Together Forever (Chap 11)


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Few days passed and they altogether joined in St.Thomas’ College of Engineering excelt Riya.She has joined in another college…Rohan,Aarav,Lisha and Ana are meant together as AWESOME FOURSOME nowadays.Now they are busy bees.Morning music class,then college,then evening music class,then to home…The same cute taunts between Lisha and Aarav remain unchanged….They all go to their college in two-wheelers.Ana and Lisha in a scooty..Rohan and Aarav in a bike….
One day, their college juniors day is decided… They are said to wear ethnic wears…So Lisha gets ready in a beautiful royal blue plain silk saree which has only golden border on it…She gets ready with plain royal blue bangles,a pretty blue circular Bindi between her eyebrows… Her hairs are platted and the plat leans on her left arms…Two blue jhumkas are hanging from two beautiful ears…Ana gets ready in the same model saree but pink in colour..But she leaves her hair loose…A pink color Bindi,plain pink bangles, pink color jhumka make her look as elegant as her sister…The boys gets ready in sherwani as usual…Rohan is waiting for the girls out of the music class while Aarav goes to his music class as his guitar class started…Lisha and Ana come and laugh at Rohan’s sherwani and his traditional look….
Rohan: So girls,you are beautiful today…I need to protect my friends for sure….
Lisha:We know how to protect ourselves… Tell me how am I looking in saree…First time in my life,I wore a saree
Rohan:Perfect you both!!!Great girls… By the way,my shalu ma’am is going to the class… I need to go there….
Anamica: Me too Li…Guruji would have started the classes…Bye Li
Lisha is all alone…Her eyes keep on searching for Aarav…But she can’t find him…She is the last one to the guitar class since the class has started earlier today… So she rushes to her class-room.Every boys in the guitar class are mesmerised with her beauty while her own eyes kept on looking for Aarav.She asks Riya about Aarav…Riya tells her that he has gone to the third floor as he is practising for next competition…Even though it is not necessary for her to go to Aarav,her unconditional eagerness to see him wearing an ethnic wear and her curiosity to show her ethnic look to him,she goes to the third floor saying that she is going to the music library….Lisha is so excited without her own knowledge…She just runs with her flowing saree.Her anklets give the sweetest tone while she is running like a princess…But when she goes near the auditorium in the third floor,her heartbeat starts raising.She questions herself that why is she so much excited about going to Aarav,while Aarav is not even a friend according to her… But she ignores every questions after all she is in a state of excitement….On the other hand,Aarav wants to check on Lisha.So when she is about to pull the door of auditorium, he pushes the door to come out…So doors make Lisha fall but on Aarav’s arms…They share an eye-lock with the whole third floor being silent,Lisha looking so gorgeous,the lights of the auditorium falling on them..A silence remains for a while.Silence of Love…But somehow Lisha first comes into her senses and breaks the eye-lock…Again a silence between those two…A Silence of Embarrassment now…But this silence doesn’t stop Aarav looking the angel who is standing in front of him..He is totally mesmerised… Lisha breaks the silence…
Lisha:So,is this your ethnic wear???
Aarav comes into his senses…
Aarav:Ya!!Doesn’t it seem to be an ethnic wear???
Lisha:Ya nice it is!!!
Aarav:Why are you here???
Lisha:Why shouldn’t I be here??? I just came to practise here…
Aarav can’t speak more than that…So he decides to leave from there…
Aarav:Ok you practise here… I’m going..
Lisha’s heart is waiting for his complement on her saree and her looks…But he is moving from the place…So she goes inside the auditorium with a disappointment… He again comes into the auditorium… Lisha is happy without her knowledge…
Aarav:I have forgotten my guitar…Came to take it…
Lisha is disappointed again…He takes the guitar and about to leave but he comes to Lisha and collect the words slowly…Lisha is waiting for his words…
Aarav:Lisha,for god’s sake,please stop… I mean please stop…
Lisha: Please stop????
Aarav:Please stop being damn gorgeous and cute that I can’t take my eyes off you…I’m being frank Ms Enemy
He just runs away after a fraction of second he said it…Lisha can’t believe it…But this is what her heart wanted to hear… She wants to jump happily… She just blushes thinking about his sentence again…She begins to play a melodious tune in her guitar….
The music class gets finished.They all go to college but Lisha and Aarav avoid eye-contact with each other…They are not talking much such that Ana and Rohan get surprised seeing them silent…..They celebrate the event in the college… They click random selfies….But Aarav still can’t stop himself from looking at her…….

Precap:Anamica is crying hard hugging Lisha

Guys,I’m now focussing on Lisha and Aarav more but everybody will be given importance…As the story moves on,you will realise it…Keep reading and keep supporting

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Credit to: Soundarya

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