Together Forever (Chap 15)


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Recap: Shekhar confronted Lisha. Lisha comes to auditorium all alone very early in the morning…Aarav asks what happened to her…She leaves but he holds her hand….

Aarav: Hey Lisha!!!You can neither lie to me that you are alright nor you can move away from my clutches…I’m damn sure that you are worried… Or else Lisha won’t be silent, she won’t let me practise here….And you know what I totally hate this Lisha…Only I wanna share my worries with you.You won’t, right?
Lisha: Aarav, just stop saying these words…I think I should leave now… Leave my hands please…
Aarav pulls her to his side.She can’t bear his closeness towards her..
Aarav:I won’t, Lisha…I think you need me the most now…. Don’t ignore me….
Lisha is just amazed by his words. These words cheers her up but she can’t believe that he is saying it…Lisha can’t control her emotions easily.Lisha sits on the chair near to them as she starts weeping heavily…Aarav sits next to her…He starts cupping her face
Aarav: I don’t know what happened to you…But I can’t even tolerate seeing my Lisha like this…
Lisha to herself: Did he really say my Lisha??He can’t bear seeing his Lisha in pain…I want that “My Lisha from him again”…

Lisha can’t control it anymore so that she turns to Aarav.
Lisha while weeping:You said that you know my character… Am I really bad???Am I creating troubles everywhere???Am I hurting everybody Aarav???Am I seeking attention of boys???Am I characterless???Is my father really unlucky to have a kid like me Aarav???You know what my dad just told that he really hates me…What did I do Aarav??? It was just our small fight as usual…We know about each other and we will sort it out… These words from my father really hurts me a lot…I don’t care whatever that Guruji tells about me….I…….
Aarav can’t see his bold Lisha in such a state…She is continuously weeping….
Aarav patted her cheeks…

Aarav:Come on Lisha!!!Your dad spoke like that because he was angry… And I know about my Lisha’s character… She is bold and brave… She always creates happiness wherever she goes…Lisha is a storm.None can ever stop her…I know my Lisha well… Who is that Guruji???He is gonna suffer as he made my Lisha cry….
Lisha looks at Aarav wiping her tears…She is so happy that he is with him at the moment.Ya she needs him the most now…Aarav also looks at her…They share an eye-lock…Aarav looks at her reddish nose and cheeks…. He touches her nose cutely…
Aarav: You are so cute as a pure baby while you are crying…And that reddish cheeks and nise say it all!!!
Lisha: Reddish nose!!!Omg my sneezing is gonna start now…
Lisha sneezes:Akchu!!!
Aarav:If your nose becomes red,will you sneeze???
Lisha sneezes and says:Akchu!!!If I cry heavily Akchu!!I akchu!!!will get sneee Akchu!!! Sneeze!!! Akchu!!!
Aarav:Stop it yaa….
Lisha sneezes continuously keeping her hanky on the nose while…
Aarav immitates her:Akchu!!!Do akchu!!!An akchu!!!anything
Lisha beats at him…But whenever she sneezes,he also immitayes her…Somehow her sneeze stops…
Lisha:Oh god!!It stopped…

Aarav:Lisha your problem is so funny…I’m gonna call you Akchu Lisha!!!
Lisha beats him…He beats her back…They are playing “catch me if you can” inside the auditorium which they fought for practising yesterday… But they run with continuous laughing…Anamica and Rohan reach the auditorium and see them playing…
Anamica with her mouth open:What you guys are doing here????
Rohan:Don’t you have eyes???They are playing…
Lisha:Ana,Ro nothing like that…
Rohan:Nothing like what???
Anamica: When did Aarav and Li become this close???And you Li,okay???
Rohan:Your dad regretted that he spoke bad about you…You are alright, right???
Lisha:Ya,I’m perfectly alright…

As she says,she looks at Aarav smilingly…
Rohan and Ana notice this…
Rohan:When you guys became friends????
Ana:Ya,I have never seen Lisha and Aarav this much closer…
Lisha:Stop it,guys…Making a matter out of nothing…
But she questions herself inside: When did she become this close to Aarav??? Why did Aarav say my Lisha???
While Aarav also thinks: Why can’t see her in pain???Why should call her my Lisha??? Why should I compliment on her reddish cute nose when she was crying????What my idiotic heart feels for this crazy girl??
Questions all over their mind…..

Recap: Lisha,Aarav and Rohan secretly attacks Guruji….

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Credit to: Soundarya

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