Together Forever (Chap 1)


Hi everybody!!! This is the first chapter of my fan fiction on Swaragini.I hope it goes well.Many of you asked for the change of names but I couldn’t do so..Apologies from my heart…

It’s morning 6.30 in Kolkata.The sun is rising slowly and spreading its reddish yellow rays.The streets are busy morning itself.Now here comes Miss.Anamica Chopra who is sitting behind her non-identical twin sister Miss.Lisha Chopra in a Ray Scooter.They both are so beautiful such that people are staring at them even though they regularly see these sisters.Anamica is wearing a traditional white color salwar with pink patiyala pant and pink dupatta.She is perfecty looking as a gorgeous Indian girl.Her sunkissed wet loosely platted hair gives total contrast look to her face. Her eyes speak innocent in between which the pink color Bindi is perfectly placed.Her pink color jhumka dances to the tune of her pink color bangles. Totally she is the most traditionally beautiful girl in that area.Like her costumes,she is very cultural,innocent type.She obeys whatever her parents says.She is afraid of many things.Her concept of life is that,”Should not take risks at any cost.Should obey my parents because they are the obes who gave birth to me”.

Her sister Lisha is having the guitar bag over her arms.Her opened free hair with the small fringes over her forehead makes her so cute and chubby.Her eyes speak attitude. She wears big grey ring like hearing and a black color wrist band.She wears a simple white T-shirt stating the quote:”My life;My rules;My attitude” with black color stencil fit jeans pant.She is looking totally forward and her look shows her courage.Overall,She is the most gorgeous dashing doll.She is an optimist. She fears of nothing.She does whatever her heart is feeling right not whatever her parents say.Her concept of life is that:”Nothing I do is bad until and unless it affects others “.

Not only in costumes but also in the means of characters,both are directly opposite to each other.But both are the most affectionate sisters in the world. Whenever Lisha does naughty things and gets scolding,Anamica will support her.And Lisha,if someone teases Anamica, she will definitely stab him/her.

Lisha:Ana,here comes the park.Awww!!! my mangoes.
Anamica:No way Li!!! We are already getting late for our music classes.And if we are caught by anybody,they will not leave us because we are stealing the mangoes from the tree.
Lisha:Ana,shut up yaar!!! None is plucking the mangoes and at last all the mangoes are getting ruined.Instead we can taste it naa…Life is neant to be thrill ya
Meanwhile she applies the brake and takes Anamica near the mango tree.
Anamica:Li,I am getting a thought that we will be get caught somehow.Let’s go from here Baba…
Lisha:Wait. Atleast I will get 3 mangoes
She throws a stone on the mango tree and trying to get mangoes. At the sane time,a boy of their age sees them doing all this.He comes near them.
The boy to Anamica:May I help these beauties???
Anamica gets frightened and moves back.Lisha notices it and comes near to the boy.
Anamica:He is just flirting yaa.Don’t harm him.Let’s take a move Li.
Lisha:O Come On Ana!!!
She turns to the boy and asks with a smile
Lisha: Who are you to help us???
Boy: I think you are so beautiful like an angel. I hate seeing beautiful girls in struggle.So I came forward my sweetheart
Anamica in her mind:Stop it,boy.Or else my sister will land you in trouble.Pity boy!!!
Lisha:Oh!What a good manner.
Boy:Thank you
Lisha:How dare you do this!!! You are a complete jerk.

Meanwhile she closes her fingers and gives a typical karate punch in his tummy.His eyes are welling tears without his knowledge. He is dying in pain
Lisha: I’m a karate kid loser… Think before you mess up with Lisha and Anamica. Loser!!!
Anamica: Enough!His condition is poor.You have two mangoes. Let’s move yaar.
Lisha:No way.3 is 3.Wait for a min yaa.

The boy runs from there. And Lisha is aiming at a mango and throws stone.
It goes and falls on somebody who is telling “ouch”. Lisha and Anamica both look at each other.Anamica is blinking tensedly…..

1)Tejaswii aka Ragini as Anamica
2)Helly aka Swara as Lisha
With love,

Credit to: Soundarya

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  1. Nice and plz dont ask voiting for pairs u decide yourself kk its just my view

    1. Thank u.I’m not ask it… I have already decided it sindu

    2. Thank u???… I’m not gonna ask dem fa pair.. I have already decided it Sindhu

  2. Awesome story. But please pair anamica and aarav together. Plzzzz

    1. Thank you for your comment… Please don’t ask for pairs.. It’s different here

  3. its really difficult to imagine characters

    1. Actually sorry to change the names.. Plz keep reading you will get through it

  4. Nice yaar… i loved it !! swara’s…i meant lisha’s attitude is nice !! awzm!
    and plz…make it Swalak…plz !!

    1. Thank you so much…Keep reading..

  5. Swalak plzzzzzzz

    1. Keep reading.Here no fights between swalak and swasan…The story is gonna be different.. Hope you guys like it.. Thank you for commenting

  6. What kind of a story is this??Whatever it may be but I think it is different from swaragini.All the best to your upcoming episodes.This is a good start

  7. Hi am new here it was amazing yaar

    1. Thank you yaar…. Keep reading???

    1. Thank you .. Keep reading

  8. Plz pair up anamica and Rohan(Laksh)

    1. It’s not about pairing… Keep reading.. Keep supporting.. You will find it interesting… Thank you for commenting

  9. Sahima ( fan of swasan and abhigya)

    It’s nice. But I find it difficult to imagine the characters. Waiting for the next episode.

    1. You will get through the names easily as the story moves on… Thank you for comment… I’m preparing for the next episode… Keep supporting…

  10. Nice start.u created an eagerness in everyone’s mind to read ur ff.All the best for ur upcoming epi’s.

    1. Thank you so much… Keep reading….

    1. Thank you so much….Keep reading…

  11. Ha ha ha oh god lisa was too much

  12. Can you tell the boys name again plzz

    1. Aarav gupta and Rohan Kapoor

  13. Super yr..i lyk swara/lisha’s character..nd pls make it long

    1. Of course yaar.. Thank you…

  14. Nice waiting for the next episode

  15. nice yarr

    1. Thank you yaar

  16. venkatesh prasath

    Nice. . .

  17. Life is meant* to be thrill 😛 beware of spellings! it ll make ppl lose attention towards ur story! keep rocking B-)

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