as well as in his eyes which Lisha only knows…So everyone cheered for him and praised his performance while Aarav’s eyes is still at Lisha… Rohan and Ana rushes to Aarav and congratulated him…
Rohan: It’s gonna be tough for Li!!!Why did you sing this much haan???
Ana:What a superb performance Aarav!!! You owned the stage and you rocked it yaar…
Lisha is in shortage of words…She is always surprised by his behaviour towards him…She is still surprised looking at Aarav,only Aarav…She feels nothing else than Aarav now…Her will to win the competition at any cost,her name announcement on the stage ain’t coming to her head…Then Ana and Rohan makes her into the senses and wishes him luck…She rushes to the stage with her lucky guitar who also has the fragrance of Aarav…She goes to the stage with a blank mind…. The auditorium lights goes off…Now the light is focussed onto the stage……

Precap:LiRav’s water fight…..

Thank you.
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Credit to: Soundarya

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